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THE REBORN OF SENJU GAMER (Naruto Fanfic) by alexrobert28
THE REBORN OF SENJU GAMER (Naruto...by alex robert
Being reincarnated in naruto with gamer mind and also daughter of jiraya and tsunade..what will happen? Will hikaegearu survive this world? Will she change the plot with...
  • 3rdhokage
  • sasuke
  • gamer
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Alone in Both Worlds (Kakashi) by BluePringlez
Alone in Both Worlds (Kakashi)by Anna Bubby
Asoka Rose is an isolated girl who lives her life in her fantasy. Her sanity had been lost long ago. And as she is transported into the Naruto World. Her home,and perhap...
  • umuzaki
  • shippuden
  • watty
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The Lost Ninja by SimiDiAngelo
The Lost Ninjaby Simi Di Angelo
Yuki has been in hiding for many years and has many sensei because her mother is being chased. Yuki has been left with her father, but it may not be the perfect place fo...
  • itachi
  • sasori
  • kakashi
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Jinchuriki of Water (Shikamaru Love Story) by KatieNara
Jinchuriki of Water (Shikamaru Lov...by Kaida Morino
Kaida Morino Yoso is my name. Yeah, I've got two clan names but my dad, Ibiki Morino, doesn't know that I exist. I'm a guardian (I have the water dragon Suiro sealed ins...
  • ibikimorino
  • naruhina
  • asuma
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Kiko Maris or whatever....... by Sun-Shine-Black
Kiko Maris or whatever.......by Sun-Shine-Black
Its about the young Tsukiko, whose mother forbid her to use the name she was given at birth. Therefore she goes by Kiko Maris. Kiko is the girl who lived the tough life...
  • affraid
  • ibiki
  • anko
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Red Mist (Naruto FanFic) by MidnightPilots
Red Mist (Naruto FanFic)by Akaito × Kaene
[Book One] "I'm proud of who I am. A thief, a lone traveler who never stops running. Just watch me, I will fight and survive, for me and by myself." Akai is no...
  • ibiki
  • naruto
  • kakashi
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The Strength of Humanity (A Naruto Fan Fiction) by Insomniac_Lullabies
The Strength of Humanity (A Naruto...by Insomniac_Lullabies
Cashile Kuroki has discovered the Frailty of Genius, the shortcomings of prodigious talent, the weakness that comes with strength. Standing alone she fell, with no one t...
  • aiden
  • love
  • fanfiction
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Hatake Kakashi: Fascination by DirectionOfTime
Hatake Kakashi: Fascinationby DirectionOfTime
Kakashi thinks he's in for a nice break, free from students, after Naruto's recent departure with Jiraiya, but he hadn't counted on a beautiful stranger turning up in Ko...
  • henohenomoheiji
  • okonomiyaki
  • talk
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You're Not Alone (Naruto Fanfic/Gaara Love Story) ON HOLD by DarkWolf991
You're Not Alone (Naruto Fanfic/Ga...by Lily
I didn't blink, I wouldn't give them the satisfaction. "Ha! Serves you right monster! And this is only the beginning! Prepare for it!" One of the boys laughing...
  • kankurou
  • desert
  • shukaku
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Something magical (naruto fanfiction) by silent-booklover
Something magical (naruto fanficti...by silent-booklover
Delia is the fairy of the night and lives in the winx world until one day she gets teleported to the naruto world. There she goes on exciting adventures with our favorit...
  • kakashi
  • love
  • naruto
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Kiko Maris Hatake by Sun-Shine-Black
Kiko Maris Hatakeby Sun-Shine-Black
Sequel to Kiko Maris or whatever..... Read to find out what it's about. I don't own Naruto or any pictures unless stated otherwise. See ya in the comments! :)
  • konoha
  • ibiki
  • kiko
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Amazing Ninja But Undercover ( An ANBU story) by luciolle24
Amazing Ninja But Undercover ( An...by luciolle24
Everyone knows Naruto... you know dead last, a shouting demon brat... What if what you thought you knew was just a lie... Highest rankings : #39 of Ninja #9 of Ktsune Pa...
  • konoha
  • ibiki
  • fanfiction
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Seeing Red... (Naruto Fan-fiction) (Kakashi Love Story) by doubleGemini
Seeing Red... (Naruto Fan-fiction)...by Emma
23-year old Kunashi Namakazi was born and raised in a forest all her life. Trained by her dad, now she's arrived in Konoha to settle down. But, she's the tpe of girl who...
  • ibiki
  • namakazi
  • date
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Siren         (a Gaara love story) by KillaNinjaBabe
Siren (a Gaara love story)by Deleah
Liiran is a siren. she's grown up her whole life knowing that she could create a replica of this thing called love, but never saw the real thing. when her only almost-no...
  • naruto
  • death
  • liiran
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Ibiki's Son or Daughter?!||Discontinued But Will Use Ryoto For Other Stories by Night0512
Ibiki's Son or Daughter?!||Discont...by I. Am. SPRIGGAN!
Ryoto is an eleven year old girl who runs away from home. When she was found by Ibiki, suddenly everyone thought she was a boy. So, she decides to keep it that way. Alon...
  • naruto
  • itachi
  • ibikidaughter
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Bring Peace to the Past (SLOW UPDATES) by Frosch_Uzumaki
Bring Peace to the Past (SLOW UPDA...by Fro-chan
Blood. Everywhere. Now, I'm covered in this red substance. It's not mine, It's the one I thought as a brother. The one who knows what it's like to be alone. My rival (Fe...
  • guy
  • ibiki
  • asuma
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Awakening ~Sequel to Mother of Demons~ by Maia_Reina
Awakening ~Sequel to Mother of Dem...by Arashi
Okami Akuma has been asleep for two and a half years now, ever since she was taken by Orochimaru. When she finally awakens, she is stronger than ever. But will her new...
  • hokage
  • demon
  • sasuke
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voiceless by Slycat99
voicelessby Slycat99
a young girl who was never given a name at birth is held captive for her whole life. locked in a cage and forced to feel pain every day. she lost so much while locked aw...
  • ibiki
  • naruto
  • mute
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Red Eyes (Naruto FanFic) by MidnightPilots
Red Eyes (Naruto FanFic)by Akaito × Kaene
[Book Two] "I might have lost everything. My home, my strength, my pride and dignity, and even my own life. But I swear, I will never lose sight of who I am." ...
  • konoha
  • swordsman
  • akane
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Wrong Choose (KakaObi) ( Yeah I Am Editing ) by yoai-fangirl
Wrong Choose (KakaObi) ( Yeah I Am...by Fujoshi
Obito died he new his mistake after the uzumaki killed him after he killed Kakashi. He was ready to go to were the fire was hell.... He believed he would.....Instead he...
  • gemma
  • kushina
  • schizophrenia
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