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Blind Sided  by Athoune
Blind Sided by Athoune
When 12 year old Winter finds out she has bone marrow cancer, her colored world goes grey. As she fights for her life, she soon learns her life will never be the same. S...
  • strong
  • protected
  • patience
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HAIR by 1800FukMeUp
HAIRby 1800FukMeUp
(IMAGE SENT) WIG SNATCHED!!!! Delivered at 6:43 PM Billie?? Do you get it? It's because I don't have any hair haha. Delivered at 6:57 PM I shaved my head haha. Gosh...
  • highschool
  • cancer
  • sad
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To Live Or To Die From Cancer (Will to Live Series) by KatherineIn
To Live Or To Die From Cancer ( KatherineIn
[Book 1] She had exceeded many people's expectations. She skipped grades. She spoke different languages. She was a child that a parent couldn't ever ask for...until she...
  • pain
  • leukemia
  • blood
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Strong (Louis Tomlinson's Cancer story) by ts1313
Strong (Louis Tomlinson's Cancer ts1313
Louis Tomlinson 1/5 of One Direction has cancer. As the boys say this is just a speed bump but to Louis it is his worst nightmare. With one tour coming to an end and ano...
  • direction
  • one
  • payne
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To Find To Survive From Cancer (Will To Live Series) by KatherineIn
To Find To Survive From Cancer ( KatherineIn
[Book 2] Alice had been through the hard treatment of achieving remission. She planned to fight against cancer. At the age of thirteen, Alice had much to learn about can...
  • cancer
  • life
  • bone
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Save ã Life by _world_of_fandoms_
Save ã Lifeby 🥀
When Lilith Jones or Lily was best friends with Jake, Embry, Quil, and the rest but one by one they leave soon leaving their happy Lilith friend into a depressed Lilith...
  • sam
  • depressed
  • cullens
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Perfection, Beauty and Flaws by cheesydancer
Perfection, Beauty and Flawsby cheesydancer
Danielle has never believed anyone when they tell her she is perfect and Beautiful. She hates to think of herself that way. She tells everyone that she is neither of tho...
  • question
  • lunch
  • love
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Love, Drugs and Cancer by emukid96
Love, Drugs and Cancerby Hailey LaDonna
Samantha Carter is a 16 year old girl who has developed cancer. The cancer was caught late and Sam has a 60% chance of dying. It seems that all the odds are against her...
  • girlfriend
  • cured
  • boy
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Life in the hospital by survivingaway
Life in the hospitalby Living but not
The thing about a hospital is most of the time if you make friends either they are going to die. Or you are going to die. But it's life so this is the story of me and m...
  • chronicillness
  • hospitallife
  • cancer
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Charlotte's Battle - Jason's Recovery by reneesmee461
Charlotte's Battle - Jason's reneesmee461
Charlotte was only ten years old when her life changed beneath her. Her body had seemed to just fall apart and before she knew it, she was diagnosed with cancer. It was...
  • odg
  • radiation
  • brothers
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Forever To Be Loved by _TaLeyahLOVE
Forever To Be Lovedby Ta-Ley'ah Juanita
When Sah'nai Huntley was diagnosed, the doctor said she had six months left to live. Sah'nai had one wish that she wanted to be fulfilled. She wanted to fall in love. Bu...
  • life
  • fainting
  • family
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..My Darling.. by moonboot04
..My Ł🌹
Lissey and Levi are the cliche couple of heart high, Levi being the jock and Lissey being the girl who spends her time in the library with her best friend while they bot...
  • lévi
  • chemo
  • cancer
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My Last 10 Notes by kittykatgurl98
My Last 10 Notesby Elise
"You have Leukemia. It's a type of cancer. With the right treatments, we might be able to rid your body of it. The success rate in children your age is around 76 pe...
  • lizzy
  • artic
  • boy
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Bury Me In The Days by bobby_benz
Bury Me In The Daysby Joplin O'Neill
In all peoples lives there are things that we never forget, that live on in our hearts and play on in our heads. Love stories, songs, birthdays, weddings, heartbreaks, a...
  • pregnancy
  • dying
  • relationship
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Her Cancer Story (completed) by sillysillysillysilly
Her Cancer Story (completed)by silly
Miley is a 14 year old girl with Leukemia. She was diagnosed when she just turned 7. Miley has been in relapse since she was 11~ before she was ever in Middle School.
  • aml
  • leukemia
  • apl
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Juliet's Diary || The Vamps, Bradley Simpson by srsly_giovanna
Juliet's Diary || The Vamps, ur mom
||Completed|| Who knew with one summer trip you'd fall in love? Who knew that Juliet would meet Bradley? Who knew she was sick?
  • chemo
  • cancer
  • life
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Jacob Black's rather.. -PERCULIAR- life after marriage *shifty eyes* by koolkatkake
Jacob Black's rather.. Ashley
Jacob Black marries Renesmee Cullen, only to experience more adventures and suspense-filled times of anger, stress, glee, joy and (emotional) fullness.
  • vampire
  • mystery
  • nessie
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Chemotherapy (c.h.) by alltimelucas
Chemotherapy (c.h.)by let's go insane
Baby, i'm just soggy from the chemo. Copyright© 2015 alltimelucas (Amber Currie) (YOU WILL NEED A BOX OF TISSUES TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS STORY. I PROMISE.)
  • chemo
  • 5sos
  • sad
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A Sky Full of Stars by saucymuffin
A Sky Full of Starsby Albino Rayvin
Tara Winter has never been noticed by anyone, other than her two loyal friends, but all of that changes when her gym teacher makes Xavier Trevas walk her to the nurse. ...
  • badboylovestory
  • oxygen
  • lovable
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The Boy I Met Online by xotoxicvibesox
The Boy I Met Onlineby bad vibes
cover made by constellationstars
  • chemo
  • 5sos
  • sadness
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