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Boboiboy X One Piece by Thorny246
Boboiboy X One Pieceby Thorny246
Boboiboy and his friends joined an important mission to protect a power sphere, but it seemed it was not going to be an easy mission. "I'm sorry, I never thought h...
BoYa & FaYi: Love is infinite as universe (ON GOING) by Sari_Ying
BoYa & FaYi: Love is infinite as 💙ShortcakeYing~~^3^
Broken hearts.lonely souls.unforgetable memories. What if the five heroes will be separated due to misunderstandings and hard to understand reasons? But the day will com...
Unexpected Guests by Glare_love_anime129
Unexpected Guestsby Cing dim
So, this is an 2.0 of the original one that I made so it will not be the same. WARNING: -Bad Grammar -Cringe -Might have bad words -might have the word blood or other d...
BNHA X Boboiboy ( beyond the universe )  by solarhood
BNHA X Boboiboy ( beyond the solarhood
Our Bnha heroes had always faced many challenges and dangers on their way , they had already proven that they can overcome those challenges . So how about a little scho...
Boboiboy Galaxy x Oc ="v by manlyloli
Boboiboy Galaxy x Oc ="vby Phuong My Huynh
I write this cause my ideas ab this freaking "manly" boy is too much. Not really a one shot thingy I just take ep from the original add scenes of my oc and cha...
BoBoiBoy x Genshin Impact [Fanfiction] by Poloaq
BoBoiBoy x Genshin Impact [ Poloaq
If your wondering, this is not the book where BoBoiBoy falls into Teyvat and meets the main characters Aether/Lumine and Paimon. This is not an original idea. I am far...
Protecting You is My Duty (Boboiboy x Reader)  by Rose_Skythe
Protecting You is My Duty ( Rose_Skythe
You died in a tragic way and got transmitted to another world... You know the typical fantasy manga. but since this is MY story, there'll will be always a twist... (thi...
Crossover MHA x Boboiboy (Civil War Game!) by Andreena_UwU
Crossover MHA x Boboiboy (Civil Siti_Andreena
Who didn't know UA! The number One Hero School! They being created for a Future hero to be better! Being care by The one and only Pro heroes Nezu, or being know as Princ...
Boboiboy x Mha (plot 1) by jesus_fox
Boboiboy x Mha (plot 1)by foxy
Only Boboiboy got yeeted in this time. There will be no extra lore probably will end after saving Bakugo sad goodbyes sure but nothing really significant, no characters...
One Miracle [✔️] | mlbb x bbb by _Amethyx_
One Miracle [✔️] | mlbb x bbbby (logged out)
A miraculous holder that doesn't transform; what was his worth? Petir is a magnet for akumas. Yet somehow he's never the villain.
Boboiboy Elemental Problem [COMPLETED] by Elementaluser
Boboiboy Elemental Problem [ Elementaluser
Boboiboy finally can rest at TEMPUR-A Base after Captain Vargoba incident. Do you really think it will be that easy? Note: Several chapters have been edited though the p...
Can you choose? Well... (Yandere boboiboy siblings au x fem! reader) 《Under Edit by Yanderejoke
Can you choose? Well... (Yandere Joke
《UNDER EDITING AND IS CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN》 You're sucked into boboiboy, but in another au so it seems, Boboiboy elementals were brothers and this time you got to...
Halilintar's Bad Day by LightDP
Halilintar's Bad Dayby LightDP
Halilintar, Gempa, and Taufan were preparing for the final exam. Unfortunately, Halilintar's younger twins were testing his already thin patience. Elementals siblings...
Recruit Me? (Boboiboy Vigilante Story) by Andreena_UwU
Recruit Me? (Boboiboy Vigilante Siti_Andreena
Boboiboy is very nice and kind kid. He was very lucky to have a father that care of him, even if he didn't know what is his father work as. At his age 10, his father sen...
Past Boboiboy gang and people React to The Gang and Y/n by ChezzelAlambra6
Past Boboiboy gang and people Chezzel Alambra
Hey guys i just wanted to make something different and this is my a Au our reader is still an elf but in different version,our power sphera friend in still Telebot cause...
Our family by TiaraKiara123
Our familyby TiaraKiara123
What happen when your single mom/dad suddenly tell you that they are going to get married with someone you don't know? How will you react? read this story to find out ho...
What If We Never Met? by Mebana16
What If We Never Met?by 🌻 Estra 🌻
{B O B O I B O Y F A N F I C T I O N}
BoBoiBoy: Bercuti Di Kampung!! by bigglobber
BoBoiBoy: Bercuti Di Kampung!!by bigglobber
Setelah mendapat kebenaran dari TAPOPS untuk bercuti panjang,BoBoiBoy mendapat surat dari sahabat pena dari Kampung Durian Runtuh. T.Aba memberitahunya supaya pergi ber...
Protector of the Multiverse by AishaZero9i18r
Protector of the Multiverseby DiZAHster
Does the concept of multiverse exist? Is there any world existing from our own out there? They need no justified answer for that, but for whatever happening, they swear...
The White Necklace by Selene_Nova
The White Necklaceby Selvone Nova
[--Finally abandoned--] [--Currently in major editing in another new story with a whole new title and story plot, some will remain the same, like chapter 0--]