"Trust", Is Not A Word In My Book by TCLOVESLUKA
"Trust", Is Not A Word In My Bookby TCLOVESLUKA
Betrayal happens once in a while, but when it happens all your life, it leaves a scar. In a world full of people, Kyra has no one. A lifetime of betrayal has drained al...
  • trust
  • depression
  • bully
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Violet by Leo__Nation
Violetby Leo__Nation
Violet was never your average teenage girl but one day her life was completely flipped upside down. Follow her story as she finds answers about her past. This is an ori...
  • original
  • answers
  • scfi
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Taekook edits* by JungJeu_Taegukie957
Taekook edits*by JungJeu_Taegukie957
I'll upload some taekook edits and trans short(too short)stories...and some TK moments credit to all owners
  • wallpapers
  • nonfiction
  • romance
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Wings Award 2018{OPEN} by kpop_award
Wings Award 2018{OPEN}by kpop_award
Are you an author who needs more fame? Are you an author who is still waiting to be discovered? Are you a new author who wants to improve? This award is here to help you...
  • kpopaward
  • bts
  • kpop
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Mah life And Mah Rants  by Bookish_Bookworm05
Mah life And Mah Rants by Bookish_Bookworm05
This is like a diary? Idk. I like Ranting so I'll do that too. @duskthesmolbean made my cover so thank you sooooo much!!
  • diary
  • diaryentries
  • life
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Crushes Q&A  by ani_jedi
Crushes Q&A by ani_jedi
You can ask me questions about crushes and I'll try my best to give you the best answer possible. I will also give my experience on this crushing world of crushes so enj...
  • life
  • crushingworld
  • crushes
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"كائِن خفي" MYG.PJM by MeCalicocat
"كائِن خفي" MYG.PJMby MeCalicocat
هَل مِن المُمكن أن يظهر لكَ كائن ملائِكي وذو ملاَمح غريبه،بِمجرد كُثرة قرائتك للكُتب ؟ . كُوبل يونمين : الروايه لا تحتوي على 18+ . نوع الروايه : بسيط + خيالي + لطيف &quo...
  • يونغي
  • yoonmin
  • yoongi
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So...I've done a smart idea *Sarcasm* And wrote a book to explain Drama Queens. Personally I am a certified Drama Queen and also have major emotional issues that slide...
  • dramaqueens
  • dramatic
  • explained
Life by naomikerschen
Lifeby naomikerschen
People who know the true story, will know this story Based on my life, my story, and things that have happened to me
  • 7thgrade
  • boring
  • school
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My Life In The Making by Aubreyrose22
My Life In The Makingby Aubreyrose22
This is just about me living my life and about my past.. some of the good, some of the bad, and some of the worst.
  • dailythoughts
  • allaboutme
  • daily
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The Love Yourself Experiment by mumbling_intensifies
The Love Yourself Experimentby mumbling_intensifies
I don't love myself, but I'm going to try to learn. Who knows, maybe it'll be inspirational and a feel good story, or maybe it won't work. But it's worth a shot anyway...
  • nonfiction
  • life
  • positive
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A Millenial's Thoughts by kirinsbride
A Millenial's Thoughtsby kirinsbride
Another day, a random thought; about life, about anything under the sun. What's inside an ordinary Millennial's mind? I'll tell you. As the pages turn, will you stay? Or...
  • boredom
  • random
  • thoughts
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My Public Diary by Real_Chocolate_Bar
My Public Diaryby Real_Chocolate_Bar
I'm just trying to sound original here! This is about my life and myself spectating object shows since I have yet to be chosen.
  • bfb
  • objectshows
  • diary
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Nebulochaotic // Personal by empressrice
Nebulochaotic // Personalby empressrice
[adj.] a state of being hazy and confused // the only place to get to know the confused girl behind the screen
  • authors
  • diary
  • authorsbook
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tag , oc book + random  by darkzorua
tag , oc book + random by darkzorua
I got tagged many times so a tag book I have some ocs so a oc book I just want to update so a random book now go in and have some fun ;)
  • random
Avisos, adelantos y mucho más. by Usagi-chan15
Avisos, adelantos y mucho más.by Usagi-chan15
Pues, para no colocar tantos avisos en mis historias decidí crear este apartado. Aquí vas encontrar algunos adelantos de las historias, algunos avisillos, votaciones y m...
I Have A Problem With || @rachelvcv by rachelvcv
I Have A Problem With || @rachelvcvby rachelvcv
basically where I rant about stuff - w a r n i n g s •most topics will be kpop related •v controversial topics •feel free to state your opinion! pls stay educated and...
  • exol
  • wannaone
  • twice
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cartas a mi enemiga by danichan45
cartas a mi enemigaby danichan45
y solo pensar que llegaste hacer mi mejor amiga, fui tan tonta al confiarte mis secretos, todo paso después de la entrega de diplomas, desde que Lu saco el primer lugar...
  • cartas
  • enemiga
  • venganza