Accidental MAID  by sapphirehaven
Accidental MAID by E D E N
HIGHEST RANK #5 SEPT. 3, '16 Briar. A well known wedding planner based in Switzerland. She never expected that her beautiful summer vacation at her grandparents home i...
  • wattys2016
  • fate
  • weddings
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Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here by GoldStar19
Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Hereby ⭐️Zoie⭐️
This is has been on my heart for a while. I've always wanted a way to reach out to people and I thought that this would be a good way. So this book will be about things...
  • modesty
  • nonfiction
  • bible
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The Pastor Daughter by livecam123
The Pastor Daughterby affion jarrett
You think just because my father is a pastor I should be perfect or my life should be great. No it's the total opposite. I was abused and raped by my father. My father i...
  • drugs
  • abuse
  • wattys2018
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Fallen for a GOD's Girl by sapphirehaven
Fallen for a GOD's Girlby E D E N
HIGHEST RANK #3 AUGUST 20, '16 Mikael Rios. He is not an ordinary man. A Billionaire. A successful owner of one of the biggest realty in Florida. Aside from...
  • romanticsuspense
  • pfcc2k16
  • wattys2016
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I Am Not Ashamed      by cathylxlo
I Am Not Ashamed by †
"Why do you do that? Why do you dress like that? Why can't you be like any other girl?" Elijah asked Rachel with curiosity, the girl who was now hugging her b...
  • christ
  • joy
  • highschool
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No Apologies: Why I am a Christian by DarkPH0T0N
No Apologies: Why I am a Christianby CrazyChristian
Why believe in the Bible? Doesn't science disprove God? How about evolution? Does suicide really condemn one to hell? Did dinosaurs walk with humans? Does my mental illn...
  • evolutionist
  • science
  • naturalselection
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More Than Just His Personal Assistant (BWWM) #wattys2016 by BeCa2801
More Than Just His Personal BeCa2801
"My life is messed up." He muttered. "Good. That way we can fix each other. " Georgia is a 23 years old, curvy Nigerian who moves with her family to...
  • romance
  • love
  • abused
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Seleção by RayssaPereira5
Seleçãoby Rayssa
Olha eu estava vendo o jogo e pensei ........ why not ?
  • marcelo
  • coutinho
  • copa
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A Little Less Pain by JustACrazyFangirl
A Little Less Painby ayla
After months of being swapped from foster home to foster home, Hadley is given the chance by her older sister Callie to start on a new leaf. Will her life change for be...
  • fosters
  • new
  • player
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Grandpa's Wish  by sapphirehaven
Grandpa's Wish by E D E N
HIGHEST RANK #12 AUG. 31, '16 Joshua Christopher or JC loves his Grandpa Vernon. He's his only family left for him when both of his parents died when he was small. His g...
  • jesus
  • god
  • cowboy
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MOON [ TWD GIF SERIES. ] ✓ by laheysbutt
❛we are the walking dead.❜ ( t. walking dead characters x reader ) ( t. walking dead gif series ) ( laheysbutt © 2016 )
  • jesus
  • media
  • andrewlincoln
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Becoming A Foster » The Fosters by that_one_writer_chik
Becoming A Foster » The Fostersby that_one_writer_chik
On Hold Cara has lived more than a troubled life. She's been through hell, but she's working on getting herself back. Her best chance at doing that is by staying with th...
  • cara
  • struggle
  • thefosters
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Down 918 Rabbit Holes by Hafferby
Down 918 Rabbit Holesby EHafferby
A unique Wattpad experiment. 18/11/78: 918 people die in a mass suicide deep in the Guyanese jungle. But what is the real story behind the Jonestown massacre? Two years...
  • god
  • nonficspotlight
  • featured
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Little Dixon by Allybarns
Little Dixonby ally Dixon
Allison dixon lives in the zombie apocalypse with her dad Daryl dixon since she was nine as she grows up she realizes how cruel the world around her really is
  • thewalkingdead
  • carlgrimes
  • twd
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A Mobster's Love: The Story of Franco & Carmen by determinedpublishing
A Mobster's Love: The Story of Determined
This story is about a mobster and the woman he loves. They meet on a blind date, but she is horrified to find out that he is a part of the mafia. But she is even more co...
  • lovestory
  • fear
  • romance
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Unwritten Destiny (Jesus: Walking Dead) by Country_girl10
Unwritten Destiny (Jesus: Country_girl10
He was nonstop pacing back and forth in a small circle "Paul-" Jenny said softly as she approached him "No! I have to do this" "You don't have...
  • walkers
  • daryl
  • walkingdead
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Mi Fan Preferida 🐼Christopher Vélez🐼 by soyvelezparasiempre
Mi Fan Preferida 🐼Christopher Vé agus_almarza16
ella es una cncowner su chico favorito es Christopher Vélez ella sueña con conoserlo pero sus esperanzas se van desvaneciendo poco a poco pero lo que ella no sabe es que...
  • pimentel
  • richard
  • jesus
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Love Is Pain (Completed) by your_perfection010
Love Is Pain (Completed)by Faith
{BOOK 3} "Love is pain.....why fall in love? When love only gives me pain and sadness...." He never believed in love until he met her....she was a beauty.....a...
  • mafia
  • family
  • ache
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Naive J.A.F. by livefoliv
Naive Amanda
Jesus Adams-Foster Season 4 (ON HOLD) "You are such a soft and messy thing. No one knows how to take care of you. But I can." "You're so naive. No one can...
  • jesus
  • adeline
  • adams
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Experiment (Under Construction) by _pure_imagination_
Experiment (Under Construction)by Anna Winter
Laura had always known her parents were strange. They had a laboratory filled with strange animals, serums, experiments. But she never knew that she was going to become...
  • mutation
  • wings
  • jesus
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