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Ishqwala Love by Akanksha1210
Ishqwala Loveby Akanksha Bhati
It might take a year, it might take a day What is meant to be always finds its way... He is handsome, smart, intelligent, wealthy, carefree, and every girl's dream. She...
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A walk in the clouds by Rgstories
A walk in the cloudsby Rgstories
A short story Set in the 1950 , in a still conservative and orthodox country. In the beautiful locales of Rajasthan, this is the story of a young Rajput princess. A chi...
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Sheer by sprinkleofhayat
Sheerby sprinkleofhayat
When Lahar's best friend decides to host his bachelor party at a brothel, Lahar has no choice but to go. He's just unwillingly locked in a room with a prostitute for fou...
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We Were Meant To Be. #YourChoice2017~ COMPLETED by shabz_sam
We Were Meant To Be. #YourChoice20...by shabz
Anya, the girl who fell for her best friend. But he already loves someone else and he is getting married in a month. She loves him to an extent that she can do anything...
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Jodha Akbar: Is It Hate OR Love? #Wattys2016 by Love_Indian_History
Jodha Akbar: Is It Hate OR Love? #...by Bhavi
Year 1562, Majority of the Hindustan was ruled under cruel, merciless and heartless Mughal King Jalaluddin Mohammad AKBAR. Soon Jalal comprehends Hindu Rajvanshi brave c...
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The Mahabharata - A retelling by musicandbooklover99
The Mahabharata - A retellingby musicandbooklover99
The Mahabharata is based on the throne of the powerful kingdom Hastinapura. Greed for the throne leads to a bloody war where five brothers face their hundred cousins!! M...
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Claret by riyaratan
Claretby Riya
Anushka signed as an egg donor after her neighbour informed her about it as one of the best ways to earn money. Working as an assistant librarian in the world of technol...
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Melting Me Softly by dazzling_glitter
Melting Me Softlyby ♡
I love you the way a drowning man loves air and it would destroy me to have you just a little ❤️
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A Conqueror Conquered by suvachana
A Conqueror Conqueredby suvachana
He saved her from hell, she lost heaven for him. His conquest? A tale of the past emerging in the present...as Kalidasa's timeless tale gets a surreal re-telling! I...
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Tu Hi Junoon by mycupofchai
Tu Hi Junoonby ❤
"Marry me, Diya." He got down on his knee, not letting go of my hand. "I... I just..." I didn't know what to say. My stomach felt as if it was twist...
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Action by suvachana
Actionby suvachana
Arjun - a tough act to follow. Television or vision? An aspiring actor reflects on his role. As this story is offered as fan-fiction, references to the Mahabharata may a...
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Arjun and Krishnaa by Truepeace23
Arjun and Krishnaaby Truepeace23
This is a love story that'll always remain etched into the hearts of everyone as Ved Vyas and Shree Ganesh himself had written it in the Mahabharat but with only hints t...
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| Love Reborn | by PandavaPriyaa
| Love Reborn |by DakshayaniAadarshRaghunayakula
This story is a modern reincarnation of the protagonists of the Mahabharata, to bring the truth of themselves in front of all, to express their pain and love to the age...
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• The Infinite Void • by shivalour
• The Infinite Void •by Vishwā
Some words of praise for the God of Gods. 🙏🏻 If you want to read the Shiva-Sati-Pārvati story-poems then see poems with •||• marked titles.🌹 #harharmahādev ••• Top ra...
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True Love ✓ by Schwethz
True Love ✓by Shwetha AS
#1 - highest ranking in UNSAID LOVE #3 - highest ranking in REAL LIFE STORY A CHICKLIT of real life adapted in Short Story format (maybe 5-6 chapters) which happened in...
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The low-born {Book 2} by Fionalibby
The low-born {Book 2}by Fiona
He was beyond her reach yet fate had other plans for them. Sent outside the confines of the palace walls by their parents who wanted them to have a real understanding of...
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Malang by Sshambhavi
Malangby shamvi.
"I've one heart, one life I'm ready to sacrifice the two for you I am one, I've one faith I'm ready to sacrifice the two for you 'Cause you are...
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Swarg Agaman //Awakening Of The Next World// by nabasmita17
Swarg Agaman //Awakening Of The Ne...by Nabasmita Dhar
MAHABHARAT--- Though the fighting between the Pandavs and Kauravs remain at the heart of it, the epic revolves more of it. In this work of fiction I present to you the h...
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Reading Aru Shah and the End of Time by Hinnypercabeth12
Reading Aru Shah and the End of Ti...by Hinnypercabeth12
The Pandavas and the Council are sent into a room where they have to read books? Join them as they read the first book of Aru Shah. Aru Shah and the End of Time
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Parashuram : the ascetic warrior by avijit3001
Parashuram : the ascetic warriorby Avijit Banerjee
Featured in Poetry section. The Brahmin, who took to arms to subdue the arrogant warrior class of Kshatriyas, deserves an epic. He is depicted here with all his attrib...
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