Mafia Queen by Loverofdestroyers
Mafia Queenby Book Queen
Clarice turned her back on family for her own selfish reasons but everything she worked so hard to keep falls into shambles. Clarice is dragged back into the world that...
  • drama
  • gangs
  • gangviolence
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Infidelity  by InfinitiWingo
Infidelity by Infiniti Wingo
The action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.
  • crazy
  • thug
  • goodread
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The Bad Boy's Innocent by Anonymous2050
The Bad Boy's Innocentby CARA
CLICHÉ ALERT!!! Meet Amia Evans. Also known as 'Mia' the sweetheart of hallster highschool. A 5yr old trapped in the body of a 17yr old teenage girl. ...
  • teen
  • dangerous
  • sweet
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Her Choice | ✓ by jilliglesias24
Her Choice | ✓by flor
A happily married couple, Levi and Aurora. What happens when Aurora finds Levi making out with another woman in his office? You'll have to read to find out...
  • domesticviolence
  • ilovehim
  • husband
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It Happened in a Flash by Pheonix_Girl_172
It Happened in a Flashby Pheonix_Girl_172
This is a Superflash fanfic that takes place a while after the Music Meister. Once Mon-El has left Kara and Iris was saved from Savitar. In this though Barry did not hav...
  • fanfic
  • superhero
  • wishfulshipping
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A Syo Kurusu Love Story by LoveSpell770
A Syo Kurusu Love Storyby LoveSpell770
Syo X Reader "He has beautiful pink hair and big blue eyes," you explained to your friend, completely drunk in your thoughts about the STARISH idol. "I re...
  • lovesyo
  • utanoprincesama
  • starish
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Blind Date by 8Renee
Blind Dateby Sarah Renee
~1st Runner-up in Romance in the Literally Lit Literature awards 2018~ Tatianna's last breakup may have been the worst breakup of a lifetime. Not only did her fiance...
  • story
  • chicklit
  • fame
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Wraths Vengeance by Loverofdestroyers
Wraths Vengeanceby Book Queen
"If you're aware of my kind, you must know the legend of the seven deadly creatures that roam earth", his voice radiates power and destruction. "Oh god&qu...
  • werewolvesandvampires
  • romance
  • supernatural
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The Eden by AlixJr
The Edenby read my books n shit
Eden Jones was a normal, innocent, carefree girl who enchanted anyone she met. Guys would fall head over heels, girls would envy her so much they hated her. She didn't h...
  • badass
  • eden
  • flowers
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Ten by ___Yoshi___
Tenby Random User
CURRENT CHAPTERS ARE GOING THROUGH EDITING BEFORE I PUBLISH ANY MORE. SORRY! Kate knew one thing for sure; she wanted to find a cure. The boy knew one thing for sure; he...
  • post-apocalyptic
  • royalty
  • virus
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Mine (Zion Kuwonu) by pmarkiya
Mine (Zion Kuwonu)by pmarkiya
A girl named Luna gets invited to her brother's , Austin Porter's first gig. She meets a boy and they like each other... but there's something in the way. Another person...
  • wouldyoumind
  • fandoms
  • zion
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His name was James  by rebekahisco
His name was James by bekah
you don't love me anymore, how can I be with someone who doesn't love me when all I do is love them' But that was the thing I did love him, I love him more than I've lo...
  • drama
  • hot
  • teenfiction
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Passionette by DaphnePaige
Passionetteby Daphne Paige
He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the alleyway. This is the prompt for a writing competition between me and Squid__INK 18 year old, Ella Roseland, daughter o...
  • mystery
  • industry
  • goodread
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IDOL!STRUCK•|•BTS by rejuvenating
!REGULAR UPDATES! |•in which we learn that falling in love with an idol isn't exactly a ticket into heaven•| 181212 - ? {makeupartist!ocxidol!yoongi} {singer!ocxidol...
  • fanfiction
  • taehyung
  • blackpink
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The 'Wolves' mate by ThatArtistGaming
The 'Wolves' mateby ThatArtistGaming
When loner Serenity, discovers that strange things has Been happened in school and on her nature reserve tail, she discovers the horrid secret that had been keep from h...
  • updateeverynownthen
  • pack
  • goodread
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When Everything Changed  by Brookie__cookies
When Everything Changed by Brookie__cookies
Why did America become so bland? Why had everyone become so...robotic? Seven years ago kids could wear whatever they wanted, There were no dress codes, no law that...
  • stereotypes
  • realisticfiction
  • teenagelove
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Rise of the Generations by BonnieSchneider6
Rise of the Generationsby Bonnie Schneider
I've created this to talk to you about problems in our society. To make you all aware of society's standards and what affect they have on teens. Please read for knowledg...
  • goodread
  • influence
What Inspires Me !!!!! by Eliza_hayden
What Inspires Me !!!!!by Eliza_hayden
I'm just sharing some beautiful quotes and messages that I really liked. I honestly think if you are able to apply these in your life, it will surely benefit you. It wi...
  • readplease
  • thoughts
  • beautiful
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< Triangles > by fourteensirensongs
by •MinD•mUsE•
find the angles. a collection of simplistic and reflective poetry. sequel to circles. all original works.
  • reflective
  • comfortable
  • reallife
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The Man I Wasn't In love With(REIGN'S STORY)   by IJasonC
The Man I Wasn't In love With( Iyana Jason Creole
Being the first son to Ryan and Vic, Reign has alot to live up to. From his parents successful lives, to discovering himself to fulfilling his own dreams and the man...
  • themaniwasntinlovewith
  • pageturner
  • hot
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