I do wolves, Hilda, WolfQuest, Amphibia, Owl House, Balto, RWBY, Wolf's Rain, Loud House, Amourshipping, Advanceshipping and anything! I don't do NSL, Neglected or Abused reader stories as much, so don't expect me to write them.
Likes: Dogs, gray wolves, dholes, African wild dogs, cooking, peace and quiet, reading, swimming and combat skills.
Dislikes: Bad reviews, overcooked food, cats, being messed with, being provoked and cranky.

Favorite animals:
1. Dhole (Cuon alpinus)
2. Dire wolf (Canis dirus)
3. Gray wolf (Canis lupus)
4. African wild dog (Lycaon pictus)

Favorite Pairings:
1. Amourshipping (Ash x Serena)
2. Arkos (Jaune Arc x Pyrrha Nikos)
3. Ronniecoln (Lincoln Loud x Ronnie Anne)

My favorite Loud House ships:
1. Sidcoln
2. Haikucoln
3. Stellacoln
4. Cookiecoln
5. Ronniecoln
6. Jordancoln

My Main Crossover Paring Shippings:
1. Lincoln x Hilda (Loud House x Hilda)
2. Lincoln x Marcy Wu (Loud House x Amphibia)
3. Lincoln x Luz Noceda (Loud House x Owl House)
4. Lincoln x Tulip Olsen (Loud House x Infinity Train)
5. Lincoln x Anne Boonchuy (Loud House x Amphibia)
6. Lincoln x Sasha Waybright (Loud House x Amphibia)

My OC X Canon Shippings:
1. Luger Kenneth x Johanna
2. Titus Silver x Yang Xiao Long
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