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beautiful ➳ bae jinyoung by havenlyhhj
beautiful ➳ bae jinyoungby kris.
❝ i'm sorry, please come back to me. ❞ ❅ produce101 s2 series ♔ wanna one series ➳ #1 in bae jinyoung 19.02.26 © dearksm started: 17.11.15 ended: 17.12.27 ctto. for...
sent | wanna one by -softbae
sent | wanna oneby cн-erι colα
❝send nudes pls :^)❞ ❝n00ds?❞ ❝ yep :^))❞ *sends noodles* in which a girl sends a message... to the wrong person #4 fanfiction | july-10-2018 started: march 14th 2018 fi...
Because He Is My First Love | Hwang Minhyun☑ by nulnul_savage
Because He Is My First Love | 11:11
A girl named Park Nami who is a shy and naive person during elementary school met Mr Cold named Hwang Minhyun. Hwang Minhyun, her one and only best friend that always gi...
Text || TXT Yeonjun[✓] by Sunlight_Shine1234
Text || TXT Yeonjun[✓]by Secret
"Hey..." "Do I know you?" "No.." "Ok bye.." "Wait.." It all started with a text.. _______________ A story where a girl...
BABY GIRL. WANNA ONE by _butterflyhearts
what if PRODUCE 101 S2 HAD A TWIST? what if there was a girl in WANNA ONE? WANNA ONE X READER ( KWON AERI)
2nd Chances // Park Jihoon FF by ENHAxSVT
2nd Chances // Park Jihoon FFby SVTxENHA
What if you were given a second chance to make things right for the person you love ? . . . . Will you take that chance ?
frappe ➳ park jihoon by havenlyhhj
frappe ➳ park jihoonby kris.
❝ that's for you ❞ ❅ produce101 s2 series ♔ wanna one series ❀ #26 in fanfiction: 17.07.13 ➳ #3 in park jihoon 18.05.19 ⚝ #4 in wanna one 19.02.27 © dearksm...
HAJIMA | pjh by fairiebokie
HAJIMA | pjhby ☆.
a word that lee jaerin rarely used but loved using - ❝stop❞. lee jaerin, a 19 year old girl, studies in sopa high, and her time there certainly is a bittersweet one. she...
imagines | wanna one by coupseuuu
imagines | wanna oneby きらきら
• requests closed • Wanna One Imagines 💫 ·Kang Daniel ·Park Jihoon ·Lee Daehwi ·Kim Jaehwan ·Ong Seongwoo ·Park Woojin ·Lai Guanlin ·Yoon Jisung ·Hwang Minhyun...
Heart Broke/ NCT 22nd Member by alexa_eclipse
Heart Broke/ NCT 22nd Memberby 🦇
NCT'S Angel Kim Lexa is known for being the most popular and skilled in everything she does even hiding her true self Yuto #1 Ji-Hoon #2 Xiaojun #3 smrookies #5 Yoonsan...
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11:11 pm ; Jinhwi ff ❤︎ by oh-yes-good
11:11 pm ; Jinhwi ff ❤︎by 101 💙.
" I wish a new person or an unexpected surprise happen to me and change my daily boring routine" Daehwi wrote at his diary . It was 11:11 Pm ..
Bossy Guan (Panwink) by pocseidon
Bossy Guan (Panwink)by Raraell
"Kalau begitu.. Saya akan bantu gadis manis ini untuk balas dendam kepada pacarnya" Ps: Gender Switch
Odd-eyed Beauty // hwang minhyun (#27) by Doxaisme
Odd-eyed Beauty // hwang minhyun ( 주지나
Heterochromia An eye condition which causes the individual to have two completely different eye colours. Hwang Minhyun fanfiction. 06/03/22 to 28/07/22
Incorrect WannaOne by bellacxllens
Incorrect WannaOneby Bella (봉준희)
Highest: #5 Just 11 boys roasting each other + The other produce101 boys appearances Cover by: @VERSACHEN
Daddy Niel » OngNiel by iseeyong
Daddy Niel » OngNielby wes
❝Stop it Seongwoo! I'm straight for god's sake!❞ ❝But I'm seriously pregnant Kang Daniel whether you like it or not you're gonna be the father of this child!❞ ❝We were d...
rosy cheeks || k.yoshinori by dcelesteleann
rosy cheeks || k.yoshinoriby winter seasons
"yes, you are the transferee..but that doesn't mean we would treat you like a princess like everyone else does.." started: 04/18/22 ended: ?
tale of us. by archaery
tale of vsc.
- yeri and her weird housemates
In My Dreams --- True Beauty by mimi18_12
In My Dreams --- True Beautyby Mimi
Prometimos estar juntos por toda la eternidad Pétalos de flores volaban sobre mí En esa fantasía que era como un final feliz Despierto como si todo se rompiera Siento qu...
Letter | Bae Jinyoung ✔ by enhaclouds
Letter | Bae Jinyoung ✔by stay
"Dear Jinyoung, matagal na kitang crush hihihi" | Gwaproduce 101 Series #2 | WANNA ONE AU