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KANEKIxREADER (finished) by asianaegi
KANEKIxREADER (finished)by belle :)
You're a human and Kaneki a human but also a ghoul. You've liked him ever since you first met him. But an untold mystery about you stumbles upon your future and a Kaneki...
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  • touka
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[Hiatus] Anubis | Tokyo Ghoul X Reader by LostKilljoy_
[Hiatus] Anubis | Tokyo Ghoul X Trashy
Anubis, the name people all over Tokyo are scared of. Anubis is a well-known ghoul who is a big problem with the CCG. No one, not even other ghouls, knows the true ident...
  • uta
  • touka
  • ghoul
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Tokyo~Shitsuji by PandoraButler
Tokyo~Shitsujiby Death Herself
Kaneki Ken, has been kidnapped by Jason and is experiencing intense torture...but instead of enduring it someone comes to save unlikely candidate. This individu...
  • ciel
  • butler
  • ken
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Tokyo Ghoul one shots  by Queenie_Wolf
Tokyo Ghoul one shots by Queenie_Wolf
Tokyo Ghoul one shots Request are available
  • sasaki
  • tokyo
  • ghoul
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Heart of a human. Eye of a ghoul. (Tokyo ghoul/ various x reader :P) by withoutaduck
Heart of a human. Eye of a With/withoutaduck
This story was taken down for a while, it's honestly not my best work. It was my first and written on a whim. I thought I might just release it anyways, I hope you enjoy...
  • kanekixreader
  • ghoul
  • ayatoxreader
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Heartbeat (short story) tagalog by kaori-megumi
Heartbeat (short story) tagalogby Maye14310
Its a short story with a girl with a koku haku disease and a boy with had a healthy lifestyle that turns out to be a lovestory but gone wrong
  • willmakeyoucry
  • iyak
  • wattys2018
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Things Not To Do in Japan by RedLightningStrike3
Things Not To Do in Japanby RedLightningStrike3
Things you should never do in Japan if you are traveling to Japan or planning to move there.
  • foreign
  • japan
  • tourists
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[What We Fight For.] ~Tokyo Ghoul~ (Ayato x Reader) by Dawn_Shadows
[What We Fight For.] ~Tokyo Dawn
Ayato had been at Aogiri for a while now, and had picked up information on nearly all of the other ghouls around him. That is, except for one. (Y/n). She was the only on...
  • rabbit
  • kaneki
  • ayatoxreader
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tokyo ghoul memes by namahage
tokyo ghoul memesby lol
shitty tokyo ghoul memes you've probably seen at least 20 times * I do not own any images *
  • tokyo
  • ghoul
  • anime
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Violet Eyes || Haikyuu!! Fanfiction || by yourtypicalgirl_12
Violet Eyes || Haikyuu!! yourtypicalgirl_12
"I want to go to Karasuno, in Miyagi" From Tokyo to Miyagi. From a prestigious all-girls school to a common high school. The reason why she transferred? Volle...
  • haikyuu
  • hinata
  • tokyo
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Her Ace. His Setter by Vennko5
Her Ace. His Setterby Venn
( * COMPLETED * ) "So, I wanted to ask properly this time if we... if we could maybe give us a chance.." I said my heart beating fast. She smiled and lunged on...
  • loverivals
  • memories
  • tennis
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"Pretty.." Juuzou Suzuya x Reader by MarIIeCares
"Pretty.." Juuzou Suzuya x Readerby Marie Korimoro
Updated 10/1/18 --- Ranked #1 for Juuzousuzuya. Ranked #2 for Juuzouxreader. Ranked #14 for Tokyoghoul. "I don't think you get it." I gave out a nonchalant sta...
  • touka
  • juuzou
  • kaneki
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Namimori School have a school trip at tokyo as the same time Kunugigaoka junior high school have a school trip to tokyo too. What will happen when Mafia meet Assassin? ...
  • fight
  • tsuna
  • love
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Time by Jayla-jayla
Timeby Jayla-jayla
If You Stay Ready You Wouldn't Have To Get Right Ready-unknown
  • dave
  • jetz
  • saweetie
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Anime One Shots - Male Inserts by partywizard
Anime One Shots - Male Insertsby wendy
I've just fallen in love with you. what is your name, and please tell me you're gay?
  • aot
  • male
  • maleinserts
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The Pink Eyeball ( Uta Tokyo Ghoul ) by leon_kara
The Pink Eyeball ( Uta Tokyo leon_kara
A shy and quiet girl, Akira needs a mask to hide from strangers in the crowd. But she just can't hide from the mysterious mask maker of the Hysy ArtMask Studio himself. ...
  • eyeball
  • yomo
  • anteiku
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A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul. [Old version] by Qrowi_
A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul. [ Qrowi
A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul || Naruto/TokyoGhoul crossover > NEW REWRITTEN VERSION IS OUT NOW I'm the monster hiding in the shadows. I'm the monster behind your shou...
  • konoha
  • tokyo
  • ghoul
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Shuu Tsukiyama X Reader: Talk Dirty To Me by zombielover8469
Shuu Tsukiyama X Reader: Talk zombielover8469
Many humans wouldn't suspect the well known, (Y/n) (L/n) to be a ghoul of the 24th ward in Tokyo. But in fact, she's been a ghoul her whole life who act like she was a p...
  • ghoul
  • shuu
  • one
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The Phoenix (Tokyo Ghoul x Reader) {Book 1} by dude_bro620
The Phoenix (Tokyo Ghoul x Reader) DudeBro
One day, a kind ghoul saw a human child walking around in the 13th Ward looking for a place to stay. The ghoul, of course, wouldn't want to let her die. So he, being the...
  • manga
  • japan
  • tokyokushu
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Ayato Kirishima x Reader|| Love Bites by potato_mustache
Ayato Kirishima x Reader|| Love XylaLynx
How unexpected it was that your new classmates were ghouls. And so were the following events after. *ghoul x human* ~~ RANKING: #46 in Tokyo [COMPLETED] Okay okay! Just...
  • ayato
  • ayatokirishima
  • kanekiken
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