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New Life, Old Memories by EmeraldShadowQueen
New Life, Old Memoriesby Emerald Shadow
As soon as Andy opened her eyes, she knew something was wrong. The ceiling above her was not gray concrete like back in her room at the Base. Andy Firmin wakes up in an...
Going Green by Arrowbolt5
Going Greenby Arrowbolt5
"I'm not Soundwave." Ever since the destruction of her home, Verdant had spent her life as a loyal Autobot soldier. She was Ultra Magnus's third in command...
Transformers Prime: A new bond  by megabee33
Transformers Prime: A new bond by megabee33
When Wheeljack has had enough of Optimus strict rules he drives off hoping to find something new, but what he doesn't account for is a human girl. Willow never planned...
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts; The Heart of an Assassin and A Mother  by RemixGal
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts;...by 🐲LotusDragon🪷
Eva Storm is a beautiful woman, who seems to lead a rather regular life in Brooklyn, New York; for almost eight years now with her three year old adopted son, but unbekn...
Transformers One-Shots (Requests Closed) by Adsystle
Transformers One-Shots (Requests C...by Red
Some one-shots for ya kiddies . . . This is my first book...don't hate please ╥﹏╥
The Girl With Wings by Freedom_Writer3
The Girl With Wingsby 💚Liv💚
Hope has never had a real home. She has no friends, no family, and has convinced herself that she had no way of finding someone who will embrace her. And all because o...
Will of the Primes (Optimus Prime x Reader) by LegacyofthePrimes
Will of the Primes (Optimus Prime...by LegacyistheName
(Y/n) is a girl with a life that is far from normal, but she's okay with that. The best things can come from the unique and different. She was told about sparkmates and...
The matters of a spark by Boredfandomkitty
The matters of a sparkby Boredfandomkitty
You stumble upon the Autobots due to Fowler and have never looked back. Your new life is great but becomes mundane; until everything stops when a certain rogue bot enter...
Why Me? ( A TFP Fanfic) by Lava_Star95
Why Me? ( A TFP Fanfic)by ℓαναѕтαя
Lavanya (Lava for short) is a 17 year old girl she grew up in New York until her mother died in a car accident. Her dad then moved them to a little town in the middle of...
Transformers Prime: In love with a wrecker?! by TheSilentWolf985
Transformers Prime: In love with a...by SilentWolf
ShadowLight is a warrior that was born as a mistake. Her teacher is Ultra Magnus. Shadow finds herself on the planet called Earth. She picks up a track of team Prime. T...
Their Protector ((EDITING)) by nottodaybetchess
Their Protector ((EDITING))by nottodaybetchess
((TFP fanfic I've gone back into that phase)) After sleeping for millennia, a great beast that all thought went extint, arises. I dont own any of these characters but Y...
Damaged Parts by Arrowbolt5
Damaged Partsby Arrowbolt5
Sandra Kayne was a teenage billionaire who owned the world's best electronics company. She designed cars, computers, phones, boats, not to mention her ongoing contract w...
A Mechanical Love by Ecat40
A Mechanical Loveby Ecat40
You had a pretty average life for a loser. But after your older brother passes away your father decides that being in the same small town is too much. So you move all th...
Transformer Scenarios (Requests Closed)  by Spartan_Alaska
Transformer Scenarios (Requests Cl...by SmallBirdCreations
Scenarios and oneshots. Requests are open, and no idea isn't worth asking. Mostly Tfp, but there are a few others.
Crimson Dyed by -SilverDust-
Crimson Dyedby -SilverDust-
Alexis Japping. Or rather, Crimson Starflare, daughter of Optimus Prime. A normal one, she is not. Sent away from Cybertron as a sparkling, only to wind up on a planet k...
Transformers Prime One Shot by LoganPax
Transformers Prime One Shotby Logan Pax
Taking requests and imagines!! Good luck with this one.
Changed (a Transformers Prime fanfic) by jessxjpg
Changed (a Transformers Prime fanf...by Jess W.
Jaqulynn is Raf's older sister. She soon got suspicious when he kept dissapearing everyday. When she discovered the world of the Autobots and the Decepticons, and soon h...
Transformers: One Shots by Unexplained_Council
Transformers: One Shotsby 🔪 Kitty Baby!! <33
{ REQUESTS CLOSED } These are one shots, hope you like! { P.S. Updates Will Be Slow, Keep In Mind This Is When I'm Bored } { AND NO LEMONS }
Cale in Transformers ✓ by YaoiYurishipper
Cale in Transformers ✓by YaoiYurilover1827
After living a peaceful and somewhat slacker life Cale passed away in old age. Only to wake up as a child in another world. Cale was now Sam Witwicky and living a lazy l...
Transformers x Reader by leigoofie
Transformers x Readerby Ace
"Sometimes we read when we want to be happy, and sometimes when we need to let our tears fall. We read so that we could feel." I am only familiar with Transfor...