Waiting; Bradley Simpson by bwsforyou
Waiting; Bradley Simpsonby bwsforyou
A delayed train can lead to a whole load of feelings.
  • train
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  • bradleysimpson
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Love, Tom by kmbell92
Every day Tom would see her on the train. Every day he would fall in love with her a little more. Every day he hoped he could gather enough courage to speak...
  • stopmentalhealthstigma
  • epilepsy
  • wattys2017
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00:00 by sonderingly
00:00by rayna
At 00:00, Cinderella ran away from her prince, leaving a glass slipper on the marbled steps of the grand staircase. At 00:00, I ran away from him. But unlike Cinderella...
  • destiny
  • romance
  • train
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Return Ticket by mepice
Return Ticketby mepice
Welcome to the J.Graves Express Train. It will take you to destinations that only a wide eyed child could imagine. You are sure to meet unforgettable characters and, who...
  • fantasy
  • weird
  • exciting
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Les passagers by tpirson
Les passagersby tpirson
C'est l'histoire de 5 passagers d'un train entre Liège et Andenne, 5 personnes qui semble ne rien avoir en commun mais, leurs liens sont plus importants qu'un simple voy...
  • train
  • flémalle
  • prof
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A Beautiful Pair by ETBlack333
A Beautiful Pairby ETBlack333
After reading AaronCottrell97's story "Love Is All You Need", I was sad that he didn't make Thomas and Emily get married. I love this ship so much, mostly from...
  • romance
  • train
  • thomasandfriends
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railway station | by papisunshine
railway station | classy, sassy & assy
❝ i'm scared. what will happen to us if we don't board the train?❞ the train was their only hope. A TAEJOON FANFICTION. ❗️STATUS; completed.
  • kpop
  • shortstory
  • kimnamjoon
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Train To Tokyo by -OtakuDreamer-
Train To Tokyoby ĐŘƏÄMĘŔ
I halted at the door. There was only a few people onboard the train, about nine, maximum? Each one was sitting far away from each other, nobody trying to make contact w...
  • lui
  • luishirasagijio
  • luishirasagi
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Trail through Hell by eastwoodflemingfreak
Trail through Hellby Jan Fleming
Lon Garver, a newcomer in the trail-boss business, is starting his cattledrive. He is searching for trail-hands, who could need a job, when he meets his old pal, Bill, w...
  • wildwest
  • horses
  • camp
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Chasing Dreams (y.seok) by moonshadow134340
Chasing Dreams (y.seok)by վօօղʍօօղ_ՏմղՏҽօƙ
The quiet one was after the butterfly that seemed to always evade his grasp. The exuberant one tried to offer a helping hand.
  • small
  • blue
  • memories
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Prince Adrian by babykaty82
Prince Adrianby babykaty82
Imagine this. . . You are taking the subway after a long night of studying, only to fall asleep and wake up in a completely different realm. Well, that's exactly what ha...
  • blood
  • fangs
  • prince
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↳ in which a boy decides to air drop a girl he meets on the London Victoria line [ HARRY HOLLAND ] [ SOCIAL MEDIA ] [ STARTED 2/7/18 ] [ ENDED N/A ]
  • harryholland
  • spider-man
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The other Night Fury (reader x Hiccup) *UNDER CONSTRUCTION* by vibranium_assss
The other Night Fury (reader x Thea
You have lived on Outcast Island ever since you were a baby. When you were 12 you had a traumatic experience and through that, you met the world's rarest dragon, a nigh...
  • hiccup
  • night
  • httyd
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The Dragon Master and The Lightning Rider *Hiccup Fanfic* by Gravity_9_8
The Dragon Master and The Gravity Grace
Skye Einar is a young woman with a terrible past, and a future that seems very, very, very hopeless to her. But an encounter with a certain Night-fury-riding Viking c...
  • tuffnuthorsten
  • mystery
  • snotloutjorgensen
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Jumping on the Train (Thomas Sangster fanfic) by SunnyCoolKid
Jumping on the Train (Thomas Sunny
"I don't know, Thomas. It just seems like it could be the start of something bad." Thomas leans over and looks directly into your eyes, "Ah, yes. It...
  • kihonglee
  • dylanobrien
  • fanfiction
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The Dark Rider [Dragon Riders #2]  by NumberFourTheNumber
The Dark Rider [Dragon Riders #2] by NumberFourTheNumber
READ BOOK ONE: The School of Dragon Riders FIRST!!! Medea is back from the dead. Literally, she is sent back from the dead. And she has to kill someone that escaped the...
  • life
  • school
  • epic
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Sa Loob ng Tren by Code25
Sa Loob ng Trenby Deyb_25
Sa ating paglalakbay sa tinatawag nating buhay na puno ng kulay at lumbay, mararanasan natin ang lahat ng sakit, pighati't, pagdurusa. Sa mabilis na pagbaybay ng tren na...
  • train
  • family
  • problems
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Boy on the sky train  by sleepy_mint_wolf
Boy on the sky train by 3:00 thoughts
"You know, your not that bad Amelia Jane." The boy smiled, showing off pearly white teeth. " about you? When are you gonna tell me your real name...
  • shortstory
  • canada
  • badgirl
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Virginia Rose by TheQueenPeaches
Virginia Roseby Peaches
Bounty hunter, Lark McCoy, is known for always getting the guy he's after come hell or high water. His name sends fear into wanted criminals and those that happen to hav...
  • coverup
  • trainrobbers
  • bountyhunter
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My Oc's by Yellowfangrules06
My Oc'sby Greystorm
  • warrior
  • ocs
  • cats
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