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Under Our Care by Rishita2003
Under Our Careby Rishita2003
Life and death are two ends of the same rope. You can either be dead while living, or you can live while dying and the rope is your choice. Aliyah chose the latter. Aliy...
The Girl(1/2) by originalanoyingkid
The Girl(1/2)by Naomi . L
When a mother and father of four die unexpectedly their three eldest sons face the challenges of taking care of their two year old sister.
Fate by DiamondKulture
Fateby Abbas Rashidat
She broke his heart. She left him when he needed her the most. She was the most precious thing he'd ever had but to her he was just someone she passed time with. He swor...
Blind Sided  by Athoune
Blind Sided by Athoune
When 12 year old Winter finds out she has bone marrow cancer, her colored world goes grey. As she fights for her life, she soon learns her life will never be the same. S...
The Harbour Girl by innocentlyafloat
The Harbour Girlby ✨
For some life comes easy, but there are the other half who struggle on as hard as they can. Through the abuse, the pain and the bullying but what happens when one gets i...
Like In Movies by Neithxdark
Like In Moviesby 🎡🎡
ONGOING (Probably gonna rewrite) Everly Collins thought she had a perfect life. Everything was sweet and sparkles till unexpected news hit her hard. She decided to keep...
Chase Me by Serena_salfator
Chase Meby Naama
"Y-you can't run away you have our baby," he says screaming "Bella Open the door" He yells and hits the window. "Please come back baby I'm sorry...
brave//5SOS by 5sosxruel
brave//5SOSby no tour spoilers PLS
What do you do when there's no hope? When your mum is battling cancer, but her sword breaks beyond repair? What do you do when you feel alone? When everything you've ev...
Hold My Hand❤️ (Completed) by Akshhh0902
Hold My Hand❤️ (Completed)by Akshhh
#Story With New Concept🤞😇 An emotional story of Sidnaaz❤️ How Shehnaaz's Married Life with shrey take U turn and everything changes. Sidharth becomes the ray of light...
Never Could've Thought...(COMPLETED) by ConsejoMe8
Never Could've Thought...( ConsejoMe8
"𝐇𝐞 𝐭𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞...".
Fighting For Normal by xojessarosexo
Fighting For Normalby Jessa Rose
Sloane Deshazo is a happy and healthy teenager who loves playing volleyball and hanging out with her friends. She has a close bond with her twin brother, Stetson, and a...
The Holland's and Tessa by Totallyme15
The Holland's and Tessaby Lizzie Ariana
Several short stories of the Holland boys with/without their made-up sister Samantha Holland. And everyone's favorite, Tessa! Ofc, I don't own the people. Only any dud...
Wishes by KerryWindsor7
Wishesby KerryWindsor7
Lauren is a 28 year old doctor who has a 14 year old sister who has cancer. Her make a wish is to meet the cast of the new marvel avengers movie. What will happen when...
Dew of Fortuity by Kashish_J
Dew of Fortuityby Kashish
Veer, his birth was a miracle. His parents- Mehek & Shaurya are a still power couple who sincerely love one another. He grew up hearing their fairy tale love story and b...
🐍Basilisk Venom💧 by jacvyyy
🐍Basilisk Venom💧by jacvyyy
During his second year, Harry Potter defeats a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. But, during the fight, the basilisk landed a nasty bite on the boy's shoulder. After g...
Right Now (Camila/you) by LoLoismylove
Right Now (Camila/you)by jacklyn
"Never fall in love with a cancer kid, you'll only get heartbreak" In which two girls with cancer end up as roomies and create a special bond between each othe...
ETHEREAL [spider-man//peter parker] ✔️ by infinitelymarvelous
ETHEREAL [spider-man//peter infinitelymarvelous
"let me be the one to
lift your heart up and save your life
i don't think you even realize
baby, you'd be saving mine" Mia Jackson was just a normal girl, even...
Synopsis:- In the midst of a passionate love between two boys, an unexpected turn in their story causes one of them to suffer. Despite their efforts to grow their relat...
How To Love✓  by liyahhwrites
How To Love✓ by 𝒶.
Highest Ranks : #1 & #2 in Badboyseries #1 in Cancerpatient #1 in Cancersurvivor || Completed & Edited || ❧ "Please don't leave me. I-I-I-I'm scared. Don't leave me...
It wont beat us by AustinFoster286
It wont beat usby Austin Foster
Eddie was always told as a kid he must remain strong and provide for his family and put himself last, when he finds a lump he finds it hard to ask for help