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Sebastian x reader lemon by thatweirdfacelessper
Sebastian x reader lemonby that weird faceless person
🔞🍋🔞🍋🔞🍋🔞🍋🔞🍋🔞🍋🔞🍋🔞 need to relieve your teenaged otaku hormones? this story is for you! or tou could be some perverted 8 year old that knows to much about h...
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Male Face Claims by sarcastico
Male Face Claimsby AJ
The title tells you everything 😍🤤
  • hotties
  • fine
  • hotboys
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The Alpha who plays me by blackgirl421
The Alpha who plays meby blackgirl421
#303 in werewolf What would you do if your mate rejected? What if her mate through you into a spider pit? What if you did something worse....and accepted the rejection. ...
  • fiction
  • werewolf
  • love
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Smut one shots by sexylittlekitten
Smut one shotsby Confused Writer
Requests: Closed I don't do rape! Some smut for anyone looking for it, I can do requests for fandoms (for shows I know) and I can do ______ x reader's and all that. Poi...
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Aroma (Reader x Mike x Erwin x Levi) by its_yah_B0i
Aroma (Reader x Mike x Erwin x its_yah_B0i
You sign up for Survey Corp, but then you get lost. Then you meet Mike Zacharias, Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith. Little do you know, you've caught they're attention. As...
  • mikezacharius
  • erwinsmith
  • leviackerman
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Offenderman x female!reader [Reading Sample] by Akemi_Otogame
Offenderman x female!reader [ Akemi Otogame
Only reading sample! With enough positive critcism, I will eventually continue this story in a whole new book🤗 ~In a flash of a second the stranger, who offered me thes...
  • readingsample
  • femalereader
  • sexualoffendermanxreader
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ask and dare SanderSides [dirty edition] by whytheflubber
ask and dare SanderSides [dirty Emily
okay uhhhhhhhhhhhh. this will include smut. and rules are in the book 😐😐😐😐
  • dirty
  • sandersides
  • sub
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tOy sTorY 4 yelp review  by toxic-tozier
tOy sTorY 4 yelp review by fucku🥺
Kevin and hwall>>>>>
  • assholes
  • 18andup
  • smexy
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Haikyuu Kuroo x Reader Lemon by Creepy_Kate
Haikyuu Kuroo x Reader Lemonby Creepy_Kate
Alrighty, I'm finally writing this lemon on Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader! xD. WARNING! It's a lemon thus it has sexual content so please if it isn't your thing then don't re...
  • neko
  • anime
  • kuroo
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Nipple Man SMUT by xAyumu
Nipple Man SMUTby xAyumu
sup u horny ass bitch jk u rnot
  • jhoexnippleman
  • lovestory
  • beauitfullove
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The rose that never killed me (offenderman x reader )  by Mrs_Crazy2024
The rose that never killed me ( Mrs_Crazy2024
You chose blue... the color of rape and death. Or am I wrong... what if this rose leads to something more ... romantic. Could this slender have ...feelings for you? And...
  • offenderman
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Southpark Yaoi Pictures -Warning- Very Smut by Sweet__And__Salty
Southpark Yaoi Pictures One Weird Kid
-Warning- Don't read if you are not prepared to get 100000 nosebleeds
  • tyde
  • killmepls
  • gayshit
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Levi X reader lemon by JeffysKillerLove
Levi X reader lemonby OwO
Your name is Cadet y/n you are the nicest cadet always polite to everyone except when it comes to corporal shorty he is the most annoying person in the world so one day...
  • smexy
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Scared to Love Again ( Reader x Frans Child ) by Washui
Scared to Love Again ( Reader x iuhsaW
( A/N Here is something no one is going to read-- Also, ignore the cover, I can't draw owo--) After a brutal fall down a dark, forgotten tunnel, you find yourself fac...
  • violence
  • frans
  • cringe
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A Discarded Memory (M!Creepypasta x M!Reader) by Sleepysheepy11
A Discarded Memory (M! Floofy hair
One day Slender accidentally speaks of someone that he shouldn't have, and the proxies get curious. As they begin to investigate, they stumble upon the story of an old m...
  • proxy
  • readerinsert
  • splendorman
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Hot Anime Guys (book 1) by AnimeMaster521
Hot Anime Guys (book 1)by AnimeMaster
  • smexy
  • hot
  • guys
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(One Punch Man) Garou x Female!Reader by BornOfDragonBlood
(One Punch Man) Garou x Female! Azura
heehaw! chu read right! *Common Sense Caution* I don't own any people in one punch man, only the plot and the character idea for Y/N. *Laugh's evily* muwhha I own you Y...
  • smexy
  • maybelemon
  • maybetriggering
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Smexy x Male reader One night stand by Nanamisan666
Smexy x Male reader One night standby Nanamisan666
(y/n) is underage and lives in a really religious family. He's mother hates gays and atheists. For years (y/n) hid the truth about his belief and what gender he was attr...
  • yaoi
  • xmale
  • fanfction
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My Little Titan (Attack on Titan Yaoi) by NicholeHatter
My Little Titan (Attack on Titan NicholeHatter
Eren became part of Levi's Squad 3 months ago. Over time Levi's been very protective with Eren. Captain Levi and Eren are alone in the cellar. Who knows what Captain Lev...
  • levixeren
  • smexy
  • boyxboy
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Your glowing eyes are hot (John x Arlo x Reader) by TheAmazingTree
Your glowing eyes are hot (John ahegao
I made this because of a close friend who loves Unordinary and hates it's fanfiction. Meet you. Your sister Seraphina just died. You have now enrolled in Wellston privat...
  • webtoon
  • eyes
  • john
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