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skin || bae jinyoung by httpsbaeby
skin || bae jinyoungby ♡
his skin was the evidence of a broken soul trying to survive. © 2018; httpsbaeby ♡ [lowercase intended.] highest: #01 in baejin [180605] #01 in broduce [180819]
Bad Boy ❛ Jungkook ✅ by nbllanr
Bad Boy ❛ Jungkook ✅by واوانابيللا
" beri aku peluang untuk menebus segala kesalahan aku. " Jeon Jungkook ft. Yein. ©-baecorn2017 start : dec i think. end : - 020218 #84 - fanfiction
PEACHES / PWJ by straykudz
did you steal my noodles? woojin i swear, i'm gonna stomp you in with my ultraboosts.
strangers ✿ baejinyoung by hhjinyoung
strangers ✿ baejinyoungby [HIATUS]
jinyoungbae has follows you on instagram [COMPLETED] sequel is out -
challenge || bae jinyoung by wannaonexostan
challenge || bae jinyoungby kelly <3
11 popular boys in school who like to make challenge among themselves and this time, it's Jinyoung's turn but his challenge is a bit different from the others. it's soun...
stupid ass ➵ bae jinyoung ✓ by euphrina
stupid ass ➵ bae jinyoung ✓by karina
"Get your lazy ass out of that house." [text message au] highest rankings #1 in baejin #1 in laikuanlin #1 in ongseongwu #1 in hasungwoon #3 in leedaehwi #3 in...
Behind the Camera || CIX by clathia
Behind the Camera || CIXby Cla 🧶
A story about 5 boys with 2 girls in their college life How's your life will be when you met 5 idols near your place Find out more about in the story Enjoy ^^ Started :...
confused | bae jinyoung by yukheiii
confused | bae jinyoungby ⚰️
your actions speaks a thousand words, language not known.
more than friends - bjy [completed] by pwannaone
more than friends - bjy [completed]by lys
in which this time, it's bae jinyoung's turn to find the love of his life. -wanna one ; bae jinyoung -book 2 (book 1: not as a fan)
Suzy Wanna One Edition (COMPLETED) by Dyachiego
Suzy Wanna One Edition (COMPLETED)by Dyachiego
Ini kisah tentang Suzy dan 11 pria tampan juga imut
bae jinyoung-lost siblings{COMPLETED} by byeolrangdan
bae jinyoung-lost siblings{ ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
when a new student comes into her class and becomes her seatmate , the both of them became closer and closer. they began falling for each other until.. started: 27 novem...
oops♡bae jinyoung by minghaomilktea
oops♡bae jinyoungby oh yes good ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
in which a relationship forms from a meme, and a wrong number + 웁스 + 배 진영
Leave | Bae Jinyoung by baechaengi
Leave | Bae Jinyoungby jaeminaa
You always cold to me Start ; September 2017 End ; Dec 2017
#1 Stupid  by Coconutpeanut__
#1 Stupid by Niyell
Gak tau deskripsinya,baca aja
attaboy | bae jinyoung  by caratzens
attaboy | bae jinyoung by lisa
+ attaboy ˈatəbɔɪ/Submit exclamation : an informal expression of encouragement or admiration to a man or boy. + In which an instagram user @baejinyoung challenged @jhe...
[COMPLETED] ab6ix and cix on crack
Seduce | WINKDEEP [COMPLETED] by reverie_ksy
Book #2 in "extraordinary love" series SEDUCE- an act of flirting or getting the attention of someone through the intimate way Park Jihoon, a gay for Bae Jinyo...
not as a fan - l.dh [completed] by pwannaone
not as a fan - l.dh [completed]by lys
"you're not my bias; because i like you more than that." -wanna one ; lee daehwi -book 1 (book 2 : more than friends)
Glitch ㅡ Wannaone by jongdaisies
Glitch ㅡ Wannaoneby morg 💫
❝ She's got eighty days to save a world that isn't hers. ❞ © 2018 | JONGDAISIES | MORG
you 🍃 bae jinyoung by etaernal_
you 🍃 bae jinyoungby yen
BAE JINYOUNG FANFIC ! ⚠ first draft! typo errors and wrong grammars may be present. • lowercase intended highest ranking: ✒ #6 in baejin ✒ #103 in hwangminhyun ✒ #135 in...