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Taking The Rough With The Smooth by Gemfina
Taking The Rough With The Smoothby Gemfina
I've decided to rewrite and tweak this story as it became confusing and hard to follow. So likewise to last time it's focused on the ups and downs, trials and tribulatio...
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Les pensées de Jo by JorisMendosa
Les pensées de Joby Joris Mendosa
Bienvenue. Bienvenue dans mon temple, bienvenue dans mon monde. Lisez, et vous saurez voir ce qu'il y a en moi, voir à travers moi. A travers cette œuvre, j'expose ma vi...
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What I Have Learnt by misspinklady3
What I Have Learntby Laura Green
This is a book collecting all of the important life lessons I have learnt with the aim of teaching you, my readers, things that I wanted to know when I was younger. In n...
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Red Reads Books - 2020 Reading Challenge Edition by Little-Red-Hat
Red Reads Books - 2020 Reading Little-Red-Hat
Non-fiction - thoughts and reviews of the books I read for my 52 Book Challenge of 2020. Novels, novellas and poetry collections each count as one book towards the total...
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A Splash of Color by MayleneHunt
A Splash of Colorby ℳ𝒾𝓇𝒾𝒶𝓂 𝒹𝑒 𝒱𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈
This is a book where I show you my digital and paper arts. Everything I create will be put here. There are a few drawings and a few cover arts.
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Essays of a Kid by Random_idiot_01
Essays of a Kidby Random Idiot
This book goes all out with my rants, describing my interests and quite possibly all the other things that other teens have already written. It's just a ideas and felt l...
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The Chaos Awards 8! by CreativeChaos
The Chaos Awards 8!by Princess Chaos
Welcome to The Chaos Awards 8! I hope we can all have another great contest together! Feel free to participate if this interests you! All information you'll need is insi...
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Dear Diary by Slytherin1405
Dear Diaryby Slytherdor's Queen
This is pretty much my diary... 🤫 shhhh...
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Vide by Melvana_Sylane
Videby Morrighane
Quelques fois, elle ressentait ce vide oppressant. Il était là, dans sa poitrine. Comme si on lui comprimait le cœur encore et encore...
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~Memorized Moments~ by DuniyaKiEkMusafir
~Memorized Moments~by DuniyaKiEkMusafir
☆☆ "The burning sensation, of a moment may fade, but an evidence, to your experience, will remain, in the form of ashes, blur, delicate and grey." "My mem...
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two lines intercept by Bedazzledfacts
two lines interceptby Name
Justin Miller is a shy, quiet, lonely boy, that has had a crush on this girl for 5 years, and she has no idea. Emily Sceen, the popular girl, hasn't made an effort to ta...
Grow Through What You Go Through  by alelackey4520
Grow Through What You Go Through by shasha💛
Shhh just read the book and find out ‼
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The True life of an Introverted teenage girl by Kai_Monae
The True life of an Introverted Kai_Monae
The title is pretty self explanatory am I right? So read it if you're interested. Wow, sarcasm, irony? If you're interested in a story about an introvert. Like you are...
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self-care by graffiti_grl
self-careby Queen A
If you want to glow up or just want self-care tips and tricks, this is for you.
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My Grade 11 Journal by sasha0511200312
My Grade 11 Journalby sasha0511200312
Follow me as I uncover what the fuck will be going on in Grade 11....
BTS NEWS. by TiaraWilen143
BTS TiaraWilen143
Oh my it's BTS Back again with some news
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𝕋𝕨𝕠 𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕘𝕩𝕘 by nikole_klaire
𝕋𝕨𝕠 𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕘𝕩𝕘by Str8? 🏳️‍🌈
If only I could forget all my mistakes and just stay friends with you, if only I could erase these feelings and make new ones for somebody else. Another start, another b...
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MIRACLES by Psalm37-4
MIRACLESby Psalm37-4
The only permanent thing in this world is 'change'. Time goes by and the world changes, the society changes, the climate changes, and people encounters lot of changes. S...
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Chronique de Houleye cissé,jeune senegalaise by cocochannel99
Chronique de Houleye cissé,jeune cocochannel99
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