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Manhattan ⇻ The Avengers [1] by HalfBlood_of_the_Sea
Manhattan ⇻ The Avengers [1]by Aria
"Strength and courage aren't always measured in medals and victories. They are measured in the struggled they overcome. The strongest people aren't always the peopl...
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Simply Drowning (BoyxBoy) by dropdevd
Simply Drowning (BoyxBoy)by devd
Nico isn't enjoying this whole ride called "life". Then again he hated roller coasters and anything that made him panic as a whole. He thought life couldn't ge...
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Motae Solo by KpopAjumma
Motae Soloby Abby Alonso
A 33 year old American Kpop fan goes to live in South Korea. There she works as an English teacher. Having been too sick (mentally and physically) in the past she never...
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Molded (Sangwoo x Reader) by Katjaface
Molded (Sangwoo x Reader)by Katjaface
Question: Why would anyone willingly live with a psychopathic murderer? Answer: Maybe it's because they were molded just for him.
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BURDEN ✔ by golden_breeze
BURDEN ✔by 레진다리
[COMPLETED] Jin x BTS All of the members knew that there's something wrong with their oldest hyung, but they didn't know what. Thinking that their oldest hyung is just t...
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Mafia Party by Lovergal24
Mafia Partyby Lovergal24!
Six kids and a strange letter. A death party ensues on August 15th. No one knows who is behind or how the guests are connected until it all goes down. Will they find out...
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Grey Matter | ✓ by moonraess
Grey Matter | ✓by taylor rae 🌙
Kennedy McAlister knew she had to go home eventually. After graduating from UCLA and unable to find a job in California, she is forced to return to her small Alaska home...
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Flawsome ✔ by JuneDSilver
Flawsome ✔by June D. Silver
Looking at sixteen-year-old Neo Favre, there isn't anything to point out that would explain him being heavily bullied. He's almost just like any other teenager attending...
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Crazed Addiction ~Larry Stylinson Au~ BoyxBoy #WATTY2019 by LarryShipperForLife
Crazed Addiction ~Larry LarryShipperForLife
When Des Styles runs out of time to pay Louis back for his supply drugs, Louis is furious. So instead of going after Des, he goes after something, or someone, that belon...
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Mend Me (StudxStud) by -LostKvng
Mend Me (StudxStud)by Lost ..
Everyone is broken in some way, all you need is Someone to mend you. In her early twenties, Chantelle is dealing with the constant reminders of her past life that scarre...
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Bʟʏᴛʜᴇ. by cultfictions
Bʟʏᴛʜᴇ.by E. R. W.
BLYTHE. (noun) Happiness, cheerfulness. Someone who's joyful. Zoe doesn't remember the exact date she got ill. All she knows is that once she was fine and then she wasn'...
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Recovery Road | Completed by sandy_stories
Recovery Road | Completedby ♡ s α n d ч ♡
After a tragic event drives her out of little Hillsborough, NC, 19-year-old Meghan Greene finds herself living in a Manhattan apartment with her best friend Chelsea Matt...
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Living with the Neighbours (UNEDITED) by IrumBashir
Living with the Neighbours ( IrumB
This isn't your typical nerdy girl falls in love with the jock book ... what happens when you put bad with new? Meet Lexi Reed, the 18 year old rebellious party animal...
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paper thin (phan)  by audrat
paper thin (phan) by audrey
*'BEST PHANFICTION' WINNER (FANFICTION AWARDS 2018)* Daniel has anxiety and crumples paper to calm himself down. Phil has ADHD and diminishes hearts to bring himself up.
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Loving Scarlett | ON HOLD by Ashley_Mariex
Loving Scarlett | ON HOLDby Ashley Marie
BOOK TWO OF THE SCARLETT CHRONICLES | After being kidnapped as a young child, seventeen year old Scarlett Grey found her way home to her family. For months, she struggle...
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RoadTripTv one shots by Ryesflicker
RoadTripTv one shotsby Yasmin 🤪
some boyxboy one shots :) [requests are open] Cover by @duffrise <3
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NYCTOPHOBIA (Yoonmin+Vampire) by Jibooty_Squad
NYCTOPHOBIA (Yoonmin+Vampire)by Persephone
Jimin has always been afraid of the dark, but as it got worse as he got older, he was diagnosed with 'Nyctophobia', fear of the darkness, then later diagnosed with depre...
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Remembered Light (Naruto FanFic) by gaara119
Remembered Light (Naruto FanFic)by gaara119
The last anyone saw of Keira, she had been trying to save Sasuke from himself, stop him from leaving the village. But no one has seen her sense. No one knows that she i...
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Oceans Deep | Rabastan Lestrange [1] ✔︎ by siriuslyenya
Oceans Deep | Rabastan Lestrange [ Enya
With the exception of Sirius Black and a few others, members of the old and noble pureblood families were always seen as nothing but purely evil murderers. They were the...
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The Gay Gatsby by mismatchedsockslife
The Gay Gatsbyby Eve / Egg / That Writer Who...
Who in their right mind would ask a teenager to write a 4000 word essay on the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald anyway? To me, English class was simply the fine art of over...
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