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Blindkouji by LIMC46
Blindkoujiby HiyoriSimpAndFollower46
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka suddenly became a defective human being and was thrown out of the White Room. But one man in a suit decided to show mercy and help him, thanks to whi...
Classroom of the Elite: Quintuplets by derpycote
Classroom of the Elite: Quintupletsby derp
The first island exam is successfully over, but something unexpected happened after the students returned to ANHS; Chabashira announced that five transfer students will...
Yanderekouji x Ibuki Mio by IbukiMioBestWaifu
Yanderekouji x Ibuki Mioby nemo nemo6366
My first fic. This story is about Ayanokouji it was supposed to be the same like every other fic but the problem is that he can't control a certain emotion every time he...
Cote: Heartless Masterpiece? [Discontinued] by Hajime322
Cote: Heartless Masterpiece? [Disc...by Hajime
Cote fanfic about Kiyo I don't own the characters or story (I will change some bits but majority will follow the Ln) Support the Ln Also all photos used are not mine ct...
The Angel from Another Class is Rotten, but I'm Interested in Her by RainSennin
The Angel from Another Class is Ro...by That Eroge Guy
What if, instead of following Kushida Kikyou on that fateful day, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka meets a certain silver-haired girl who loved reading books more than anything? What...
She and he were friends. But more-so, they were book buddies. But they both knew they could be something more, she desired to be; he wondered what they'd be like if they...
COTE: Kiyopon's Adventures (Oneshots) by GENIUSWRD
COTE: Kiyopon's Adventures (Onesho...by GENIUSWRD
Alright. Just writing a bunch of random ideas and stories about our boy, Kiyopon.
COTE: Class C? by _orbit_celestial_
COTE: Class C?by EnvyOfThe7Sinz
"I slowly made my way to my classroom, taking in the sight of the school around me before I arrived in front of a classroom." Class 1-C
COTE : Transfering To Class B [Hiatus]  by LuciFer_Nava
COTE : Transfering To Class B [Hia...by LuciFer ¬
Literally What The Title Says! Ayanokouji Transfering To Class B. There might be some Kiyo-Nami Moments too.... Read The Fic, If you find it Interesting... ( WARNING...
COTE: The Aftermath by DosingOver
COTE: The Aftermathby NanaseSimp
After the reaction blah blah, the host decided to make them go back to their normal student life. What would happen to Ayanokouji now that everybody knows the existence...
I Can Still Protect You (Yato x Hiyori) [ON HOLD] by MissChocolatey
I Can Still Protect You (Yato x Hi...by Miss Chocolatey
Ever since Hiyori met Yato, her life has been turned upside down. It's about to get even more messed up when Nora comes back along with her new friend, and feelings of r...
Like Father, Like Son by Sammi_bee13
Like Father, Like Sonby Marie Bonfamille
Yato had no choice but to cut ties with Hiyori. But, one thing he didn't know was that she was pregnant with his son Akira. Hiyori still remembers Yato, and trying to fo...
Tyrant and Mysterious  by Tejas34
Tyrant and Mysterious by Slade
Find out what happens when kiyo and ryuen are allotted in the same class. Kiyo won't hold back this time.
COTE: ONE SHOTS by LightN101
One shot book of classroom of the elite. This one shot book is made mostly by me, I am a new writer but was taught by Brian744. With his help and well his patience to...
COTE: Shattered Trust [ON HIATUS] by derpycote
COTE: Shattered Trust [ON HIATUS]by derp
The masterpiece of the white room, Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, has a reputation for being cold-hearted. Having that said, he wasn't always as cold-hearted as we know him today;...
Welcome to the Classroom of Talent Supremacy by Seeanyui
Welcome to the Classroom of Talent...by Seeennnn
Izuru Kamukura suddenly awakens in a world unlike the one he knows, with only a few clues leading him to a school where certain artificial genius humans. Will Izuru Kamu...
Cote: What If's [ONGOING] by RaisonLolis69
Cote: What If's [ONGOING]by MicahBoo
Classroom Of The Elite with a twist. Basically every what if you readers would like to read, and with a reaction of the cast following that. For example: What if Kiyo an...
Hiyori's Curiosity by Crandeline
Hiyori's Curiosityby Anicetus Fanna
Lemon, 🍋. Read at your own risk ⚠️ Happenings are set in Year 2 of the Novel.
Kiyotaka X Hiyori [COTE] by Sierra_NN
Kiyotaka X Hiyori [COTE]by SierraNN
First FanFic/ First Story I ever wrote. Hope you enjoy! :) Kiyotaka Ayanokoji a new first year at the ANHS was placed in class D the lowest one. They have to fight or ma...
Stay With Me (Yatori One-Shot) by SmartRose14
Stay With Me (Yatori One-Shot)by Rose B
After Yato and Yukine left her for months without proper explanation, she begins to wonder if Yato actually wants her to stay with him at all. Yato must reassure her of...