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The Babysitter✔️ by queenschreave23
The Babysitter✔️by Queen
Lexi is finishing up high school and needs extra money for the trip of her dreams and what better job is there than babysitting? What happens when she shows up for her f...
his headspace - cth by romanticising44
his headspace - cthby cal
"in a city full of lonely people, i just want you all to myself" "why don't you just say goodbye now? it's only a matter of time now" both two sides...
5sos Smut by beautifulcalums
5sos Smutby beautifulcalums
A bunch of 5sos smut
King's Cage [Completed] by madythorne00
King's Cage [Completed]by Mady Nelson
Starting right after the end of Glass Sword: What if Maven didn't keep his promise? What if he not only took Mare, but some of her most loved friends? Is he too far gone...
Lover's Curse (Red Queen Awards Winner) by Lucy-the-Cat
Lover's Curse (Red Queen Awards beforeIlearnedcivility
A dark, bitter laugh escapes my throat. Lover. As if Maven and I have ever approached love. Loneliness. Desperation. Sorrow. A void filled with the closest body, n...
In An Alternate Universe (Red Queen series Fanfiction) by twentynine__
In An Alternate Universe (Red twentynine__
What if Maven was the one Mare chose? What consequences would follow? // My take on how things would have ended. Set after Red Queen. Warning: Please do not proceed if y...
Closed Doors and a Guitar Pick - Sen Cal Kapimi by Dhoopa2017
Closed Doors and a Guitar Pick - Dhoopa
This is a series of stories about Eda and Serkan, the protagonists of Sen Cal Kapimi. The story line follows that SCK story and adds my interpretations or subplots. Thes...
CRIMSON STATION - Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order by aartxmis
In the depths of the Empire's territory, Væmas Eason, one of the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy, has been held captive for months on the abandoned planet Sullust, and...
Accidents make perfection  by jesseimartyn89
Accidents make perfection by Jessie Martyn
8 months after the war Mare who is now a captain in the Montfort military, is asked to go to Norta to discus war strategies with the Nortan government. Cal is now second...
TITANIC - Jack And Rose, Both Are Alive! by cdnovelist
TITANIC - Jack And Rose, Both Cecelia Dowdy
What if Jack had lived after the ship sank, and both Jack and Rose had to deal with evil Cal? Also, how will these two be able to make a living? Jack is a poor artist an...
Silver Shadow (Maven x Mare) by ardielim
Silver Shadow (Maven x Mare)by Ardienne Lim
FANFIC: MAVEN x MARE from RED QUEEN. Book focused on events from GLASS SWORD, but takes its own from there until the end. WARNING: Before reading, I want to get a few th...
Maven Calore (Red Queen Book 1) by LaurenB1106
Maven Calore (Red Queen Book 1)by Lauren🖤
Maven had been trapped in a cage his whole life. But what if she held the key to fix him.
Dawn by wrthd21
Dawnby wrthd21
When given a chance for a do-over, Serkan tries to do right by Eda and their daughter. A series of one-shots serving a good dose of second-chance trope.
Red Queen Preferences and Imagines by AlaynaTheRealPotato
Red Queen Preferences and Imaginesby Layna
A lot of preferences-LGBTQ+ included
Calfreezy Imagines by onmysimpshit
Calfreezy Imaginesby onmysimpshit
I've recently become obsessed with this little weirdo and say the lack of stories about him so I did this Btw all of these are from tumblr and I will put the usernames o...
Wrong Number // cth by watermalummm
Wrong Number // cthby S
"I had a really great time last night 😉" "wrong number jackass" "oh, I don't think I got the wrong number sweetheart 😉" ~~ Shay; an avera...
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I Would Ask You To Dance (Mareven) by crack_shipper3748
I Would Ask You To Dance (Mareven)by crack_shipper3748
(Mareven) Maven never wanted to wear a blood stained crown. He also never wanted to lose Mare, but that's exactly what happened. Afraid of what his mother could turn him...
After the Storm // red queen fan fiction  by tamlinlovesu
After the Storm // red queen fan tamlinlovesu
"Mare" he whispers "I never stopped loving you. After War Storm Mare goes back to Norta to help establish government.She also reunites with Cal. They find...
Silly Fear - Maven Calore x Reader 🔥 by gabi_matts
Silly Fear - Maven Calore x gabs
"Deep, deep down - I knew we were always good lovers." A fanfiction about Maven Calore and (Y/n) Merin. **** Maven takes a coronation tour of Norta and ends hi...
The Life Coach | cth by BBQSOS_
The Life Coach | cthby 𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔩
"Nah babe, I'm just the life coach." In which 5SOS gets a life coach and she's not here to play any games. And so the Adventures of Maria Forest begins. When...