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White Shadows (BNHA Fan-Fic) by pokenaruto58
White Shadows (BNHA Fan-Fic)by Rita Winter
Shirokage is Japan's number one vigilante. Wearing a gas mask and a black hoodie, the only notable thing about her is her silvery white hair. Nobody knows who she is, wh...
  • villian
  • plusultra
  • midnight
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PSYCHO by Olubean
PSYCHOby O.G. Adekaiy
Cadell Walker once told himself that if he ever got superpowers, it would be the best day of his life. He couldn't have been more wrong. In a near-future London, eight...
  • antihero
  • anime
  • dark
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dead shot vigilante by Animator489
dead shot vigilanteby Animator489
there are infinite universe and here is one about Izuku that i created. In this fanfiction Izuku has a different point of view on the world of hero's. He thinks the name...
  • superhero
  • vigilante
  • izukuxmomo
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bnha x male reader by cr0pl3ts
bnha x male readerby cr0pl3ts
When you think of a superhero do you imagine a strong person with powers? What about a rich guy who uses gadgets to defeat his enemies? Well m/n isn't either. He is a bo...
  • allmight
  • bakugo
  • midoriyaizuku
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Matt Murdock Shorts by sentimental_boy
Matt Murdock Shortsby Marie
Just what it says on the tin, Matt Murdock/reader shorts. I do take requests if you have an idea.
  • daredevil
  • fanfiction
  • blind
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The Vigilante & The Dragon - #1 in RomanceFantasy ! [COMPLETED] by AuthorJMColes
The Vigilante & The Dragon - #1 AuthorJMColes
, #1 Dragonlove, #2 Paranormal Romance highest rankings . Dark humor, justice, and love in the streets of New Orleans. Alex trawls the streets and alleys of New Orleans...
  • romancefantasy
  • angels
  • dragon
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Identity by Flash_lightning23
Identityby Flash_lightning23
Starling City has the Arrow and Central City has the Flash. So what happens when a new vigilante comes to Central? Feminine, flirtatious, loyal, intimidating, calm, calc...
  • vigilante
  • barryallen
  • queen
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Queen of Thieves by Toxic_Wonderland
Queen of Thievesby M. K a n e
A tale in which a thief with a double life grudgingly becomes a hero. ➳ Liana Mason has a life anyone would envy. Rags to riches. Pauper to princess. Nobody suspects tha...
  • arrow
  • feature
  • thief
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Raven's Bow by AliceW12346
Raven's Bowby Alice Wonderland
Highest Rank: #6 in Action ========================================================================= She's as silent as the night, never leaving a trace that she was...
  • gore
  • bow
  • queen
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Female Creepypastas X Male Reader by VeryClapped
Female Creepypastas X Male Readerby VeryClapped
You are (Y/N) (L/N), an 18 year old. Your sister was kidnapped and murdered. Your dad abused you before you lost your sister but it only got worse after. He eventually s...
  • ninathekiller
  • slenda
  • vigilante
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Babygirl | TAEKOOK by starforrest
Babygirl | TAEKOOKby star
"I'll always protect you. Even when I'm gone." where the famous, masked vigilante finds love through his babygirl | arrow AU | top!kook bottom!tae highest rank...
  • babygirl
  • bts
  • arrow
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The Night of Revival: The Flash (1) by Book_Lover_37
The Night of Revival: The Flash (1)by BookLover37
"I left Starling to stop being a vigilante." "Then don't be a vigilante, be a hero." Olivia Theresa Wells. Former member of the League of Assassins...
  • drwells
  • superpowers
  • candice
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Damian Wayne X Reader by Abz3012
Damian Wayne X Readerby Kimberly
He never needed security. Take it from Damian. After a conflict between him and his father, Dick thought that all he needed is a friend. The one whom understands, carin...
  • vigilante
  • xreader
  • damianwayne
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The Life of a Spiderson by tacofunday2525
The Life of a Spidersonby tacofunday2525
Spiderman / Avengers oneshot book! This is kind of like a book 2 of my first book Peter and his Superfamily. This one shots will be a mix of literally everything! DM m...
  • angst
  • captainamerica
  • spiderman
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Two Life by Bonnie_man
Two Lifeby Bonnie_Deku
Izuku es un gran artista musical el cual lleva una doble vida una como cantante musical de la mayoría de géneros pero la otra siendo un antihéroe debido a que defiende a...
  • deku
  • vigilante
  • myheroacademia
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Hero to Vigilante  by Wrench007
Hero to Vigilante by DJ Scully
(I don't own RWBY or the Picture.) What would happen after an attempted murder on Jaune failed and he came back, but different. (Challenge to those Brave Enough: To make...
  • vigilante
  • blake
  • rwby
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Vigilante: Prompt Fills by Vapid_Ink
Vigilante: Prompt Fillsby Vapid Ink
Where I will be filling prompts from readers of Vigilante. Feed me your prompts!
  • humor
  • vigilante
  • promptfills
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Nobody Said It Was Easy by Iamareadingaddict818
Nobody Said It Was Easyby Maggie Brosnahan
Persephone (Percy) Jackson likes to think that if she had known what was coming when she had boarded that warship on her way to Greece to save the world than she would h...
  • fempercy
  • vigilante
  • heroesofolympus
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Ultra Izuku by All_Mighty_Loki
Ultra Izukuby All_Mighty_Loki
Izuku thought he was quirkless however he did have a quurk. His quirk is called Power Of Will. If Izuku's will is strong enough it will prevent him from dieing and give...
  • bnha
  • izuku
  • wattys2018
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King of Killers by Toxic_Wonderland
King of Killersby M. K a n e
A tale in which an assassin in danger of losing his family's legacy tries to keep his bloodied empire from disappearing, vowing to destroy anyone who stands in his way...
  • lawyer
  • sword
  • crazy
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