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Vanguard of the Eternal Night (BL)(Complete) by HiliseHill
Vanguard of the Eternal Night (BL) Hilise Hill
(not mine) A master assassin transmigrates into an interstellar era. Other players were responsible for competing in the e-sports arena, while he was responsible for str...
The Young General's Wife is MR. Lucky by muskan9632147
The Young General's Wife is MR. Muskan Sinha
Description Yu Jinli* was a koi fish who had cultivated for a thousand years. He had taken the shape of a human being, and possessed the ability to predict fortune and c...
{MTL} Assassin (bl) by BL-U_U-SEEK
{MTL} Assassin (bl)by pearlSM........yaoi
shen Xiuyun is an assassin, an assassin who scares everyone in the world. The lives in Shen Xiuyun's hands, even he himself can't remember how many. Later, Shen Xiuyun w...
{MTL}✅I rely on delicious food to rub the furries in the interstellar by BL-U_U-SEEK
{MTL}✅I rely on delicious food pearlSM........yaoi
Due to a plane crash, Jiang Tang opened his eyes and found that he had come to the interstellar era and became the "true young master" who had just been found...
(MTL) Little shark doesn't want to work anymore  by i_mofi
(MTL) Little shark doesn't want mofi
MTL MACHINE TRANSLATED STORY NOT MINE Title: 小鯊魚不想努力了 Author: 紙折月 Su Su is a young shark who has just grown up. Because of his large appetite and poor hunting skills...
✓I run a convenience store in Empire by ruwen05026
✓I run a convenience store in Jieun
Author: The wind is too late Genre: Romance novel Modify Date: 2021-04-27 23:49 Once crossed, Tang Sugar was driven out by the scumbag father, penniless, only a convenie...
✓ I, little fox, farm red all over the stars! by ruwen05026
✓ I, little fox, farm red all Jieun
Author: Dust Leaf Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy Fang Li is a small fox demon in the 21st century, who accidentally crossed into the interstellar, where the species withered and...
Overlord O is pregnant with my child [female A male O] by fanyi__
Overlord O is pregnant with my 机器翻译
Accidentally transmigrated into an ABO novel, and before Moore realized that she had an extra organ, she muddleheadedly completed the first great harmony in her life wit...
✓ Cub Planet Farm [Reborn] by ruwen05026
✓ Cub Planet Farm [Reborn]by Jieun
Author: Soft Lemon Category: Tanmi doujin Overnight, Guan Yu was reborn into the interstellar era, and after owing a huge debt, he and his two-year-old son Sugar Candy w...
{MTL}✅ The mermaid cub cultivating immortals ......... by BL-U_U-SEEK
{MTL}✅ The mermaid cub pearlSM........yaoi
Ye Xun, whose spiritual root was abolished in the modern world of cultivating immortals, once passed through the book and became a corroded mermaid egg in an interstella...
The alpha assigned by the state fell in love with me at first sight by Demens88
The alpha assigned by the state Demens88
Summary too long, read it in the first chapter NOT MINE MTL (no editing) DON'T VOTE Link:
Being A Soft Rice Boy In A Zerg Group  by LiannQ
Being A Soft Rice Boy In A Zerg LiannQ
Title: 在虫族怀里吃软饭的我 Author:软饭天才 Status: Completed Description: One day Xie Ruan was hit by a car while trying to save someone, and was killed on the spot. When he woke up...
Interstellar greening master by ShenJun6
Interstellar greening masterby Alien123
FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY[not mine] Dormouse, a petite and shy mammal, spends 3/4 of its life in sleep, and often starves to death because of lethargy and forgetting to e...
Interstellar: Soft and Adorable Bunny Shocked the Internet Again by Kazuyuuki95
Interstellar: Soft and Adorable 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Sanura Category: Tanmei Fiction Status: 264 Chapter (Finished) Introduction Protagonists: Jiang Zhiyu, Ling Weichuan. [No heroine, bamboo horse, sweet and refre...
{MTL} I became the merman in the palm of the boss by BL-U_U-SEEK
{MTL} I became the merman in the pearlSM........yaoi
Su Yuquan is wearing a book. In the book, he is a cannon fodder. Because his father sacrificed to save the marshal, in exchange for his marriage to the son of the marsha...
I Am the Cutest in the Universe by annccha
I Am the Cutest in the Universeby annccha
In the interstellar era where the strong are king, soft and cute species are almost all extinct. Tu Mianmian, who crossed over, was given a ruthless Duke husband, a husb...
[BL] My Partner Was Assigned By The Country by frisbeeeeeeeeeee
[BL] My Partner Was Assigned By freezy breeze
[BL, MTL] Story isn't mine, for offline purposes only. All credit goes to the author : 祈幽. 对象是国家分配的(星际) In this day and age, if you aren't married by the age of 30, you...
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[The Abnormal Alpha]+(Fiction)+[BL] by DTaleD
[The Abnormal Alpha]+(Fiction)+[BL]by [{DTaleD}]
[The Abnormal Alpha]+(Fiction)+[BL] [Written By: DTaleD] [Editing: .....] [Updating: .....] [Chapters: .....] [Summary] ___________________________________________ A man...
Interstellar food live broadcast daily by Xiaoshuo_
Interstellar food live broadcast 中国小说
Traveling to the interstellar era, Chu Yu took her time and began to return to her old business. She writes novels-- Future Reader: How could the earth thousands of year...
I became the pampered cub of the whole interstellar by naravitluvs
I became the pampered cub of the Ririi.
Alternate Title:我成了全星际娇宠小幼崽 Author: Fly Far Status:Completed Mo Bai is a wishing god. Because of the destruction of the earth and the demise of mankind, he fell into...