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Cote One-shots by Fuutaro63
Cote One-shotsby
I write whatever i feel like writing at the moment
Starting in class C: not completely defective. by Chaoszweihander15
Starting in class C: not completel...by Chaoszweihander15
On hiatus because of my new fic. (Starting in class B: Ayanokouji the actor) Pretty much what it says in the title. The school decided Ayanokouji wasn't judged as defect...
COTE: Mysterious Siblings by X-Yoshimaru-X
COTE: Mysterious Siblingsby DarkVoid
Two sibling OCs get put into Class D. What would they do if they had the abilities to do so, but didn't want to rise to the top? Would they help from the shadows like Ay...
COTE : Transfering To Class B [Hiatus]  by LuciFer_Nava
COTE : Transfering To Class B [Hia...by LuciFer ¬
Literally What The Title Says! Ayanokouji Transfering To Class B. There might be some Kiyo-Nami Moments too.... Read The Fic, If you find it Interesting... ( WARNING...
Classroom of the Elite: Ayanokouji x Hiyori by Sparky_boy31
Classroom of the Elite: Ayanokouji...by Sparky_boy31
Actually, I dont know how this story will work, Since I just have a few ideas, so dont think about a very good story, ill do my best anyways! This situates after Yamauch...
The Secrets of a White Room Student by Tanjirouuu_kun
The Secrets of a White Room Studentby Itz_Tanji
COTE Reaction Fic focused on Ayanokoji's past. It's my first fic, I hope you enjoy it! Please read the information that will be with the introduction for a better under...
To Unfold A Mystery (Hiyori x Kiyotaka Fanfic) by bronoob8998
To Unfold A Mystery (Hiyori x Kiyo...by wong ernest
(This story is set after the events in Volume 9) Hiyori encountered a peculiar book named 'The Classroom of The Elite'. From there, she discovered the story behind her...
Innocentkoji by lifeisbest7
Innocentkojiby Mehhh
his mother died giving birth to him with a smile on her face he inherited said smile , beautiful and sweet. in the white room he was average in abilities but what was...
COTE:-Reaction to their future by Xxxxgjsibvsisni3462
COTE:-Reaction to their futureby
Hello guys!!! Excalty I am recreating the story I had left...I wanted to continue that one but because of some problems I am unable to do so 😢 WELL ANYWAY this reactio...
Re:Classroom Of The Elite  by ZenithPerks
Re:Classroom Of The Elite by Ruri
Because major security breach made the government finally shutting down white room permanently, every children that left survived are sent to rehabilitation or some send...
She and he were friends. But more-so, they were book buddies. But they both knew they could be something more, she desired to be; he wondered what they'd be like if they...
COTE: Genius Of The Century by shinjo-san
COTE: Genius Of The Centuryby shinjo-san
"But Ayanokouji-sensei, if you truly want your son to succeed you and carry your dream and become somebody who will rule Japan in the future, you really should take...
Classroom Of The Elite - Short Stories [On Hiatus] by ichinoseayano
Classroom Of The Elite - Short Sto...by ichinoseayano
Random One Shots And Short Stories of Kiyo with Classroom Of The Elite Waifus.
COTE : My Hearts Desires by Drag0nB0ii
COTE : My Hearts Desiresby Ryuuen-chan
Just another cote fanfic with changes from vol 7.5 onwards. In this fic some charecters will be a bit OOC and the story will begin during the winter vacations of their f...
Classroom of the Elite : Reaction X Quiz Game by 777_MasterOfNone
Classroom of the Elite : Reaction...by Undertaker葬儀屋
This is a Classroom of the Elites Fanfiction. This is my first time so pls go easy on me and feel free to criticize me, also I would like some advice specially in my wri...
Typical COTE reaction of the future. happens after y1v3. after the island exam I'll do my best to match the characters as much as possible while writing hope you all enj...
COTE: Random Reactions by Sadness-tan
COTE: Random Reactionsby Sadness
Just COTE characters reaction to random stuff Credits to the owners of the videos that are used
COTE - One Shots by Argutos
COTE - One Shotsby Shin-kun
just some one shots 😉
Classroom of the Elite: Prepared by derpycote
Classroom of the Elite: Preparedby derp
After sucessfully passing the first year of his peaceful high school life, a new challenge arose, the second year. After dealing with Hosen and his plan to expel him, hi...
A New Masterpiece (COTE x OC) by kinato_
A New Masterpiece (COTE x OC)by kinato
Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, the masterpiece of the Whiteroom, an unchallenged existence in this world, with unfathomable abilities. is there finally an individual who can matc...