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Sk8 the Infinity x Reader!! by LuckyR3d
Sk8 the Infinity x Reader!!by Little Bird
Just like the other books, this one follows the storyline of y/n joining Reki and Langa on their skating adventure. I own none of the pictures that you will see in each...
Cold {Bnha x suicidal reader} by lonecosmovoltronwolf
Cold {Bnha x suicidal reader}by Certified clown fucker
Warning! This story is not suitable for young children or those who are easily disturbed! Y/N L/N is a fifteen year old girl who lives in Musutafu with her abusive and a...
Riverside | Mental Hospital | (Finished book) by shewalksbymoonlight
Riverside | Mental Hospital | ( She walks by moonlight
Riverside in an adolescent inpatient mental health unit and Effie finds herself there after an attempted suicide. She's out of her comfort zone, and her parents couldn't...
Why You Should Stay Alive by Idareyoutofollowme
Why You Should Stay Aliveby 𝓎𝑜𝓊 ᵃⁿᵈ 𝕞𝕖 𝙞𝙨 ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᵗʰ...
I wrote this book to convince you to keep living, and not give up. I love you. 💕 United States: Suicide and Crisis Hotline: 988 or chat at Crisis Text L...
Don't Take this Risk by GlitchedStarr
Don't Take this Riskby Eli (Stitches)
You recieve a wrong number phone call from a man trying to find a suicide hotline. Will you risk it all to save him? The character in this game and most of the beginning...
The Yin and Yang of Asher Wong by ScarlettBlackDaisy
The Yin and Yang of Asher Wongby Daisy
Asher Wong is depressed. Or at least he thinks he is. Despite the combined effect of genetics and tragic life events, Ash is stronger than his demons. Outwardly perfect...
One Last Time (COMPLETED) by ChasingMadness24
One Last Time (COMPLETED)by Kyra Weiss
"Mia, they need you. Take care of my babies." ***** College Freshmen Mia and Maya Foster were inseparable from the moment they left the womb. Even through the...
Infatuated ~ Mattheo Riddle x OC by iExsistToo
Infatuated ~ Mattheo Riddle x OCby iExistToo
After being locked up in an orphanage since birth, 15 year old Amaya Miller, discovers she's a witch. She starts attending to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry...
Die With Me (Yandere Suicide Surviver x Reader) by Hebianco
Die With Me (Yandere Suicide yandere for potatoes
After she talked him out of jumping off the rooftop of the office she works at, he got surprisingly clingy. *Warning! The violence and themes pressed upon in this story...
listen before you go by chunn_liii_
listen before you goby ໍ chunn_liii_
Short stories and poems. A modern day poetry book about facing problematic standards living in today's society. "Under the stars Stood a girl, With teary eyes And a...
I'm fine, leave me alone! by ashcheshiremiles
I'm fine, leave me alone!by ashcheshiremiles
COVER ART ISN'T MINE!! TRIGGER WARNING: contains mental and physical abuse, self-harm, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and more. For a long time Harry ha...
Saving Savannah by _laiqah
Saving Savannahby Laiqah
We can't run away from our situations, especially when it's our mental health that's the problem. But just a bit of nature and a dose of adventure sure as hell won't hur...
Remember Me  by TellaAlvarez
Remember Me by T E L L A
Two lost souls meet late at night at a graveyard. Henry's story. At last. * this is the last instalment of the See Me series. The order I would recommend reading them i...
Reasons to Live by Botanophile
Reasons to Liveby —ana
please refrain from leaving hateful comments, this is a safe space for all. These are 100 reasons to live. Some of the little things that make life better ❀❁❃ • Ther...
Lee Hooni X Jeong Soorim|Oneshots| by YouDirtyDiakon
Lee Hooni X Jeong Soorim|Oneshots|by YouDirtyDiakon
The title says it all Basically :) I will be doing different types of oneshots ! love you have a good dayyyyy :)))))))) Thank u 😀
His Reason to Live - Hwang Inyeop Short Story by SolidInspirit0809
His Reason to Live - Hwang Cat Woman
He's done with life. He planned to end it. He's decided and no one can stop him. Not until she appeared with a smile on her face, offering to be with her for a whole day...
Gender Roles by fabulous-killjoy2019
Gender Rolesby fabulous-killjoy2019
We're told to be ourselves. To express our love for one another. That we shouldn't judge others. But unfortunately, people are stuck in their old ways. And being transge...
The Last Days At Forcados high School: A Glimpse Of The Future by jaysliky
The Last Days At Forcados high jesse stephen
As I drifted into my own land of dreams, I was slightly pulled back by a sound coming from the door. I didn't pay close attention and was unsure so I allowed myself let...
Playing Games || KSI  by dripkay
Playing Games || KSI by ☹️
She was a lot to handle. But so was he. Ariana and JJ didn't live the happiest lives. what will happen when they runaway to live their ultimate fantasy? will they surviv...