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Honkai Impact 3rd: Venris Remnant by Vex2ber
Honkai Impact 3rd: Venris Remnantby Vex2ber
I still remember the stories and fairytales my mother used to tell me as a child, they would always have some sort of lesson at the end of them. But I always found it am...
I'd like to survive... (Honkai Impact ff) by MaxLanePanda
I'd like to survive... (Honkai Imp...by Max Lane
A scientist, a fan of Honkai Impact, enters the world of this game, in the body of the first Kiana clone, but with some changes. { ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ } {I do not own Honkai...
[On Hold] I'm The Captain. (Honkai Impact x Male Reader) by FarishZzz
[On Hold] I'm The Captain. (Honkai...by .
In this book, you. Yes. You are the Captain of Hyperion! (and a Herrscher?!) Having a hard life working at 9-5, you decide to change your fate by filling a form that you...
The Self-loathing Commander by fraaqac
The Self-loathing Commanderby fraaqac
He couldn't take it anymore, so wanting to escape from his tormentors, Hachiman decides to settle down in Honshu... Problem is, he swapped his problems for a bigger one.
It's Not My Fault that I want you to React by Syzygy36
It's Not My Fault that I want you...by Syzygy
Just read it No need for description
Save Me...  by Risa_Ibn_Malik
Save Me... by Risa Hana
An artist find their self in body of someone else, after living for their entire life in such restricted place with people who can't try open minded and ban on certain g...
Does a Honkai Cry? (Dante & Vergil X Honkai Impact 3rd) by MunKumi
Does a Honkai Cry? (Dante & Vergil...by Kunimitsu
Dante and Vergil unknowingly transported themselves into a brand new world. Learning their ways im their new lifes while also finding a way to get back to the world wher...
Archon Reborn | Slices of Life by RexCelestial
Archon Reborn | Slices of Lifeby RexCelestial
Basically the story where I put all my Omakes from the main book in this one, also might include some M E M E S (DNA OF THE SO-) and maybe even some artworks from other...
The Four Herrschers - Demon Slayer x Honkai Impact by happyhopehell
The Four Herrschers - Demon Slayer...by Soda
What happens if the four herrschers got transported in the world that full of demons? Read to find out...
Chatfic But It's Just My Fav Hoyoverse Characters by callima_karma
Chatfic But It's Just My Fav Hoyov...by Arthesia!
This takes place in a high school AU where all of the hyv characters are in the same world ig, no matter how unreal that would be lmao. Some go to this school called 'Ho...
A Flickering Hope. (HI3 Fanfiction) by UltraLily
A Flickering Hope. (HI3 Fanfiction)by The _𝐿𝒾𝓁𝓎_ Wise
An amnesiac girl.. Err... Boy?... Trap. A trap lands on the city of Nagazora at the Third Houkai eruption... What will he do when he sees flickers of the fate of those h...
Reincarnated as power Valkyrie Kiana(K-420) by TuanTheHedgehog10
Reincarnated as power Valkyrie Kia...by Tuan Buvelle
Let me tell you something I was reincarnated as her more than a human clone a replicated power version of Kiana Kaslana as K-420 so Kiana(K-423) is youngest out of us cl...
Remember Us - Honkai Impact 3rd x F!Reader by IsamuValerie
Remember Us - Honkai Impact 3rd x...by Kiana My BBG 😍
The truth of the pain will never allowed to let anyone know, it must be private. But if you can't hold back, you will regret it. The truth of the love or happiness won't...
What?! I'm Mei?! by WilliamHu1
What?! I'm Mei?!by ᴀ_ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ_ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
Our protagonist, Aiden, accidentally falls down the stairs and dies. But once he wakes up, he was no longer in his world but instead in the world of his favorite videoga...
the former Grand servant and the master in honkai  by R0mulus-quirinus
the former Grand servant and the m...by Grand Lancer Romulus
This story takes place in the Honkai universe, during Kiana's journey to find her father. <warning> all images do not belong to me.
You turn/possessed what? by MCijam
You turn/possessed what?by Dokutah MCijam
Y/n a man with power of Reality... anyways that not what I focus on, but to his male friend. He like has many male friend, don't have female friend. And all of them is G...
The Red Knight (Highschool DxD) by RyuseiYakihiro
The Red Knight (Highschool DxD)by Ryusei Yakihiro
Issei Hyoudou is a Normal kid until One day He found Two guns that were Really advance He took the Two guns and Hid them from His parent's. He tried To use them Only for...
Hailing from Nagazora by -_xNekox_-
Hailing from Nagazoraby I-stan-my-stalker
H.O.T in kny. Raiden Mei, the Herrscher of Thunder falls through the sky from a thunderstorm and lands in KNY. The thunderstorm she fell from attracts Demon Slayers who...
The Curse of Honkai by Matthew206486
The Curse of Honkaiby Dotter
Some people aren't lucky. Some people are abandoned before they can grow. With the Calamity that is the Honkai, the Kaslana and Schariac families are Pillars of Society...