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All's Fair

All's Fair

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Jane Peden By JanePeden Updated 2 hours ago

All's Fair is a sexy, often humorous, contemporary romance between two smart strong people with sizzling chemistry who are completely wrong for each other . . . or are they?

Grace Wallace is on the fast track to fulfilling her dream of making partner at a high-powered Philadelphia law firm. If she can clean up a messy sexual harassment case in Florida before it derails an important business merger. But going back to Florida means spending time with family she'd rather avoid, and memories she'd rather forget. 

Sexy Jack Rollins is a laid-back Florida lawyer who left Big Law because there's more to life than working 16 hour days. Dealing with a snooty Philadelphia lawyer sent down by her powerhouse law firm to save the merger is annoying - but there's something about Grace that makes him think just maybe she's not really as uptight and focused on business only as she appears to be. 

Grace finds out the lawsuit is nothing like she expected - and soon suspects that the sexual harassment case is just a ruse for something altogether different going on. Jack's eccentric clients and their crazy antics may seem ridiculous - but it's no laughing matter to Grace's client or the partners in her firm when a multi-million dollar deal is about to implode.  

Untangling the legal issues means Grace is spending a lot of time with Jack - and the sparks flying between them are as unexpected as they are undeniable. Can Grace risk a long distance romance with a man whose plan for his life is so completely different from hers?  And will giving in to temptation with the lawyer who may be trying to destroy the merger her law firm put together cost her the career she's worked so hard for? 

And while she sorts out her feelings for Jack, will Grace finally come to terms with the events that have made her feel like the outsider in her own family for the past 15 years?

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