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Half Wolf in Disguise by kk70112
Half Wolf in Disguiseby kk70112
Percy Jackson isn't an ordinary Half-Blood. Yes his father is Poseidon but what about his mother. What if she wasn't mortal. What if she was a werewolf separated from th...
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:The Unknown Hero by Sapphire_Trainer
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:The RGielly Faith M. Ludero
When 16 year old Katherine,or Kate stumbles into a world where no humans exist,she found herself turned into an Eevee!She meets some friends and later,becomes a rescuer...
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The High Queen by D122203
The High Queenby Mrs. Chris Hemsworth
When the four children discovered Narnia they were crowned kings and queens, how ever the eldest, Peter, was Crowned the High King. The supreme Ruler. The one who can ru...
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Rescuer *Liam Payne* by HayItsDesiree
Rescuer *Liam Payne*by Desiree Keating
That one horrific night. She was only five, and she watched her mother get killed by her own father. Her father nearly killed her as well. Saved by police, she was taken...
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Different Demons  by spotlightshadow
Different Demons by spotlightshadow
"He is nothing but trouble." "Trouble, yes," she nodded. "But not nothing, not nothing." Ian and Elizabeth were best friends until mi...
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To Love What's Hopeless by the_day_of_abandon
To Love What's Hopelessby Kiki
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Rescuer by maevemccormick
Rescuerby maevemccormick
Kayla is on the hunt for her friends. They keep disappearing one by one. It starts off with two kids who live down the block from her. She didn't know them well but she...
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The Horse man by MattSefto
The Horse manby Matt Sefto
it is about two loved ones who met while riding on here hores. they'd saw each overs eyes and loved each other
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The coma by evilbrat00
The comaby evilbrat00
A girl finds out her ex is in a coma. She has to make some hard choices. A tragic turn could change her life forever
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Raised by a Murderer, Saved by a rescuer. (Louis Tomlinson A. U)  by JikkiRosa
Raised by a Murderer, Saved by a Jikki Janielle Rosa
Ginger White House, a 19-year old teenager who was raised by a family of Mafias. Little did she know that one day, her life began to change....
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stealing hearts // niall horan by goodlouisvibes
stealing hearts // niall horanby Just another kid
Allison is definitely torn around the edges. Allison. Just Allison. No last name, no middle. Her town calls her 'Grey' because her once blue sparkling eyes have turned i...
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Brave by JenYarrington
Braveby Jen Yarrington
This is a Christian romantic fiction. College student Sarah Stoker is involved in a horrific accident that leaves her disabled. The stranger who saves her life at the ac...
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My rescuer  by You_are_what_you_luv
My rescuer by You_are_what_you_luv
Levi is a lost neko is the woods and is struggling to stay alive due to the blood loss from the cut on his leg until a young teen who has struggled through life finds hi...
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Powerful Intentions by clouds_in_the_head
Powerful Intentionsby Liv
How far can someone go before they're pushed to their limits? Emma is lost, broken and cannot remember who she is or where she came from, let alone who is chasing her an...
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As I walked by ReverenceWriter96
As I walkedby ReverenceWriter96
There are those that say, when you find your love the world will change. The colours will become clearer and everything will seem all the more beautiful. But I am just n...
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A Pokémon Rescuer by HappyLittlePikachu
A Pokémon Rescuerby Just Jenni
It all started when she was just seven years old. That's when Jade's whole world fell apart. That's when she lost her only remaining family member, her father, to his be...
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I'm Your Salvor by Kay_Silversprite
I'm Your Salvorby Leonaleska Zoldiac
This is Kaidoh Kauro's oneshot. It's about the life of Claudia Salvatore and how fate plays its game with them. Disclaimer: I don't own Kaidoh's character
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Cal the rescuer by Malumlover1993
Cal the rescuerby Malumlover1993
Just some Calum one shot ;)
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28 Years a Hero by captainarrow
28 Years a Heroby captainarrow
28. A lucky number. 28 years 28 days 2 Lbs 8 oz. 28 seconds 28 lives 1 man.
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