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Neko Reader x Keith and lance by BreanaSimmons
Neko Reader x Keith and lanceby Bakaaaa ~~~
You were peacefully sleeping all alone by yourself until you were founded by two people. You were quite shy and nervous but, you're gonna grow to love them some day rig...
The singer wants me to sing with him?! [Xiaother]  by Uzie_KazT
The singer wants me to sing with Almond Tofu :D
Wassup ya all, this is the only story I published for the first time. I have a whole lots of other stories in draft TT Any how I hope you like this one, it's about a sin...
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Thicc as Thieves - Jikook by StraightlyViolette
Thicc as Thieves - Jikookby B-R-U-H
"Noo Jungkook, I said I 'hit my head' not 'I'll give you head." When a life changing event throws Jimin's entire world upside down, will he be able to fall in...
The Alpha who plays me by blackgirl421
The Alpha who plays meby blackgirl421
#303 in werewolf What would you do if your mate rejected? What if her mate through you into a spider pit? What if you did something worse....and accepted the rejection. ...
step brother | mattia polibio  by jiminsvx
step brother | mattia polibio by yuli
mattia and natalia were in a relationship suddenly when she found out that her dad hangouts with her bf's mom and they had to break up and suddenly mattia still have fee...
Bakugou Katsuki smut by Poptartyum
Bakugou Katsuki smutby Wet_Orange
Saucy stories about our boy ~Bakugou Read at your own risk🖤😉
Aroma (Reader x Mike x Erwin x Levi) by its_yah_B0i
Aroma (Reader x Mike x Erwin x its_yah_B0i
You sign up for Survey Corp, but then you get lost. Then you meet Mike Zacharias, Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith. Little do you know, you've caught they're attention. As...
Levi X reader lemon by ToastedCinnamonRole
Levi X reader lemonby ˜”*°•.𝕃𝕚𝕝.•°*”˜
Your name is Cadet y/n you are the nicest cadet always polite to everyone except when it comes to corporal shorty he is the most annoying person in the world so one day...
A Discarded Memory (M!Creepypasta x M!Reader) by Sleepysheepy11
A Discarded Memory (M! Floofy hair
One day Slender accidentally speaks of someone that he shouldn't have, and the proxies get curious. As they begin to investigate, they stumble upon the story of an old m...
the boy on plasticbeach(2d x reader) by magic1mushrooms
the boy on plasticbeach(2d x magic1mushrooms
when a tall boy with blue hair and black eyes ran into you you decided to help him. you didn't know that small decision would change you life forever! Your kidnapped and...
School Bully (completed) by dudette1718
School Bully (completed)by dudette1718
Yeh Billie is a bully
My Little Titan (Attack on Titan Yaoi) by NicholeHatter
My Little Titan (Attack on Titan NicholeHatter
Eren became part of Levi's Squad 3 months ago. Over time Levi's been very protective with Eren. Captain Levi and Eren are alone in the cellar. Who knows what Captain Lev...
A Jungles Bush // Caillou×Dora×Diego Smut by JesusFetus
A Jungles Bush // Caillou×Dora× Just Your Local Prostitute
This is a Caillou×Dora×Diego smut fanfic... Each chapter is a new storyline Dora is 22, Caillou is 24, Diego is 26. Has swear/cuss/curse words in, smut (obviously), weir...
Manipulative- Toxic Suna X Reader by sl3g_4men
Manipulative- Toxic Suna X Readerby I love men
Hello, so today i decide to write a toxic suna thing because i have nothing to do in my life lol, dhuisjfcd
𝙄𝙉𝙊𝙏𝘼𝙉 ೂೃ |   𝐎𝐧𝐞-𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬   | by Darkhour69
For all you inotan shippers out there, come join and taste the inotan flavor. It's absolutely delicious. But seriously, I'm just making these stories out of gifs I find...
Smexy x Reader Lemons by KatySilverCat
Smexy x Reader Lemonsby Katy P
Sexual Offenderman (Smexy) x Reader lemons, but with consent! (Because fantasies)