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The Billionaire and His Intern (A Christian Romance) by thywordisalamp
The Billionaire and His Intern ( Briana T.S.
Arielle Burnes, worked all her life to get to where she was now. Four years in college with more extracurricular activities than classes on her report sheet made all of...
Finley  -> Rick's Dog by dog_girl12
Finley -> Rick's Dogby jenna :)
"That dog is always staring at me man, wherever I go I'm telling you, it wants me dead" "Well THAT dog has plenty reason to be staring at you, and her nam...
Sentinel (OP Male Reader x DC Harem) by Rorsch4ch
Sentinel (OP Male Reader x DC Rorsch4ch
Though humanity has always thought that Jesus was God's final gift to humankind, THEY WERE WRONG. He gave one more gift to Adam and Eve before sending them out of paradi...
Alansito- lives  by oblisiv
Alansito- lives by Emily
They go live . Just read the whole thing to know
Bite Me. // Carl Grimes by bixlerslandry
Bite Me. // Carl Grimesby bixlerslandry
"Y-You're not real..." "I'm right in front of you Carl." "I saw you get bit, you died!" The young girl simply shrugged, "You think you...
Little Dixon by Allystark123
Little Dixonby Allison stark
Allison dixon lives in the zombie apocalypse with her dad Daryl dixon since she was nine as she grows up she realizes how cruel the world around her really is (I'm make...
Divergent One Shots (Eric & Tris) by Osara-chan
Divergent One Shots (Eric & Tris)by Osara-chan
Bite sized random Divergent stories for your enjoyment involving Eric and Tris... #1 jesus 1/4/23 #1 tris 1/14/23 #3 eric 1/14/23 #1 eris 3/2/23 1) A Life of Significanc...
The Demons in Disguise (Percy Jackson) by PercyFanHoO
The Demons in Disguise (Percy Harumi PJO
Percy Jackson fan fiction. Percy starts reading the Bible, and becomes Christian. How do the rest of the demigods and gods react? Information: - Percy is Christian - No...
POV of chuuya X dazai by chuuya_furry
POV of chuuya X dazaiby chuuya_furry
The Walking Dead: Daryl's daughter (Carl x reader) by peeta512
The Walking Dead: Daryl's peeta512
You and your dad (Daryl) got split up at the beginning of the apocalypse, you were 10yrs old but Daryl's brother, uncle Merle has been with you all this time and both...
Working for the knife(a salvis fanfiction) by random_shipper54
Working for the knife(a salvis Balls
While prom is coming up travis hopes to ask sal to the dance but will sal say yes? And will other things come in between?.or maybe even after.. ⚠️: OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE A...
A College Seeress' Diary by PeculiarPraise
A College Seeress' Diaryby Praise Abraham
⋋✿ ✿⋌⋋✿ ✿⋌ The Supernatural Diaries Series: Book Two ⋋✿ ✿⋌⋋✿ ✿⋌ McCheynne College turned out to be more daunting than Radiance had expected. She had hoped for a peacef...
instagram • noah centineo  by heart-strings1
instagram • noah centineo by heart-strings1
you were a famous youtuber/model who was invited to the premier of 'to all the boys I've loved before' and met a cute boy who happens to be the main character. @ncentine...
Boyfriends slander picture book!!!😍🥰😜😘🤭🤗😶‍🌫️😝🥴💅💅💅 by Crab_Caviar
Boyfriends slander picture CrabCaviar
DISCLAIMER!!!! _____________ this is not a boyfriends fanfic it's a satire book full of pictures that slander it sorry not sorry :) WARNING!!!!! ------------- Rubbish Ga...
JEMIMA by oluwayanmife__
JEMIMAby Chosen🏵️
Meet Jemima, a christian and a lover of God. Born by Christian Ministers and raised in the way of the Lord. But then Jemi's lovely family is crashing, her parents are op...
Set Me Free by thisbeautifullady
Set Me Freeby Prettygirlacademy
"Shouldn't you hate me right now?" "No, no one hates you" that's a lie "That's not possible" "It is, everyone is entitled to their...
Experiment by _pure_imagination_
Experimentby Anna Winter
Laura had always known her parents were strange. They had a laboratory filled with strange animals, serums, experiments. But she never imagined that she would become one...
Daily devotions by FloppyFries67
Daily devotionsby FloppyFries67
Bible verses with commentary on the side. If you have any questions, pray requests, or you just want to talk, message me.
tt bxb  by thiamismyotplol
tt bxb by thiamismyotplol
i hate this book
SAVE ME by Bethanystyles26
SAVE MEby Bethel Gold
#1 in Christianstories - 10/2/23 #1 in bethel - 19/06/23 Morgan lost her mum and sister to a fatal accident and she came home one day to find her dad the only family she...