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Father of my Son by NiranjanaNepol
Father of my Sonby Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
Usually, people would become parents, after their marriage. Here, they are going to get married after becoming parents. He was the father of her son. They don't know th...
BOUNDED BY THE WOUNDED ( Completed) by NiranjanaNepol
BOUNDED BY THE WOUNDED ( Completed)by Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
A love story between a wounded Girl and a Guy who is running towards his GOAL.
BEYOND LOVE(COMPLETED)  by The_Soul_whisperer
BEYOND LOVE(COMPLETED) by The_Soul_Whisperer
Arnav Singh Raizada, the same man from a different plane, another beautiful journey of love with his soulmate, khushi kumari Gupta. I am so new in to arshi topic. Please...
WITH YOU by chirpysudipta
AN ARSHI FANFICTION....Journey of two lone souls...fought for their togetherness, which is their only solace......
Love Beyond Words. by FlorK2D
Love Beyond Mamley
Regret was what Arnav was feeling for what he did to her. He wish to correct his mistake and a perfect opportunity presented itself but the question remains, will she f...
Arnav-Khushi-Life (Completed) by SriSsv
Arnav-Khushi-Life (Completed)by Sri Ssv
Just read... you will find out. :::::::: Desclaimer: Character names of the story taken from the star plus show ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON. But the plot is completely m...
Tum Mjhe Yaad Karo Ge!!! ✔  by Neena_writes
Tum Mjhe Yaad Karo Ge!!! ✔ by Neena
~ Title Translation: You will remember me. Scene: Arnav and Khushi's remarriage. 🌺
ANGEL IN DISGUISE (Completed) by NiranjanaNepol
ANGEL IN DISGUISE (Completed)by Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
She is the Boss and he works under her. If she is a storm, he is a breeze. If she is a fire, he is ice. She used to be alone and he would be surrounded by a gang. Of cou...
until I met u ~~~Daddy~~ by ipkknd_lovesparks
until I met u ~~~Daddy~~by ♡아름다운 장미♡
Khushi payal were daughter's of Shashi Gupta who is Gupta texil industries owner and famous rich man among the crowds of Lucknow. Khushi is always sweet , beautiful obid...
Affinity Romance (Arshi Version) (On Thursday) by Neelam_K96
Affinity Romance (Arshi Version) ( The Expressionists Scribbler
hola hola another ff on our dear Arshi where they both are actors. how they falls in love while doing acting and how they were crazy, romantic at the same time childish...
Raizada Vs Sheetal [Completed] by AngelPu0
Raizada Vs Sheetal [Completed]by Angel
This story begins after basketball match when everyone in raizada mansion were busy praising arnav ,arav and sheetal completely missing what their sweet bubbly khusi was...
Always Together 2: JOURNEY TO ANSWERS✔ by Ahsana_
Always Together 2: JOURNEY TO Ahsana Hakkim
Khushi, a girl of dreams left her city due to continuous threatening. She shocked to the core to see a man whom she loved the most. The man who everyone thought as die...
Tu Likh De Mera Usse, Aye Khuda!!! by Neena_writes
Tu Likh De Mera Usse, Aye Khuda!!!by Neena
~ Title Translation: Write her as mine, Oh God!!! ~ Highest Rank: #1 in Fanfiction... ~ After Khushi rescues Arnav from the kidnappers, he calls her the biggest mistak...
Arshi ff: HIS LOVE HIS PRIDE by inavapr
Arshi ff: HIS LOVE HIS PRIDEby inavapr
Arshi ff. Not show based one peep in to know more. This work solely belongs to med writer Arshiipkknd I am just proof reading. so the entire credit goes to her. any work...
Humesha Forever  by lost_soul1227
Humesha Forever by sidnaaz
Force marriage
You're my life [COMPLETED] by craziest_arshian
You're my life [COMPLETED]by Sarun lover
WON THE 2ND POSITION IN CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS 2021 ... CATEGORY : FANFICTION (HINDI/HINGLISH ONLY) Standalone,highest rank: #4 in acceptance , #23 in anger , #1 in coll...
Arshi : Dard-e-Ishq (Completed) by SriSsv
Arshi : Dard-e-Ishq (Completed)by Sri Ssv
"Doctor, how is Khushi Betiya?" Nani is worried "Sorry ma'am... we can't say anything till she comes to conscious" "What does that mean? She is...
My Ghost Lover  by SakuraLi1322
My Ghost Lover by anonymous95
Khushi Gupta is a normal 18 year old girl. Except She could see things. Things others couldn't. Arnav Singh Raizada is a normal 22 year old young man. Except for one fac...
My Happiness Is You [ TWO SHORT ] ( completed ✔ ) by Angle_arshi
My Happiness Is You [ TWO SHORT ] Angel_arshi
pregnant Khushi and her husband lovely arnav love story. This story is Two short story