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The Infinity Love! by _dhruvii_
The Infinity Love!by D.
Hey peepz! I'm new here. It's my first story. So Manik and Nandini's love inspires me alot. So I thought why not give it a shot by some other plot. So here it goes- &q...
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You Are My Soul Mate! by kpremii
You Are My Soul Mate!by Premii
Family Story with Our Favorite MaNan and to support them, Devakshi will be dragged into the story!
Entangled Knot  by _manan__
Entangled Knot by _justin_seagull_
They say that being grown-up means you have survived at least three disasters and one apocalypse. Quite often, that apocalypse involves a broken heart. And these same th...
Started With A Like- Manan by heyyitsmishtea
Started With A Like- Mananby Mishti
"in which a girl accidentally likes a guy's post" a multimedia story
Son of a mafia king by Nairasharma333
Son of a mafia kingby Nairasharma333
the story about a mafia king and his little son I say in other words.. a step father and a step son story how a mafia king heartless person become emotional after meeti...
Best Mistake. by zainab-astic
Best z
What is it like to change your school suddenly? New school, new strangers and no friends? And then suddenly you come across a boy with whom you make best friends instant...
Heartstopper by moonscintilla
Heartstopperby ☾︎
•MaNan Instagram Story •Ongoing (Weekly Updates) ❝Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favourite.❞ Dedicated to @_love_...
FAB5's Star by CrazyButSweetReader
FAB5's Starby ᴄʀᴀᴢʏʙᴜᴛꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
The emotions that were reflected from not just their songs but their voice, strings, and tunes, all were truly mesmerizing that it felt like they were not singing but pu...
Manan = Trust 💗💗💗 ( Completed )  by manvirat
Manan = Trust 💗💗💗 ( Completed ) by manvirat
it's a manan ff starting from soha's court case. what will be nandhini's statement. she will defend him or give statement against him. To know more peek in.....
Arranged Marriage |COMPLETED| [#YourStoryIndia] by IMPERFECTLITTLEWORLD
Arranged Marriage |COMPLETED| [ A.D.I.T.I
"I have told this to you guys a lot of times that I don't want to get married then why are you guys even forcing me!!" Manik said tying his shoe laces getting...
The Star of the Monster (Manan) by Sulata10
The Star of the Monster (Manan)by Sulata
"Mission Nandini Murthy accomplished"... These words echoed in Nandini's ears... Was this true? Everything she felt was fake? Was the firefly theory wrong? She...
Am I In Love? by kpremii
Am I In Love?by Premii
Love Story of Kyy couples in a different context....
MaNan OS by snehakarmakar30
MaNan OSby Sneha Karmakar
Hii guys, this is a book of MaNan one shots. So pls, read it.
Jab We Met by miramehra
Jab We Metby miiira
It'd been 5 years since that ill-fated day. Valentine's Day. Manik Malhotra, who'd reverted back to his Monster ways for the world, still had a place in his heart for hi...
Together Hamesha (MaNan Version) by IntricatelyExpressed
Together Hamesha (MaNan Version)by IntricatelyExpressed
Nandini : Ab mei yeh natak aur nahi kar sakti Manik. You and I, it's over Manik. It's over. Two souls, Manik and Nandini, who hated each other at first but eventually...
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Manan - Sunshine to her darkness  by Rapunzel_0207
Manan - Sunshine to her darkness by 🐈🐾
Nandini Murthy didn't know what she wanted in life until her eyes fell on her long lost childhood bestfriend in her brother's marriage which she was forced to attend. W...
I want you back, nandhini by tommygirl97
I want you back, nandhiniby Tommy girl
This story is about Manan..Manik was hurt that nandhini accused him of Soha death. So he broke up with nandhini..after their breakup, an unimaginable things happened tha...
Manan - Unconditional Limitless Love (Completed ) by manvirat
Manan - Unconditional Limitless manvirat
It's a new manan ff in which you can see cute nandhini and possessive manik. my first try to write something cute. To know more peep inside . Thank you