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A Slice Of  My Life by KKyd23
A Slice Of My Lifeby keyanna a wattpad sweetheart
"This is taking a huge risk. If my father finds out he will go insane. And I can't drag my mother into this, she's taking a chance because she feels bad for me"...
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Life Hacks For Girls 🛍 by tiggylovestoread
Life Hacks For Girls 🛍by Its_Tigzz🌹
This is a life hack book for girls to help them get through struggles also I will be taking requests for hacks that you want to share or know I will say who said this an...
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IN THE NAME OF LOVE (completed) ✅ by loveforbooks333
" let's get married" he said making my eyes go wide. " Wwhhat ?" I shouted grabbing attention. " I want to marry you " he spoke seriously...
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Mind's Colors by xblufire
Mind's Colorsby Celestine Quias
Poems in different shades that drain and fade the melancholic thoughts from a chamber of secrets which relieves the artist's side of defects. *Photos and artworks used...
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The Soldier And The Slayer[M!reader x Fem!Goblin Slayer] by Frost_Bunny
The Soldier And The Slayer[M! Liam✓
The death of Msgt. (y/n) (l/n), callsign "Frost" was devastating to say the least. But he wasn't actually dead, he was just transported to another world, surpr...
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विवाह- संधीर की कहानी by littleheart1509
विवाह- संधीर की कहानीby Aarhu (M.P)
An Indian Arranged Love Story. PS: Don't worry only tittle in Hindi written ??
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The Adversities Of Falling  by imaanwrites_
The Adversities Of Falling by 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐚𝐧 ✨
Hailey West is finally a step closer to achieving her dreams of becoming a published author. Determined , to not allow herself to be the one standing in the way of her o...
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Need A Quality Cover? by YourLocalSwimmer
Need A Quality Cover?by nosebleed
Back open for business! Are you in need of a quality cover that will attract readers? Look no farther. Even if your book is amazing, it won't get any reads if the cover...
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Plankton's Art Book | ✎ by planktonn-
Plankton's Art Book | ✎by 𝐹 . 𝐹
➷ Cover art made by legendary vampire Araki. ────────── · · · ⺀A whole lot of artworks from yours truly, Plankton ^^ ꒱꒱࿐ ➷ I draw in differing art styles, anime, cartoo...
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[DISCONTINUED] I'm "Close" With A Delinquent || M!reader x DelinquentFemale by Frost_Bunny
[DISCONTINUED] I'm "Close" With Liam✓
The delinquent of the class is always seen hanging around with the usually quiet and calm kid. Unknown everyone, they are actually quite "close" with each othe...
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𝐌𝐈𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐋𝐄 by nshrien
( ❯ ⌁ ♡⃕ ʬʬ ⃗ʬܲ ) ‏‏𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗽𝗵𝗶𝗰 𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸 ; we're going to rewrite our destiny together again. ミ ©️ #.𝖭𝖠𝖲𝖧 Cover by jimonchi
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She belongs to the King ✔️ by midnightbreeze21
She belongs to the King ✔️by Kashish S
Monica Jacobs, a simple girl, she isn't the one who socializes. Her parents are lawyers, so they are pretty much out. She lives alone in an apartment. She was never a fa...
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A Little Angel by fireballatfreeze
A Little Angelby Chaste Sriya Barman
In this cruel world, where the humans have become the most powerful beings who dominates the planet, there is no time for anyone to care about others. All deprived of th...
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Playing for the Same Team | Editing by writingcrazed
Playing for the Same Team | Editingby jules
Charlie Whitmen loves sports, junk food, video games, cars and basically anything-if not everything-your average teenaged boy would find interesting. But wait a second...
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Love at first sight!!  by angel15647
Love at first sight!! by angel
how desting brings two people together who are totally different from each other but all they need is love!!! #sidnaaz
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USERNAMING by hoelygrail
credit appreciated. #1 in create
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LIVE TO LOVE: ARRANGED by love_samaina
Ek kahani jo ki show ke plot se bilkul alag hai... ek kahani jo apke dilo Ko chhu jayegi... Ek bandhan jo bandh deta hai do ajnabiyo Ko janamo ke rishto me, fr pyar kais...
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Making Elegant Book Covers by RMFGoddess
Making Elegant Book Coversby RMFGoddess
Having problems with your book cover? Or having problems about editing? There's no need to worry! Just click the read button above and learn anything you need to learn a...
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• p i n k ! • Graphic Tutorials • by naoella_
• p i n k ! • Graphic Tutorials •by naoella_
In which a random potato teaches you graphic stuff whilst improving her own skills. n o t e : • app = ibisPaint X Things you can learn : - flat arts - text art - vector ...
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Simply, I still love you. [Sequel to It's Simple. I Use You. You Use Me. ] by giveasmilex
Simply, I still love you. [ giveasmilex
Lucille and Ethan started from a hot, lustful deal turned to passionate love, but things have changed since high school. Life got rocky and problems occurred. Can Lucill...
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