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Running With Scissors by Sam_le_fou
Running With Scissorsby Sam Camp
Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Peter Katz hires a hitman to take him out. But when a cure is discovered, Peter's got to outrun the assassin to stay alive! ***** When...
High Strangeness by elfordalley
High Strangenessby elfordalley
Tyler is being hunted by the Grinning Man and flees to Marble Springs, where he teams up with Serling and Price, real estate agents who sell haunted houses. ...
I'll Never Write Fiction Again: The Surreal Misadventures of a Digital Novelist by LolaDom
I'll Never Write Fiction Again: Th...by Lola Dom
🥇1st Place - '18 Neon Awards - Random 🥇1st Place - '18 Fruit of Love Awards - Humor I'm Elle, and this is my novel, Jay. After rescuing my kidnapped plot from a minor...
50 Ways To Kill Your Boss by SnethMeyers
50 Ways To Kill Your Bossby Sneth Meyers
Jay is a new hire at a hotel where they kill their boss every day.
PulpBusters by AmoralCrackpot
PulpBustersby Steve Arviso
Bone-chilling buffoonery! Nerve-wracking silliness! Twisted nitwittery! Tales of the weird and strange (and other complete wastes of time) by "Amoral Crackpot"...
Even Vampires Get the Blues: A Full Moon Cleaners Book by fullmooncleaners
Even Vampires Get the Blues: A Ful...by Kel Jameson
A crime scene cleaner and a demon profiler must clean up a vampire hoarding site, find a powerful relic, and toss it back into hell before it destroys the French Quarter...
XNTP Rants- A logical, humorous, yet dark collection  by GhostWithoutAMouth
XNTP Rants- A logical, humorous, y...by GhostWithoutAMouth
My rants and opinions will be written in here, some of them controversial, some funny, and some of them disturbing. Feel free to comment your opinion!
Today's Blaring Trump(et) III  by SerafinBorgia
Today's Blaring Trump(et) III by Serafin Borgia
Political Satire, absurdist poem, taken from or inspired by direct quotes or editorials . This is far from high - art, it Trump-speak.
Just someone I met at a coffee shop by Blurry-Forest
Just someone I met at a coffee shopby i don't use wattpad
COVER ART: "The Glow of the City" by Martin Lewis (1929) (Edited by me)
First-world whiny teenager with an existential crisis:Tangents by Missmahima
First-world whiny teenager with an...by Missmahima
If you're perfect and have life figured out please don't read this or I'll track you down and throw a shoe at your face. You're too into friends and happiness and experi...
Dinner With the Flannigans by mimsy_
Dinner With the Flannigansby mimsy_
An ambitious absurdist dramatic piece based on the 1950s sitcom.
Vacuum by RaeGaray
Vacuumby RaeGaray
An institution removes the souls of women and children to ease their social existence
The Quibbler Gone Wrong by SheWhoIsADreamer
The Quibbler Gone Wrongby SheWhoIsADreamer
Xenos Lovegood is a kind man who is not one to say no to a budding young student at Hogwarts who would like to take work experience at his wacky magazine The Quibbler. U...
The Traralgon Tales: Brit Pop Mystery Thon by CrystalGallagher4
The Traralgon Tales: Brit Pop Myst...by Crystal Gallagher
Part one of the Traralgon Tales....Taj and Anya receive an email from the prime minister of England....and they need time travel to help solve this mystery.
We Are All Waiting For Something by SparrowBlack2
We Are All Waiting For Somethingby Sparrow Black
An Absurdist Short Story A man waits, in a room full of people.
Shotgun Scotty  by wentzhesselman
Shotgun Scotty by Wentz Hesselman
What do you call a homeless cannibal with a frying pan and short-term memory loss? Scotty. That's what. One lovely day in the ghetto during a pretend tea party with stu...
A Collection of Absurdist Writings by ClaraBosswald
A Collection of Absurdist Writingsby ClaraBosswald
A collection of absurd short stories. I quite like writing absurdist fiction, it's really fun :)