The Tycoon's Trophy Family by MaryFahey
The Tycoon's Trophy Familyby Mary Fahey
Pregnant Gemma and her six-year-old twins are deliberately left behind on an uninhabited island. Her ex-boyfriend denies her unborn child is his and is trying to make he...
  • bossy
  • baby
  • mentalhealth
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paper thin (phan) #WATTYS2018 by audrat
paper thin (phan) #WATTYS2018by audrey
*'BEST PHANFICTION' FANFICTION AWARDS 2018 NOMINEE* Daniel has anxiety and crumples paper to calm himself down. Phil has ADHD and cripples hearts to bring himself up. [M...
  • love
  • anxiety
  • danhowell
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The Sea, The Stars, and Luna | ✓ by abbywrites-
The Sea, The Stars, and Luna | ✓by abby ☕️🍂
[1st place winner of the Rose Awards] [#2 in disease 06.25.18] [COMPLETED ✓] Sebastian had never planned to leave the mental hospital. He didn't plan on meeting a termin...
  • mentalillness
  • youngadultreads
  • illness
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Walking With The Moon. by LostKitchenSink
Walking With The LostGirl
Poems about what it's like to live with mental illness, and some other stuff.
  • depression
  • sadstuff
  • mind
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Take All the Time You Need by officialpmorefanfic
Take All the Time You Needby officialpmorefanfic
Alex never would have thought working as an Audio Engineer for Paramore could turn her life upside, but here she is with feelings she can barely comprehend herself. Ale...
  • officialparamorefanfiction
  • wattys2018
  • slowandsteady
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mad hatter / bts by sopeworld
mad hatter / btsby chamomile
jin's death wasn't suicide, it was murder first place - teal and silver bangtan awards 2018
  • aliceinthewonderland
  • jhope
  • btsmystery
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Molded (Sangwoo x Reader) by Katjaface
Molded (Sangwoo x Reader)by Katjaface
Question: Why would anyone willingly live with a psychopathic murderer? Answer: Maybe it's because they were molded just for him.
  • sangwoo
  • yoonbum
  • killingstalking
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Neurotic (Jason McCann) by AlexisIsAWeirdo
Neurotic (Jason McCann)by Alexis
Neurotic:[noo-rot-ik] Suffering from, caused by, or relating to neurosis. Synonyms: mentally ill, mentally disturbed, unstable, unbalanced, maladjusted, psychopathic...
  • justinbieberfanfiction
  • crazy
  • jbff
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Total Drama Island • Olivia's Story by JubileeJigsaw
Total Drama Island • Olivia's Storyby JubileeJigsaw
Olivia joins her older brother, Trent, in competing against 21 other campers for the grand prize: $100,000. Edit (September 13, 2018): Now on Quotev! https://www.quotev...
  • survival
  • freshtv
  • mentalillness
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When Best Friends Grow (Complete✔️) by Lena-Presents
When Best Friends Grow (Complete✔️)by Lena Mano
Sequel to When Best Friends Kiss . . . . After eight years of separation, Liam Santos and Alex Camejo are finally by each other's sides again. But both are no longer the...
  • bestfriends
  • diverse
  • love
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[Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses] /// Dark /// by QuerenciaHaven
[Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses] /// Dark ///by Re~Rose
Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses is a dark tale of the fight between sanity and insanity, it showcases how far one person will go to achieve what they want even if it leaves them on...
  • asylum
  • rosepetals
  • mentalillness
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I'm Mrs Styles? by Irmina_95
I'm Mrs Styles?by ♥Minion60♥
When Jasmine, a shy girl, is arranged to marry Harry, a boy from the world's biggest boyband, how will she cope? How will she be able to come out of her shell? How will...
  • justice
  • mentalhealth
  • malik
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How to be Pia  by nonfictionmax_
How to be Pia by m a x o l e u m
Pia was too much of a homophobe, so a lesbian started teaching him how to be gay.
  • abuse
  • freetheboy
  • thelgbtawards2018
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Pillow Talk [Nanowrimo 2018] by morningtides
Pillow Talk [Nanowrimo 2018]by nicole bea
After seventeen-year-old Anaïs Delacoeur is in a car accident that kills her mother and brother, she's left with post-traumatic stress disorder, two large scars, and one...
  • teenlove
  • teenromance
  • teenfiction
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Friends with Benefits || J.JK by syfaamn
Friends with Benefits || J.JKby ₉₃
"I don't love me and that's how I understand why you don't either." :: :: :: :: ::.. I looked into your eyes in hopes of finding emotion I've been longing to s...
  • bts
  • depression
  • shortstory
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Every Last Piece by solacing
Every Last Pieceby taylor hale
Everyone in the small town of Hull, Ontario knows two things. One: Jill Williams doesn't date, and two: Carson Blue is addicted to drugs. When Carson decides to clean up...
  • mentalhealth
  • mentalillness
  • romance
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Butterfly by -sugarfree-
Butterflyby This and This and This
[A bigger, better, and smarter rewrite of this story available as another story on my profile!] Sometimes you find the most beautiful of souls in the darkest of places...
  • yoongi
  • bangtanboys
  • j-hope
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s a n i t y. by VickyqHu
s a n i t Vicky Hu
if suicide is a sin, then let me be a sinner. I am just a 16 year old girl who's far from normal. I'm just tryin to find my sanity or maybe even find myself. This is t...
  • poem
  • mood
  • sad
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NYCTOPHOBIA (Yoonmin+Vampire) by Jibooty_Squad
NYCTOPHOBIA (Yoonmin+Vampire)by Persephone
Jimin has always been afraid of the dark, but as it got worse as he got older, he was diagnosed with 'Nyctophobia', fear of the darkness, then later diagnosed with depre...
  • hoseok
  • bts
  • yoonmin
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June | Ongoing by bateaux
June | Ongoingby kell 幽霊
After a chance encounter with Juneau Wright, Carter Bowen begins writing her letters he'll never send, detailing both his deepest thoughts, and his inexplicable fascinat...
  • mentalillness
  • mentalhealth
  • romance
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