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Succession of Kings by Annala1121
Succession of Kingsby Annala1121
He woke up one day with a new identity of the ambitious big prince - the king's adopted son. Hey, this is also a cannon fodder, and it is also a villain, to the to the...
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  • future
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Titans by shayebay
Titansby ⚜ 𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔶𝔢 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔱𝔢𝔢𝔫�...
"What was it like to witness the creation of the universe?" "Terrifying." When Atara, Merc, Cal and Lilith wake to darkness, they're each more than a...
  • darkness
  • light
  • spaceship
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Renegades (The Slingers Trilogy, Book 3) by NuffSaid_TheScribe
Renegades (The Slingers Trilogy, Nuff Said
(Highest Ranking: 16 in Science Fiction) The thrilling conclusion to the Slingers Trilogy is here! The war between the Resistance and the GDF has finally reached the boi...
  • treasure
  • scifi
  • future
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Angels and Wormholes by David_Shultz
Angels and Wormholesby David Shultz
A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoner...
  • atheism
  • science-fiction
  • spaceship
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The Bridge: A Science Fiction Survival Story by Leoduhvinci
The Bridge: A Science Fiction Leo Petracci
Centuries after an asteroid smashes into a star ship, the inhabitants must learn to survive space without technology or perish. Join princess Airomem and Horatius the h...
  • fiction
  • story
  • princess
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The Descent [Featured] by TechieInAK
The Descent [Featured]by Mattias
Highest Rank: #18 When a diplomatic intercept is found to contain an item that could have disastrous effects on the Interplanetary Olympic Games, Denton Staxx has to tak...
  • olympics
  • artificial-intelligence
  • sciencefiction
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Odyssey of War by Aidan_Williams
Odyssey of Warby Aidan Williams
The year is 2083, and for the last 40 years, Humanity has enjoyed a golden age of science and technology, due to faster-than-light space travel. Colonies have flourished...
  • supersoldier
  • interstellar
  • action
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Interstellar Love by chiskey56
Interstellar Loveby Chiskey
Past the stars that your eyes can see. Deeper into the universe than you have ever dreamed any could go is a world where only the things of fables live. Creatures far be...
  • romance
  • poly
  • interstellar
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The Stars Call by Birdpaw
The Stars Callby Birdpaw
Wonderful cover by AmiraAshraf- Was a featured story on Wattpad's featured list! (The Stars Call is the first book in...
  • ultimatecontest
  • intergalactic
  • spaceopera
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Reactivated- "The Burning Storm" Book I by JoeyRichardson
Reactivated- "The Burning Storm" Joey Richardson
Thousands of colonies have been established by the United Colonial Federation. With the expansion of colonies, growing problems arise. Wars have been constant one aft...
  • interstellar
  • action
  • war
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Gaea by Bentu12
Gaeaby Bentu12
A short novel about interstellar colonization, the dangers of scientific discovery, and the end of the world. Image credit goes to Space Engine.
  • starship
  • fiction
  • apocalypse
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INTERSTELLAR || BTS X Reader by iXHappiestPersonXi
INTERSTELLAR || BTS X Readerby ジャミ~ 자미
After your mother's death, your world seemed empty. But a boy you never expected to meet, comforted you. As time flew by, you loved and learned how to sing and dance, an...
  • fanfiction
  • interstellar
  • bts
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Subject: C-82 (Editing) by she_madeit
Subject: C-82 (Editing)by she_madeit
It's hard to believe what you don't see with your own eyes. It's hard to accept what you don't understand... But, what happens when you are actually faced with it? Thos...
  • superhuman
  • alien
  • thrilling
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dead leaves + bts kim taehyung by agustcee
dead leaves + bts kim taehyungby ★彡
"why won't you take care of your plants?" "why won't you take care of yourself?"
  • sonyeondan
  • kimtaehyung
  • dead
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All the Space Between Us (A Deathless Series Story) by SarahPerlmutter
All the Space Between Us (A Sarah Perlmutter
Cousins Esther and Tempest have been separated by cities, countries, and continents all their lives; but now, when both girls need each other the most, they are separate...
  • love
  • futuristic
  • space
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Glitch - vision of the future, told as a story by katerauner
Glitch - vision of the future, Kate Rauner
What does the future hold? Here's one answer, a vision of what the world will be, told as a story. Rob is working as a controller at Spaceport America when the spacecraf...
  • australian
  • wormhole
  • station
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HALO SPARTAN X by preafyx
HALO SPARTAN Xby preafyx
After the war with the covenant had ended one Spartan had left the U.N.S.C. for being accused for treason and had travelled through space remembering the past and tellin...
  • covenant
  • battle
  • spartan
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Interstellar ACTIVITY BOOK by skylophilia
Interstellar ACTIVITY BOOKby mariel
INTERSTELLAR members, kindly add this to your reading lost for updates and activities necessary for your debut and future schedules. Thank you!
  • girlgroup
  • kpop
  • gg
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Lost Across Galaxies -A Stargate Atlantis Fanfiction by DragonsAndImpalas
Lost Across Galaxies -A Stargate DragonsAndImpalas
John Sheppard is missing. Three months ago, on an off-world mission gone horribly wrong, John was taken hostage by an unknown enemy for equally unknown reasons. But as t...
  • scifi
  • action
  • someromance
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Heatwaves on Autopilot  by The_Rebel_Phoenix
Heatwaves on Autopilot by The_Rebel_Phoenix
Keith and Lance unknowingly inhale an alien aphrodisiac during a simple resource retrieval mission. But unlike the common aphrodisiac, this particular one reactivates un...
  • wattys2018
  • voltron
  • gayness
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