RWBY: Our Synthetic Hearts (Ruby Rose x Male! Reader) by itsDaZe
RWBY: Our Synthetic Hearts (Ruby DaZe
Ruby Rose, a first year at Beacon Academy, with a troubled past of losing the ones she loves. Her fiery personality and out-going moods are a result from losing her moth...
  • maleinsert
  • readerinsert
  • romance
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The Winchesters Love War by StellaTheArchangel1
The Winchesters Love Warby Stella Moon
Unexpectedly the Winchester boys meet a new face. She's hot, she's badass, she's gotta lot of attitude and she's fresh on the market. Can the boys resist her? Let's hop...
  • castiel
  • death
  • love
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The Last Philosopher by NickfEast
The Last Philosopherby NickfEast
Before there was everything, it's assumed there was nothing. However, what if the only difference between nothing and everything, was in the idea of how little one cared...
  • diversity
  • lore
  • science-
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Great Story Titles by JhaneAyles
Great Story Titlesby ♡Filipinά
TITLES AND BOOK IDEAS. Feel Free To Check Them Out And Use Them At Any Given Time. BUT YOU MUST COMPLETE THE STEPS FOR PERMISSION OF USE. 1. Comment "Taken" n...
  • storytelling
  • names
  • ideas
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Kiss me in Venice by Savera13
Kiss me in Veniceby S.Y
A series of poems that holds a story of a girl with an unfortunate heart.
  • writingchallenge
  • poetrycontest
  • poetrycollection
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BTS Contests & Events by BTS
BTS Contests & Eventsby 방탄소년단 | BTS
A place where the @BTS profile will announce details of contests and events. Check back often to see what's going on in the BTS community and participate in our contests...
  • btssongcontest
  • storytelling
  • beyondthescene
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Mom's forbidden love by Heart__Attacker
Mom's forbidden loveby Natasha
A mother of 3 children one day was asked the question "Mom how did you meet dad?"
  • love
  • storytelling
  • childs
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My First Angel: A True, Short Story by JorgeOlson
My First Angel: A True, Short Storyby Jorge Olson
Danger was in the air, but I didn't see it, hear it or feel it. I was only four years old. This is when it happened, it was fast, it was out of nowhere, and I froze. The...
  • discoveringyourself
  • youngadult
  • truestory
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Trials Of The Nine by Thegreyleo
Trials Of The Nineby Tannis Rainey
In the distant future, humanity is close to extinction thanks to the Red War. Earth now is a wasteland, with no law and no order. Individuals who survived the war, live...
  • mars
  • outerspace
  • storytelling
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A Collection of Short Stories  by KathrineSnow
A Collection of Short Stories by KathrineSnow
'Short stories' is a very lose term. Let me clarify: This is a book of scraps, all those bits and pieces that are the natural byproduct of writing. One-shots, lose ends...
  • writingprompts
  • writingchallenge
  • flashfiction
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Kingdom Come by AnyaRose235
Kingdom Comeby A.L Coburn
Date nice boy. Get into college. Become Successful. How hard can that be right ? So Wrong... Ranked #21 in Wattpads debut novels and rising ! (Rough Draft, slowly editi...
  • love
  • action
  • findinghappiness
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Say Something (Grace x Frankie)  by MarleneDFan1901
Say Something (Grace x Frankie) by Melissa
Frankie's decided to go to Santa Fe with Jacob. Both her and Grace deal with some feelings they've had buried. *Told mainly through Frankies eyes with some Grace P.O.V...
  • olderwomen
  • girlxgirl
  • ship
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Sister Location by jgirl246
Sister Locationby Mangle
"Charlie, Erika, Jason, and Carlos never thought that their love for going to Circus Baby's Pizzaria, would change their lives forever, making them apart of the who...
  • sisterlocation
  • storytelling
  • fnaf
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Charlie Danny by Fatridaib
Charlie Dannyby 👑Farida M Y👑
Trained Betrayed Trained more Things happened, And then He set out to achieve his goal. Charlie had lived an ordinary village life with his two siblings and his fath...
  • savior
  • adventure
  • hate
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Just a Dream 💫❤️ by Mysterious_Eylgurl
Just a Dream 💫❤️by sandruhh💘
Just a Dream💫❤️ One boy, One girl. One girl that knows the future, One boy that knows the past. Pero paano kung ang Naka-tadhana ay magbago? Be careful what you wish f...
  • wattys
  • storytelling
  • teenfiction
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Aurora-A vampire love story  by the_royal_riders
Aurora-A vampire love story by vacha
For big fans of ' twilight ' or 'vampire diaries'...... Can fire and ice exist together? Everyone would say 'no' but what if fire is only way to survive for ice? It'...
  • past
  • highschool
  • betrayal
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Louva's Doodles by Luova-Lola
Louva's Doodlesby Appease Her
I draw stuff... why is this still a thing??
  • digital
  • storytelling
  • comic
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You're not like the rest... {wattys2018} by Shy_Cuddly_Bear
You're not like the rest... { P.M.A.
Jacksepticeye x Emily *Me*
  • auther
  • love
  • youtube
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Broken Unbroken by Anaswara29
Broken Unbrokenby anaswara <3
For broken hearts and healing people
  • poetry
  • love
  • book
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Thought book by XxStarShyxX
Thought bookby GenderlessLi'lShit
Yow! This contains some random thoughts in my head ... "ψ(`∇')ψ hehehehe blah blah Im too lazy to write de description
  • journal
  • craps
  • lifestory
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