Jodha Akbar: Is It Hate OR Love? #Wattys2016 by Love_Indian_History
Jodha Akbar: Is It Hate OR Love? #...by Bhavi
Year 1562, Majority of the Hindustan was ruled under cruel, merciless and heartless Mughal King Jalaluddin Mohammad AKBAR. Soon Jalal comprehends Hindu Rajvanshi brave c...
  • jodha
  • akbar
  • jalal
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Darling, I Love You (Ongoing) by RomanticCrap
Darling, I Love You (Ongoing)by IceQueen
3 different love stories of 3 couples... in 1 book!!! This book is a sequel to my "Husband, I love You" book but you guys can read, understand and enjoy this...
  • rishbala
  • hindu
  • lawyer
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DIFFERENT SHADES OF HIM (Wattys2018) by Tripathiisaumya
DIFFERENT SHADES OF HIM (Wattys201...by Tripathi Saumya
#2- HIGHEST RANKING! He looked at her attentively. Sitting quietly on the top step of stairs of an isolated temple, clutching something or rather someone indulgently wit...
  • mafia
  • kind
  • sir
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Of Past, Present And Future by MadhavaPriyaa
Of Past, Present And Futureby Shyama Janaki Sri
A collection of one shots, two shots, three shots and drabbles. All are Hindu Gods and Goddesses based. (Previously called Story Time!) #5 in Historical Fiction- 23/02...
  • nila
  • parvati
  • hindu
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Sheer by sprinkleofhayat
Sheerby sprinkleofhayat
When Lahar's best friend decides to host his bachelor party at a brothel, Lahar has no choice but to go. He's just unwillingly locked in a room with a prostitute for fou...
  • desi
  • humanitarian
  • muslim
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Love Again by Sshambhavi
Love Againby Ude Dil Befikre
"Loving again is easy but is it fair when your first love still rules a piece of your heart?"
  • heart
  • hindu
  • arrangedmarraige
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Friends Or More..?(Siddharth Nigam) #Missiondesi by Life_changing01
Friends Or More..?(Siddharth Nigam...by Life_changing01
Has this ever happened to you? When you meet a guy you're not meant to, become friends with him and then fall in love with the guy when the whole world say 'No!'. No? W...
  • samrat
  • romance
  • missiondesi
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Temptations of My Past by BreeFogle
Temptations of My Pastby Bree Fogle
"Asha!" I hear someone yell behind me, making my heart squeeze. Jack. I start to speed-walk, keeping my head down. "Asha, wait!" I push through the d...
  • corbynbesson
  • jackavery
  • hindu
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Married to my Brother-in-law by KellyMahadeo
Married to my Brother-in-lawby Christine Mahadeo
Pari Mahlothra and Karan Singhhania is inlove all they have to do is tie the knot. Unfortunately Pari Eloped with Rajiv Bharat and marries him and started their little...
  • hindu
  • love
  • friendship
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Princess Mysteries by iamritamg
Princess Mysteriesby iamritamg
Princess Indira visits Udaipur to witness the epic wedding of her cousin instead she witness a tragedy, a death. Embark this thrilling journey with Princess Indira walk...
  • penawards2018
  • india
  • rajput
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Never Made to Last by okjaaani
Never Made to Lastby samaira
In which the paths of polar opposites, Ruhika and Farzad, cross always only to go in different directions again. loosely based on a true story.
  • life
  • love
  • friendship
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Shattered Goddess (COMPLETED) by Aelinthewildfire
Shattered Goddess (COMPLETED)by Aelinthewildfire
#24 highest rating! When Goddess Kali reincarnates as 7 teenagers in the modern world, it is up to them to fight the demons that are haunting their world and others as...
  • hindu
  • gods
  • demons
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She was the One! [ partition 1947- indo~pak ] by ayatkhan_
She was the One! [ partition 1947...by ayatkhan_
Her hairs floating with the flow of the wild winds , she laughingly turned back and saw him! There she was with her serenitic widely spreaded smile! She could be descr...
  • watty2018
  • sehmat
  • sehmal
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The Divine Thief  by godavariflowsby
The Divine Thief by Godavari J
He was hated, despised and feared by all. She was loved, admired and respected by everyone. Thus began Her story when He decided to make Her village His home. Full syn...
  • mythologicalreads
  • theliteraryawards
  • philosophy
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Mahabharathi Draupadi by Madisunnylover
Mahabharathi Draupadiby 🔱ViryaShulkha🔱
Devi Draupadi is my Sister, My role modal my Everything. I Love Her from my Deep Heart. Mahabharati Draupadi is about Mahabharatha's heroine Draupadi. A story that revol...
  • shairandhari
  • saurabhrajjain
  • krishna
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Bhagwat Gita - Its Essence by MunindraMisra
Bhagwat Gita - Its Essenceby Munindra Misra
Bhagwat Gita - Its Essence in English rhyme with original text For further details: Blog: http://bhagvatgeet.blogspot.in/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BhagvataGeet...
  • geeta
  • sanatan
  • introduction
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Hinduism For Beginners by ThatTransHindu
Hinduism For Beginnersby ThatTransHindu
Are you thinking about converting to Hinduism? Feel like reading about your religion? Want to learn about a new religion? I'm a Hindu convert from Christianity here to...
  • myfaith
  • hindu
  • hinduism
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The Twilight She Longed For by sprinkleofhayat
The Twilight She Longed Forby sprinkleofhayat
Everyone believed that Daumah was so fortunate to have a caring, happy family. But some families are like eggshells - where happiness is only exhibited on the outside a...
  • familyproblems
  • christian
  • desi
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Vikramaditya : King Of Justice by sublue22
Vikramaditya : King Of Justiceby Shubashri Cse
Vikramaditya was a legendary emperor of ancient India. He is characterised as the ideal king, known for his generosity, courage, and patronage of scholars. There are hun...
  • devotion
  • justice
  • betal
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Lord Shiva by alienfriendashkun
Lord Shivaby imaginaryfriendashkun
The amazing, wonderful, lord Shiva in all his glory....
  • shiva
  • hindu
  • god
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