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Nakadai Secrets by Arrowbolt5
Nakadai Secretsby Arrowbolt5
Kat, Miko's sister, was the inherited leader of the family ninja clan and Miko hated being shielded from the family job. It was one of the reasons she had wanted to be a...
Magical  Scarlet Witch by Dream_on_bish
Magical Scarlet Witchby DreamLight17
Eli Witwicky, Sam's cousin was a witch, wants to leave home and experience the world around her. Now she was drag into an ancient civil war thanks to her muggle cousin o...
Centuries || Transformers (COMPLETED) by -Interstellarflare-
Centuries || Transformers (COMPLET...by Emily Edmonds
You may lose faith in us, but never in yourselves. From here, the fight will be your own. -Optimus Prime
Well, Would You Look at That, Woof! (Transformers x OC) by CrystalAris
Well, Would You Look at That, Woof...by CrystalAris
You know, I thought the worst thing that could happen when dying was nothing. That everything would stop. I was wrong. Turns out I became a dog. To top it off I became a...
Transformers Prime (sparkling reader) by dyrbjyrnj
Transformers Prime (sparkling read...by z star
The autobots found a signal coming from a stasis pod and want to find out if its a decepticon or an autobot and the results are a surprisingly shocking..........its a sp...
Transformers Prime: Project Predacon by SummerLeighanne
Transformers Prime: Project Predac...by --I-Live-To-Serve--
I was an AutoBot, once upon a time. Until Arcee and Cliffjumper ditched me. Those fragging idiots, I don't blame them, but I don't smell that bad, do I? There was this g...
All Great Power [A Transformers Fanfiction] by Karamel_latte15
All Great Power [A Transformers Fa...by karamel.latte15
"You asked me whether you should sell our grandfather's old junk," Jenn panted out while she ran, "I said 'Sure thing, Sammy! Some guy with a weird obsess...
Optimus Prime Love Story (Transformers) by Midnight_433334
Optimus Prime Love Story (Transfor...by Midnight_433334
This story is about a girl name Scarlett Taylor, who's life about to change when she moved to live with her best friend Sam Witwicky. She always has this dream about a g...
A Second Chance [Transformers Fan Fiction] by KM_Warcop
A Second Chance [Transformers Fan...by Krista Warcop
[Ironhide/OC] Post DOTM: He was gone, with no chance of coming back, but that soon changes when Carly's sister; Allison comes to visit. It seems as though the saying is...
Transformers Romance Stories by HeatSeekerXBumbleBee
Transformers Romance Storiesby ShiverTooth X Megatron
I hope you like this book of multiple transformer stories. It may take a while to write
Sweet Like Honey But Sting Like A Bee by krazygirlo900
Sweet Like Honey But Sting Like A...by krazygirlo900
Layla is the crazy half sister of Sam witwhicky. She was drawn into the crazy world of the transformers after buying her first car that they were suppose to be sharing...
You Are My Knight (Optimus Prime x Male Reader) by tsun-dou
You Are My Knight (Optimus Prime x...by tsun-dou
You never really expected to be one of the people to meet the Autobots, let alone interact and stay with them. Then you fall in love with one of them. And you realise yo...
Transformers Prime: Megatron's Charge by BlackShadowOf1
Transformers Prime: Megatron's Cha...by BlackShadowOf1
Lilly and her snake Shockfire's life changed after Megatron took them in. Now Lilly was Megatron's charge and Megatron is one step ahead of the autobots. I dont own any...
🌈coloυrѕ oғ тнe wιnd🌈тranѕғorмerѕ prιмe🌈 by Silver-Ashley
🌈coloυrѕ oғ тнe wιnd🌈тranѕғorмer...by sιℓvεя
"can yoυ paιnт wιтн all тнe colorѕ oғ тнe wιnd?" wнere a ѕcнool arт тeacнer ѕoмeнow мanageѕ тo worм нer way ιnтo a warlord'ѕ ѕparĸ. [тranѕғorмerѕ prιмe] [мeg...
Secretly... by pinkied8t
Secretly...by Andy
April Witwicky is a girl with more problems than she would like to count. Lets name a few shall we? One, she has bright yellow eyes that seem to glow in the dark and her...
A Spark Between Us (Optimus Prime x Reader) by Crazy_Fan_Girlz
A Spark Between Us (Optimus Prime...by Fanfic Writer
So, you and Optimus. Your life with the Autobots, consisting of all the movies. Set in Bay-verse (Fun, long ride :P)
Will of the Primes (Optimus Prime x Reader) by LegacyofthePrimes
Will of the Primes (Optimus Prime...by LegacyistheName
(Y/n) is a girl with a life that is far from normal, but she's okay with that. The best things can come from the unique and different. She was told about sparkmates and...
MERFORMERS (MY AU) by Evee_Shimada
MERFORMERS (MY AU)by Evee_Shimada
Evee, a girl from 17 years, working in a lab, meets the fearless leader Optimus Prime. She wants to free him from the terrible organisation MECH who have nothing in mind...
Blue Blood by _naraaa_
Blue Bloodby -Nara-
After blasting the autobot's base to ashes after Optimus Prime destroyed the Omega Lock, their only way of ever returning home, Megatron gets some news delivered to him...