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Demon Obsession by Starry_Galaxy20
Demon Obsessionby Starry_Galaxy20
He can hear her each breath He can see her every move He can sense her every emotion He can appear anywhere He craves her He wants her And He has her He resides in her a...
  • death
  • emotions
  • fantasy
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Writing Prompts by pssychesto
Writing Promptsby pssychesto
This is mainly short story or full length stories you can write. I find these mostly on Pinterest because I spend most of my time on there. But some may be from me. This...
  • werewolves
  • aliens
  • forgotten
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Dragon Heritage by Dragongirl216
Dragon Heritageby Arya R.G Nwright
Kiara Moonlight. A special name for a special girl. Kiara is just like any other girl or is she? Kiara was found on the doorstep of Kevin Williams one night. The moonlig...
  • earth
  • swords
  • romance
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Pokemon Ash's New Journey (Pokemon fan fiction) by TrevorTanson
Pokemon Ash's New Journey (Pokemon...by KeiOno
Pokemon fan faction about Ash's life after all of his adventures. At the age of sixteen he becomes a student at the request of his mother on order to keep him close. Ash...
  • may
  • fanfiction
  • ashanddad
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SadStuck HeadCanons by WhispyHipsterGlitch
SadStuck HeadCanonsby ~~₩HispyHipster~~
cry1ng 3t3rnAlly 1 d0nt wAnnA wr1t3 th1s 1ts mAk1ng m3 sAd 0h w3ll h3r3 w3 g0.... *cries*
  • feelings
  • crying
  • humanstuck
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Inter-Dimensional Traveler!!?!! {Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle fanfiction} by kuroneki
Inter-Dimensional Traveler!!?!! {T...by уυкιтσ♤
I didn't even want to be here but great!I'm traveling with a bunch of weirdos..A lovesick puppy,a clumsy princess,a ninja with anger issues,a talking bunny ,and a freaki...
  • journey
  • fai
  • fate
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life and death. REAPERTALE AU by VixentheKitsune
life and death. REAPERTALE AUby Vixen
in a another dimension...there are four races. people, monsters, life angels, and reapers. what happens when a reaper is out for a walk and he meets one of the princesse...
  • death
  • sans
  • reapertale
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Where I Belong{Gaara love story} REWRITING by animelover1101
Where I Belong{Gaara love story} R...by Liz-chan
I am rewriting this story! Oc's are welcome! My name WAS Margret Mae. I WAS an orphan. I HAD an adopted family. I HAD a house. I HAD no friends. I WAS the only person th...
  • gaaraxoc
  • jinchuuriki
  • naruto
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Edgewise by krazydiamond
Edgewiseby Kristin Jacques
***Winner of the Wattys 2016 for Hidden Gems*** The Edgewise exists everywhere and nowhere. A sanctuary to all realms, should you find the door. Managed by one Macklemo...
  • bardpunk
  • piratepunk
  • gothpunk
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The single dad || phan  by felicityflowercrown
The single dad || phan by bird&flowercrown
Daniel Howell is a single dad of a 6 month old named Lucy. After her mother's death, Dan got left with her, even though he did not know he had a child in the first place...
  • ship
  • phần
  • phanfiction
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