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The Quiet Champion by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Quiet Championby 『ĐØ₥ł₦₳₮łØ₦』
Ash Ketchum,After losing to Trip at the Unova League,He was heading back home with his younger brother,Red and he stumbled upon them and he was betrayed.They also kill h...
Pokémon Ash's Redemption by Supernova121
Pokémon Ash's Redemptionby Supernova121
This is a story of Ash's rematch against Tobias in the Kalos region that's all you guys need to know.
returned for you by ak_pikachu
returned for youby 11S-09-Patel Deep
he has started away from his friends for 5 years. what will happen when he returns in a tournament. what will happen when his friends find out.
Cutting Down to Size by PupperAddict
Cutting Down to Sizeby Pupper Lover
Sick of Charizard's arrogance, Ash decides to release him after losing to Ritchie in the Kanto league.
Pokemon:the aura guardian ( ash x harem). by SriharshaBollempalli
Pokemon:the aura guardian ( ash Sriharsha Bollempalli
this fanfic is a idea i recieved after reading a specific fanfic , the concept was good so i wanted to try it too. i will do the introduction and explain in chapter 1.
Evolution (Yandere Pokémon x Child Reader) by unidentified562
Evolution (Yandere Pokémon x Unidentified
Your mom was taking you to visit your grandpa that was a scientist, but you didn't know what kind of science he was working with. It didn't matter to you when you went w...
Manipulated ↛Alain Pokemon x OC by MakitaHorizon
Manipulated ↛Alain Pokemon x OCby Mikita
"Sir? Are you alright?" ⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢ It all started when Lysandre manipulated Alain... Alain eventually found out from overhearing one of Lysandre's conversa...
Strong Fire Type Pokemon by chitogekirisaki09
Strong Fire Type Pokemonby Gray
My name's Flames and I'm a Charmander, a fire type pokemon. My goal is to become strong than the other pokemon to protect myself and to protect the pokemon who were in t...
Pokémon High: An Amourshipping Story by TwoShiny_
Pokémon High: An Amourshipping TwoShiny
Ash and Serena. Two who have met each other before as a child in a somewhat romantic experience, even if only one of them saw it as that. Serena is an average high scho...
Raihan x Reader x Leon by StarrySylveon
Raihan x Reader x Leonby StarrySylveon
Being separated from your best friends at the age of 10 is hard. Visiting Galar after 8 years, achieving your dreams, is quite the adventure. Three Childhood Best friend...
Destiny Rebirth Final Mix by DestinyProduction
Destiny Rebirth Final Mixby Destiny Productions
This is the updated version of DESTINY REBIRTH. 5 years after Ash's death, the ultimate Pokémon tournament is being held. All the best trainers are competing in it. A my...
Pokémon academy by Ironfistelite
Pokémon academyby Sadaan Hasan
"Finally I have the Jewel of entity. If only I can find the Jewel of life before that Ketchum. The world can be mine." The Jewel of eternity are being hunted b...
Sun And Moon X Reader by CharleneSilva760
Sun And Moon X Readerby Charlene Silva
Y/n L/n a famous mysterious Pokemon master and Legendary Trainer known throughout regions winning with only using one or two Pokemon. Y/n is a person with unique Pokemon...
A Loving Sister And Strong Trainer by dianealmera
A Loving Sister And Strong Trainerby Diane Almera
"You will recognize the survivors of abuse through their courage. When silence is inviting, they move forward and share their truth so that others know they are not...
Pokémon: Road To Master (Amourshipping Comic) by Ninja326
Pokémon: Road To Master ( ASH
Pokémon: Road To Master is an Amourshipping comic Written by SungYeah {NOT ME} Before parting ways in Kalos, Ash finally understands his feelings towards Serena and Make...
The Peregrination of A Guardian Trainer [Hiatus] by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Peregrination of A Guardian 『ĐØ₥ł₦₳₮łØ₦』
The Guardian Pokémon, a title given by the Original One, Arceus, are a group of Legendary Pokémon that is far more powerful than the original Legendaries from the Hall o...
Pokemon x reader Oneshots by ShariHorse
Pokemon x reader Oneshotsby Shari
Pokehumans and you, what are the chances of that? Very likely apparently, considering you found this book. And if pokehumans aren't your cup of tea, I also offer charact...
The Betrayed, An Amourshipping Story by ThatSophomoreWill
The Betrayed, An Amourshipping ThatBandKidWriter
"Don't give up til' it's over!" -Ketchum Family. After Ash looses in the Kalos region, he comes back home with Serena with a surprise. His so called 'friends'...
euphoria ➸ alain   by lovekths
euphoria ➸ alain by ˋˏ rosie del rey ˎˊ
in which ash ketchum's sister battles a certain blue eyed boy and w i n s, making Alain take an interest in her and her bond with Pokémon. "seriously, I'm not all t...
The Kalos Pokémon School by PiPikaBoy
The Kalos Pokémon Schoolby ★Pretty Pikachu★
(MUST READ THE DESCRIPTION) Started:- 16 April 2020 Ash ketchum a trainer from pallet town has been going on a joruney in Kalos region. He was asked to join The famous P...