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✔ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ for the Throne [Aquaman | Orm Marius]✔ by Little7Seven
✔ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ for the Throne [Aquaman | Jess
Once it had been love, but with the coronation, so much changed and that in a direction that was difficult to put into words. In the following years, he developed in a w...
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Atlantis by RabbitAndScooter
Atlantisby 𝑹𝒐𝒙𝒚 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑷𝒆𝒏𝒏𝒚
Two best friends and a new discovery. Nothing could go wrong, right? Except, Atlantis isn't what it seems. There's a secret to the ancient city that no one knows about...
The sea angel (PJO & YJ crossover) by mj_armstrong
The sea angel (PJO & YJ crossover)by mj_armstrong
When Kaldur'ahm crashes into an innocent looking house when fighting mr Twister, he is in for the ride of his life. When Orin insisted that Percy lives in Happy Harbour...
Atlantis the lost Empire BNHA crossover  by Cheetahx2
Atlantis the lost Empire BNHA Zakery23
This takes place during the 2nd year of Izuku's life in UA high after dealing with many harsh difficulties and saving Shigaraki from the now dead All For One Izuku has t...
Dive (Aquaman Fanfic) by infinitebluewave
Dive (Aquaman Fanfic)by skye
"Your golden eyes that I DIVE in makes me fall in love with you deeper than the ocean."
Look Through My Eyes Atlantis The Lost Empire Milo X OC Alexis by destinycopley13
Look Through My Eyes Atlantis destinycopley13
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
The Counselor's daughter (Aquaman Film)   by gbow1999
The Counselor's daughter ( Gbow1999
Atlanna wasn't the only Atlantean who fell in love with a human. Vulko the kings Chief Counselor also fell in love with a human, a woman named Jane. Together they had a...
Blood of the Sea by Lilie0107
Blood of the Seaby Lilie0107
Have you ever wondered how children of the Sea came to receive their special powers? How it was possible to move water at will, talk to sea creatures or go as far as to...
Midnight Blue by Amelia_E_Adler
Midnight Blueby Amelia E. Adler
Alice has joined the Air Force because she wanted to follow into her father's footsteps. She did not expect to wind up as a space fighter pilot aboard a battlecruiser, t...
Poseidon's Daughter by Marykerose
Poseidon's Daughterby Marlaike
I woke up to the face of my new mother, reborn into the world of Percy Jackson. The firstborn daughter of Poseidon. And this world, this life is just the beginning, and...
Trust Once Broken | SGA John Sheppard by ssjmsjm
Trust Once Broken | SGA John SJM
Kai Zian's life was ruined by the Wraith. With nothing left she had given up hope of ever finding a life beyond the fight. One day she saves the life of a group who clai...
A new start (A Percy Jackson story) by marvel_pj_hp
A new start (A Percy Jackson story)by FandomWritter
Poseidon decides to check up on Percy at camp, where he finds him crying. He wants a real father/son relationship, will it work out? Will Triton and Amphitrite accept Pe...
Throne of Atlantis// Aquaman by Geekasauruz
Throne of Atlantis// Aquamanby Geekasauruz
After surviving a bank robbery, with much thanks to Aquaman, Camille decides to complete her training to join the police force; to help people like he did and to redeem...
Oneshot Collection by Summer_waves9764
Oneshot Collectionby ☂️Summer☂️
A bunch of oneshot, mostly kotlc but with some pjo, and one atla, amphibia, and she-ra. (Oneshot Requests are: CLOSED. Please do not request anything! Disregard the foll...
The Legend of Perseus Achilles Jackson by Amphi_trite
The Legend of Perseus Achilles Amphitrite♡
10 years after Percy's disappearing, Triton gets dreams about his little brother. He didn't know why he gets this dreams and digs for the truth, when he finds the truth...
Found by Lunawolf34
Foundby J. E. Collins
*if you had not read the first two I high recommend you do so you won't get confused* (Y/N) has followed the countries to their world ... however she ended up somewhere...
Prince of Riptide  by seasunwrites
Prince of Riptide by seasunwrites
On a cold December afternoon, lightning struck. Only one person-or rather, a baby-survived: the future of Olympus. Poseidon made sure to raise the child away from the ey...
The Long Way Home by Bullet-ProofLove
The Long Way Homeby Bullet Proof Love
It was a journey John Sheppard just had to make. Series 1 Onwards
Aqua Woman (Aquaman) by Amytuckwell
Aqua Woman (Aquaman)by Amytuckwell
What if Arthur was born a female instead...what if she was named Amy? What if she was meant to be the Queen of Atlantis instead of Orm? What if things were different and...
Atlantis // DNF by Goldie_69
Atlantis // DNFby Goldie ^_^
"Which one would be you?" George asks after a moment of silence. "I'm not sure. I think I would be Poseidon." "Who is that?" "I guess...