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you belong to me | villain bakugo x reader | by explosion_queen
you belong to me | villain Akari Ciara
when a strange portal opens one night under your bed as you sleep soundly in the comfort of your own room. everything changes the friends your brother goes on and on abo...
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General Grievous X Fem Reader (light within #1)  by TheAwesomeOpossum
General Grievous X Fem Reader ( TheAwesomeOpossum
#1 for #GeneralGrievous on wattpad!! Thank you everyone! (((COMPLETED))) "You have something of mine. I don't mean to intrude. I.. " before you could say anyth...
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The Man Who Met Himself by RecycleVin
The Man Who Met Himselfby Vin Aquino
On what seemed like a normal day, a lawyer finds himself in an insane situation. He receives a device with photos of someone that looks exactly like him. He meets with t...
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The Right You [BrightWin Vs SaraWin] by mythicalinker
The Right You [BrightWin Vs Edef Meyson
Win thought that Bright felt the same way as him... that they shared something special that went beyond their onscreen roles as a couple. That's the reason why his world...
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Infinity: A Jenlisa AU by artemisgabriel
Infinity: A Jenlisa AUby artemis
"Will I see her again?" "I don't think so." Those are the last words Jennie Kim hears before the masked abductor knocks her unconscious then Jennie...
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Earthshine: The Raintree Chronicles Book 1 by grahambower
Earthshine: The Raintree grahambower
A cancer survivor discovers magical abilities when she takes up yoga, enabling her to access alternate realities. But using this power comes at a terrible cost, putting...
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Elemental Prince - Other World Series by Meganfall
Elemental Prince - Other World Meganfall
Emmalyn Kensleigh is a quiet girl. She lives in a modest apartment with her Uncle, and she works at a local animal shelter. Until one night a portal opens in their liv...
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Hunter Universe (hunterxhunter) by Cuopicfox
Hunter Universe (hunterxhunter)by Animefox
You have been sucked into the Hunter x Hunter world. An otaku girl, with no powers or knowledge whatsoever. How are you going to survive in this brutal hunter universe...
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Sucked out of Time (Discontinued) by YourFellowHumanBeing
Sucked out of Time (Discontinued)by YourFellowHumanBeing
Trinity, a girl who is obsessed with Marvel and the MCU Universe gets sucked into a parallel universe through a portal when she is kicked out of her house one day by her...
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DISINTER by Dearjessiebern
DISINTERby Jessica
If you are into dead Queens, Reincarnation, hot guardians and new friendships that bind...then this book is for you! Avery Ferox has always been the open minded type...
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Tsuna Dragneel by AnimezTime
Tsuna Dragneelby Cielo
Tsuna and his guardians along with other acquainted Famiglia broke down in a war with a traitor. They all died. But Tsuna was so caught up that he didn't realize his rin...
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wild fire, 𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐙𝐔𝐊𝐎 by riddinstarss
wild fire, 𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐙𝐔𝐊𝐎by —vee.
-in which kari gets sucked in another universe to find her purpose. ATLA FIC ➖ ZUKO RIDDINSTARSS ➖ © 2020
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How my time as a general in another world by CianDedal
How my time as a general in Humms
Just your average student who wants to be reincarnated but died and transferred earlier than expected His on his way to make the ideal soldiers and take over the world...
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Parallel World  [U+Z] by ChuChuDreamMaker
Parallel World [U+Z]by ChuChuDreamMaker
Uni+Zawgyi အပြိုင်ကမ္ဘာတွေရှိတာ ယုံလား။ တစ်ချိန်ထဲ တစ်နေရာထဲမှာ တည်ရှိနေတဲ့ နောက်ထပ် ကမ္ဘာလောကတစ်ခုပေါ့။ ပရလောကလည်းမဟုတ်ဘူး။ လူ‌တွေနေတဲ့ လောကတစ်ခုပဲ။ ဒါပေမဲ့ တခြားဂြိုဟ်...
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LITTLE GREEN MEN • Book 1 by wcooper5
LITTLE GREEN MEN • Book 1by Wil Cooper
As nineteen-year-old Alex Dash cares for his six-year-old twin siblings, Henry and Annabelle, he is forced to navigate a post-cataclysmic world full of hostile entities...
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Stuck [TordTom]  by HentaiiLoverrr
Stuck [TordTom] by 💕Aha, Die ☠️
It was a normal day in the Eddsworld household. Edd was making breakfast. Matt was admiring himself. And Tom was just tuning his bass, Susan. Suddenly a scream was heard...
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The Dream Brought You to Me by kittyseia
The Dream Brought You to Meby kittyseia
Disclaimer : The main characters belong to their respected author. Summary : Arthit is lost. Kongphob tried to make everything making sense again. They're a mess. They w...
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