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↚The Pig's Shadow | Dream x Reader | Slowburn ↛ by FirefliesFlight
↚The Pig's Shadow | Dream x ꧁༒☬𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓸𝔀𝓼 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓕𝓲...
If this pops up on your recommended, tell me :P Y/N is the adopted daughter of Technoblade. You and your adopted father travel together until you're 19, when you strike...
Who is Noah Dickens? by travjw
Who is Noah Dickens?by Trav Williams
Noah Dickens is a day-trading surfer who questions his purpose in life until a mystical experience provides him with a new perspective. Finding himself enmeshed in an F...
Eleanor Wellesley has lived with her father's neglect and indifference all her life. When Sir Edward Wellesley is killed in a card game, Eleanor discovers he has left he...
Lies and Damnation  by Anyone187
Lies and Damnation by macy
Two grieving psychopaths intend to revive their dead son using twenty-year-old Nicholas as a vessel.
My Wife ? - Vkook /Taekook  by AliceWilliam2
My Wife ? - Vkook /Taekook by Alice William
Where taehyung is forced (kind of) to marry a rich girl. But is that girl actually a girl? "Are you kidding me ? " " Hope I can say . " " So yo...
His new assistant. by makeupaddict87
His new makeupaddict87
The DN groups is looking for a new assistant for their director. .. Jason Salvatore; has it all. good looks, charming smirk and notorious ways to get women in his bed. ...
Bad Girls Have Bad Secrets by essoteric
Bad Girls Have Bad Secretsby a r d e n
Victoria Navitski's already messed up life turned sideways after the death of a close family member. Now, not only does she need to protect herself from the attacks of r...
Trial & Error ✓ by citygates
Trial & Error ✓by tay
What happens when you find yourself tangled up in what could be one of the biggest criminal lawsuits in the nation? Well, you get tangled up with the best lawyer in t...
Employee of the Year by DmitriRagano
Employee of the Yearby Dmitri Ragano
Temo McCarthy works in the call center for Passion Financial. He spends his days "dialing deadbeats", convincing broke, desperate customers to pay their overdu...
Red Flag by ZonderZorg
Red Flagby Michael Walsh
Reviewing restaurants is normally a safe pursuit, but Catherine and Lorne face torture and death when they try to unravel organised crime's infiltration of the fine dini...
Who Kissed Charlie Fine? by SeventyMurphy
Who Kissed Charlie Fine?by Stephanie Murphy
Inquisitive heir, Charlie Fine's obsession with the truth makes him an excellent fraud investigator, but there's one mystery he's never been able to solve: the identity...
Black Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective #2 (Watty Winner) by BenSobieck
Black Eye: Confessions of a Fake Benjamin Sobieck
*** 2016 Wattys Award winner (HQ Love) *** Also available on YONDER, the next-generation reading app from the Wattpad family. The sequel to "Glass Eye: Confessions...
A Tawny Throuple by veryhipandverycool
A Tawny Throupleby SyTheSimp
--discontinued..-- 3 boys from different schools, gone on a camping trip held by their schools, had interesting adventures, lost contact and later on, found their way to...
Her Paper Marriage | BWWM✓ by CG_Hope
Her Paper Marriage | BWWM✓by C H E -
"This place is huge. Don't you ever get lonely?" "I do," he grinned. "That's why I can't wait for you to marry me and move in." I laughed...
Free With You by 6ixSennz
Free With Youby Michael T. Romans
Mabel hates still working at the hotel which was bought from her father who had some financial issues. She is not only unhappy because it was sold but because it was sol...
I don't need your God by Sinaidkincaid16
I don't need your Godby Sinaid
Josh Mitchell was a Preacher's Son. He tried to live his life as a morally upstanding young boy. He liked being a positive influence to all his friends at school. Jos...
Identity Fraud Guide by Galaxywings5
Identity Fraud Guideby Al-iza Schuyler
This is a guide to a Roblox game named: Identity Fraud. There will be theories, a walkthrough, and all about the monsters.
That Woman, Emma. by itsyumnamahmood
That Woman, Yumna
Emma is a girl that everyone hates in a love story. She fell in love and tried to seduce her married boss, Victor, which resulted in her getting fired. He didn't return...
New flame by Victoria_Adeniji
Being the only son of the affluent money laundering politician and the sweetest playboy to every lady in Imperial university is one of the greatest things Michael Anders...