Am I the Villainess of this Story? by Black_Phoenix_04
Am I the Villainess of this Story?by Black_Phoenix_04
First, I died in an unfortunate accident... Next, I woke up as a baby surrounded by doting parents... Now, after years of living my new life liesurely, I finally realize...
  • otomegame
  • reincarnation
  • fantasy
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Seductive Vibrations Book one Erotica by HeatedErotica
Seductive Vibrations Book one Heated Erotica
Alena is introduced to Jackson by Liam her flatmate. As she gazes into his eyes she can feel the fire building in her stomach. Never has she felt this before, her lips s...
  • book
  • bookcovers
  • bdsm
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||| Red hood X Reader ||| Only You  by PointlessDonna220
||| Red hood X Reader ||| Only You by PointlesskunhunDonna22
you were raise in Gotham City with your aunt and uncle, you work in a fast food restaurant and had two girl-friend's and one guy-friend you even go to church to pray and...
  • redhood
  • timdrake
  • damianwanye
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NUMB by BoldBeauty94
NUMBby BoldBeauty94
..Those dead hands lifted quickly from underneath the covers, I'm now laying on my side.. but he hasn't moved because I haven't heard the Creak from the floorboard in my...
  • abusivecontent
  • youngadult
  • urbanstory
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Blank Verse ➵ a writer's journal by cxrls_
Blank Verse ➵ a writer's journalby a l l y
❝All you need to do is to write one true sentence after the other. Just write the truest sentence you know. ❞ | © cxrls_ | 2018 | German Ich hab absolut keine Ahnung, wi...
  • story
  • writing
  • storytelling
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Train Of Thought by Blueberry_Yogurt09
Train Of Thoughtby Small Flower
A Blueberry_Yogurt09 Original * "in the end, we all become stories" - Margaret Atwell
  • romance
  • orphan
  • subway
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Creepy Stories and Riddles by AnnieT22
Creepy Stories and Riddlesby Confused Cat
This is where ghosts steal your soul, stalkers take pictures of you, murderers track down your parents, and discovering mysterious books on how to kill you silently. Oh...
  • creepy
  • horror
  • storytelling
Great Story Titles by JhaneAyles
Great Story Titlesby ♡Filipinά
TITLES AND BOOK IDEAS. Feel Free To Check Them Out And Use Them At Any Given Time. BUT YOU MUST COMPLETE THE STEPS FOR PERMISSION OF USE. 1. Comment "Taken" n...
  • ideas
  • titles
  • storytelling
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The Saga of a Cursed Princess by priyankadhingra99
The Saga of a Cursed Princessby Priyanka dhingra
Alysia, she is a very strange girl, she always remain shy, she never spoke with anyone in a loud voice. she is a very reserved person and she is a very beautiful person...
  • reincarnation
  • strongwomen
  • drama
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The Boy I Wished I Knew(Freshman Year) by Reader_Life2017
The Boy I Wished I Knew(Freshman Reader
LGBTQ+ Kellen Cruz went into his freshman year with a ton of first. A debit card, his first job, his drivers permit, but there was something missing. Everyone at his sma...
  • sexuality
  • gay
  • art
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Aurora-A vampire love story  by the_royal_riders
Aurora-A vampire love story by vacha
For big fans of ' twilight ' or 'vampire diaries'...... Can fire and ice exist together? Everyone would say 'no' but what if fire is only way to survive for ice? It'...
  • family
  • teenagers
  • vampire
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Poesie alla rinfusa. Random poetry by Darknoid
Poesie alla rinfusa. Random poetryby Roberto Rubino
Notes to meditate, random thoughts. Note da meditarzione, pensieri ripetuti. L'opera è uno scavare nella poesia, cercando un continuo rapporto fra immagini, suoni, odori...
  • life
  • poesia
  • anima
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Once upon a Dream by hbearwriter
Once upon a Dreamby Hanna
**COMPLETED** **Book Two in The Legacy Series **The Blood Orchid **Once Upon a Dream **When Worlds Collide ________________________ Once upon a dream- more like nigh...
  • mystery
  • england
  • 1867
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~Facts About Me~ by JenniferMGallon
~Facts About Me~by ♥️*Jenny Michelle*♥️
Here's are some interesting things and facts about me!!!!!!!!!!! I'll telling you about me and stuff!!!!!!!
  • friendships
  • videogames
  • more
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Making promises by THE_REALTYLER2020
Making promisesby Tyler
Matthew has been Grace's friend their whole lives. They were never far apart from each other... until Spring. Matthew disappears from Grace's life and she can't seem to...
  • teen
  • teenromance
  • relationship
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Auto tune : A Why Don't We Story by rainbow_limelight
Auto tune : A Why Don't We Storyby Addi ;) <3
Allison (Claire's older sister 15) films Claire (6 years old) singing I Don't Think About You by : Kelly Clarkson it turns out amazing but everyone believes it's auto tu...
  • adoption
  • zaniel
  • whydontwe
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The Last Philosopher by NickfEast
The Last Philosopherby NickfEast
Before there was everything, it's assumed there was nothing. However, what if the only difference between nothing and everything, was in the idea of how little one cared...
  • epicfantasy
  • thinking
  • humor
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The Blood Orchid by hbearwriter
The Blood Orchidby Hanna
**COMPLETED** **Book One in The Legacy Series **The Blood Orchid **Once Upon a Dream **When Worlds Collide ________________________ In a time of gowns, horse drawn c...
  • wattys2017
  • historical
  • languagebarrier
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Mysterious Eshni - Insurrection by Tallguyshortstory
Mysterious Eshni - Insurrectionby Devendra Raghuwanshi
India is a land of Gods and Goddesses, crores, position of Goddesses are always above all the gods. But a girl has to go through a lot to get a little respect in her day...
  • insane
  • sexy
  • secrets
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Unbreakable Bond  by demongoddess1
Unbreakable Bond by Demon Goddess
"Let me tell you a tale about how this tavern was built and why we are all family here." The Grandmaster said as she began to clean a glass cup. A small group...
  • violence
  • supernatural
  • romance-friendship
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