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Meri Zindagi Hai Tu by snehabhardwaj713
Meri Zindagi Hai Tuby ~Sneha Bhardwaj
A story of Cid+Parakram+Etf . Here Monami is a cid officer bt also a commando which is unknown to the world . She has many secrets which are unknown to the world . Cover...
Ishqbazian by snehabhardwaj713
Ishqbazianby ~Sneha Bhardwaj
Just peep inside to know more ........ Cover credit - @moran_2020 and @serendipityzdmnluv3
Muppet TOTS Pals Season 2 by TOTSMuppetsandPDPFan
Muppet TOTS Pals Season 2by FanGirl2022
On this new season, the pups are have new neighbors joining the fun, and the pups teach them how to go on missions wherever they're at the neighborhood, Muppet Babies Da...
Mafia Lovers  by taekook_lover9597
Mafia Lovers by An_Chu
Mafia ff top tae👆🏻 bottom kook👇🏻 Requested🎀 Mpreg🤰 #1 - toptae #2 - bottomkook
my mcu dr and shifting journey  by wandaslovely
my mcu dr and shifting journey by Lizziesupremacy
this is literally my mcu dr script. it is written in a completely different format to the rest of my stories because it is not really a story in that way. it is not even...
I'm a Secret Agent Undercover in High school by KittyKattt_
I'm a Secret Agent Undercover in H...by Ambria Rayne
Riley Scott's the one name that everyone knows in the agency. She's the best at her job along with her best friend Joey. She wasn't at all surprised to be sent on a case...
Marvel parents by thewisekenisme
Marvel parentsby Ken
(CURRENTLY REWRITING) This book is about all the marvel superheroes and how they are parents to you!!!!
The True Origins of Natsu Dragneel by Mysterious_Writer03
The True Origins of Natsu Dragneelby FanfictionWriter
Everyone has a past, Erza scarlet was a slave, who was abused and violated, into help build the tower of heaven. Lucy Heartfillia was a runaway princess, who's father ne...
Confession is good for the soul  by mallyberry
Confession is good for the soul by mallyberry
What if Naruto was a genius but hides it and only told Hinata. Ps. This is also a naruhina. But then Hinata convinced him to show who he really is?. Find out by reading...
what will happen when a person u love dearly is taken away from u.. the destiny played its cruel game and separated karan from monami.. dil from its dhadkan.. will they...
Here Comes The Male God (Quick Transmigration) by theMTLbug
Here Comes The Male God (Quick Tra...by theMTLbug
As the top male god in the entertainment industry, Song Yun announced his retirement from public life at the age of 30. Then, he met the world's most precious, truth, go...
{COMPLETED} The More You Hate, The More You Love {Ejen Ali Fanfic} by amyrose246
{COMPLETED} The More You Hate, The...by @Blare Rose
(Will undergo editing starting 07/06/2021) It's been a few years after defeating Uno, and long after the great Agent Zain perished along with him, Ali had been getting b...
Transmigrating With My System by lifeisready
Transmigrating With My Systemby SmallestShinchan
Beatrice opens her eyes into a weird space. A programmed voice tells her that she needs to go through different novel plots and complete certain tasks to get a chance to...
How To Make That Hot Boy Fall For You(Rewrittened) by YayGirlPower321
How To Make That Hot Boy Fall For...by ❀ Your Queen❀
Qing Yi, a tough girl who travels between time to complete missions, is assigned to make a hot boy in school fall for her, and not fall in love at the same time. Qing Yi...
Peter Parker & The Avengers oneshots - 2 by StoriesFan102
Peter Parker & The Avengers onesho...by StoriesFan102
Oneshots of Peter and his unescapable vortex of a family This is book No. 2 so head onto my account to find the first one if you wish. /// Also main ships with Peter wil...
Life As A Spy by tasha_romanoff
Life As A Spyby WhenInBudapest
Spies are cold and independent. Sage Winters is the top agent at the most prestigious agency (TSA) and exactly that. After her parents are killed, she takes in her two...
My Cocky But Sexy Idiot Of A Professor by TheCreative3
My Cocky But Sexy Idiot Of A Profe...by TheCreative3
-COMPLETED- Started:5th March 2015 Finished:22 June 2017 #1-hate at first sight(2019) #2 in missions (2019) Meet Blair Vermin,She's never minded university.Her physics t...
Trust and Love (Trevor Philips x Reader) by eliwrites-
Trust and Love (Trevor Philips x R...by Eli
When drug addicts collide, there's quite a change within yours and Trevor's lives. Good or bad that is for you to decide.
This Gun For Hire | ✔️ by BellaLunaa
This Gun For Hire | ✔️by BELLA.
Four assassins, hundreds of weapons, potty mouths, slick outfits, and an entire world to kill. Because of a mission gone wrong, the CIA is now on a manhunt to shut their...
Mission: Impossible Imagines by Kaila_Falcon
Mission: Impossible Imaginesby ↫ Kaila Falcon ↬
Imagines, one-shots, x readers... whatever you want to call them, they'll be in here. This is honestly just to indulge myself in writing some stuff for Ethan Hunt, but w...