Seductive Vibrations Book one Erotica by HeatedErotica
Seductive Vibrations Book one Heated Erotica
Alena is introduced to Jackson by Liam her flatmate. As she gazes into his eyes she can feel the fire building in her stomach. Never has she felt this before, her lips s...
  • romance
  • lovestory
  • bdsmrelationship
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Am I the Villainess of this Story? by Black_Phoenix_04
Am I the Villainess of this Story?by Black_Phoenix_04
First, I died in an unfortunate accident... Next, I woke up as a baby surrounded by doting parents... Now, after years of living my new life liesurely, I finally realize...
  • magic
  • fiction
  • reincarnation
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||| Red hood X Reader ||| Only You  by flowerbutterfly000
||| Red hood X Reader ||| Only You by Avocado butterfly000
You were raise in Gotham City with your aunt and uncle. you work in a fast food restaurant and had two girl-friend's and one guy-friend you even go to church to pray and...
  • random
  • fanfiction
  • readerxcharacter
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Creepy Stories and Riddles by AnnieT22
Creepy Stories and Riddlesby Confused Cat
This is where ghosts steal your soul, stalkers take pictures of you, murderers track down your parents, and discovering mysterious books on how to kill you silently. Oh...
  • creepy
  • horror
  • storytelling
My Brother and I by KrispyKracker2222
My Brother and Iby Hey Jimmy, Im Jimin!
Story Line - This particular story is about siblings. There is an elder brother named Ares who has a sister complex and Venus who is BTS trash. Both of them keep their...
  • misunderstood
  • btsfanfic
  • btssuga
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The Mysterious Male Empress and His Secrets by HemeiMari
The Mysterious Male Empress and Belle
His from a very rare clan of tribe that holds a unequaled beauty, brain, strength, and skills. He was exiled intentionally by his parents because he was the only male am...
  • mpreg
  • ancient
  • magicalcreatures
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A Guide to Mythology by TheAlbinaCommittee
A Guide to Mythologyby ❝ ill-fated ❞
˗ˏˋa guide to greek, roman, egyptian, norse, indian, and chinese mythologyˎˊ˗ Requests are open! We are hiring writers! If you like stories, this is the place for you :)
  • rome
  • humor
  • mythology
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TINY TALES by Tallguyshortstory
TINY TALESby Tall Guy Short Story
Tiny Tales (TT) is the collection of Shortest original stories ever, written by me, It covers all genre and I am maintaining a strict word limit of 50 Most of the stori...
  • short-story
  • love
  • politics
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Mr & Mrs Kapoor by foryoufromme2
Mr & Mrs Kapoorby MMM
This is the story of Ankit Kapoor and Meha Mehta. This an story of Actor and Writer. They both get married to each other on trusting their friendship there wasn't even a...
  • bollywood
  • drama
  • lovetriangle
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'You look like a girl'- Ftm/Transguy journal/diary by Weirdalfan
'You look like a girl'- Ftm/ Weirdalfan
A Demipan (also abrosexual) trans boy/guy writing a journal. Inc some tips, stories and other shenanigans 😋 Comment and vote on what you'd like to see/read next. I'll...
  • boyinaband
  • wattys2018
  • pansexual
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Great Story Titles by JhaneAyles
Great Story Titlesby ♡Filipinά
TITLES AND BOOK IDEAS. Feel Free To Check Them Out And Use Them At Any Given Time. BUT YOU MUST COMPLETE THE STEPS FOR PERMISSION OF USE. 1. Comment "Taken" n...
  • storytelling
  • titles
  • ideas
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The Boy I Wished I Knew(Freshman Year) by Reader_Life2017
The Boy I Wished I Knew(Freshman Reader
LGBTQ+ Kellen Cruz went into his freshman year with a ton of first. A debit card, his first job, his drivers permit, but there was something missing. Everyone at his sma...
  • sexuality
  • bullying
  • gay
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Uncharted: The Gems of RWBY by Carpboy009
Uncharted: The Gems of RWBYby Carpboy009
Nathan Drake. This name has been in the hearts and minds of many. some know him as a wannabe historian that travels the world for knowledge and fame. Others know him as...
  • yang
  • weiss
  • uncharted
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Poisonous love by lydiakafe14
Poisonous loveby Hearst&crosses
I was dead to beginning with.. from the moment my mother walked out that door and never looked back ... After being sexually abused by her father from the age of 8 up to...
  • romance
  • storytelling
~Hollow Knight: No more light~ by OfTruthAndPassion
~Hollow Knight: No more light~by OfTruthAndPassion
This is the journey of one vessel in particular... the perfect vessel... the purest vessel, and the True Hollow Knight of Hollownest...
  • deepthoughts
  • honor
  • vessel
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JAY ON CRACK  by MinJaygi
where I write random stuff when I feel like it I will write my top most listened songs of the week or month book ideas thoughts and what ever else thank u -jay❄ 초눈 바보...
  • weird
  • insane
  • feels
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XCHELXS And Her Stupid Thots by xchelxs
XCHELXS And Her Stupid Thotsby Chief
Welcome to my rants, tags, and sad life
  • jokes
  • weird
  • storyofmylife
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my first asian boyfriend by Vintaegkook
my first asian boyfriendby 〆
Being African American, dating outside my race is against the law. But how could I hide the fact that I love this man? I've had my eyes on such a woman for quite a long...
  • africanamerican
  • asian
  • storytelling
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Short stories  by halfblood-princess00
Short stories by halfblood-princess
I want you to know Even though I wasn't the one It doesn't matter to me You'll still be the first one for me The first one to teach me that love Is so hard to find and...
  • shortchapters
  • shortstory
  • storytelling
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