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Apartment No.4 by shortycharlotte
Apartment No.4by shortycharlotte
#1 Teen Fiction - 25.04.18 {Completed} "No one has ever spoken to me like that." "And why is that? Because you're the 'bad boy'?" "Exactly swee...
  • friends
  • drama
  • pain
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Still With Me by AvaViolet
Still With Meby Jessica Cunsolo
This is the third and final book in the "With Me" Series. You must read the first two books ("She's With Me" and "Stay With Me") in order t...
  • rivals
  • romance
  • humor
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They Called Her the Devil by JadeDragonfly57
They Called Her the Devilby Avy Aubin
Kate AKA the Devil will do absolutely anything for power. It's what earned her a place as the second most powerful person in the world. When Kate allows herself to be k...
  • fighting
  • youngadult
  • action
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She Blamed Me by michaelventz1575
She Blamed Meby Michael Ventura
A Teenage boy struggles to make things right with his step-sister who seemingly tries to kill him on a daily basis after he indirectly kills her father.
  • dramtic
  • dark
  • siblings
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Lucky Letter Love by charlotte_scott
Lucky Letter Loveby c h a r l o t t e
to mia, love, jay «» "My friend is dying." Jay and Mia are best friends. For years and years they have been all but conjoined at the hip. But now that M...
  • firstperson
  • romance
  • thirdperson
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Us by tp1632
Usby tp1632
This is the 97% true story of my life. It may not be all the interesting, but to me, it's everything. Follow me through the teenage angst, heartbreak, struggles, triumph...
  • firstperson
  • heartache
  • love
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19 by RewriteHaixa
19by Mino
Between us all there's miscommunication. A situation that occurs in each day of our lives. We would find situations like this to be complex and challenging but in fact...
  • firstperson
  • philosophy
  • narration
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Prisoner by writerbee5
Prisonerby writerbee5
I died this morning on my way to work. I saw it coming - the truck tailgating me, asshole on his phone, the crash just waiting to happen. But I didn't think I would die...
  • pinterestwritingprompt
  • mystery
  • dead
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The Last Day of September by SquintinTarantino
The Last Day of Septemberby SquintinTarantino
feedback is appreciated
  • dialogue
  • firstperson
  • suicide
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OneSide -LoVe by AshaJohn123
OneSide -LoVeby AshaJohn123
Real happiness is only in one-side LoVe Without exception without commitments. Most of the girls like to see their crush daily where our they go but without knowing to...
  • characters
  • ashajohn
  • firstperson
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The Other Side by aliclemons
The Other Sideby Ali Clemons
Put yourself into this narrator's unique perspective as you follow his journey to the other side.
  • suspense
  • firstperson
  • shortstory
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An Angel From Above by JewishGod
An Angel From Aboveby Jewish God
First person short story, self credit.
  • short
  • shortstory
  • trash
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Oppression by Reinard21
Oppressionby Reinard21
  • firstperson
  • firststory
  • action-ish
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Supernatural Beings by princess_jewels08
Supernatural Beingsby I Am A Princess
**Author's Note** Frequent updates on chapters. Nothing set in stone. I'm a college student trying to balance school, work, and home. I will update as I can. Thank you f...
  • superhero
  • telepathy
  • firstperson
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Mystery Unfolded by Heaven_O_Hell
Mystery Unfoldedby Heaven_O_Hell
It is when you cannot comprehend your surroundings or your situation are you truly 'lost', 'demented', or 'confused'. I'm Jessica....Jessica Parker and I'm one of the pe...
  • fiction
  • firstperson
  • english
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Highschool Advantages(COMING SOON) by amirahhxox
Highschool Advantages(COMING SOON)by Amirah
*WARNING* This is not your average cliché highschool story where the nerd/geeks take down the queen bee's/bitches and live happily ever after, THE END. Infact, in this s...
  • noncliché
  • truth
  • highschool
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And Life Goes On by quietjaney929
And Life Goes Onby quietjaney929
In a world healing from the ravages of war, one brave soul leaves their community behind to see what was left of the world. Through forgotten cities and crumbling ruins...
  • firstperson
  • robots
  • scifi-fantasy
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The Power Ahead by chris13j
The Power Aheadby Chris J
Oh, it's just Gavin. Good old, Gavin. Nothing special about him. He's just a normal sub-super, with a super power... oh wait what's his super power again? I don't know...
  • hero
  • superpower
  • adventure
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Character Interviews by KaranSeraph
Character Interviewsby Karan Seraph
Karan Seraph's characters answer your questions. Ask them anything.
  • question
  • character
  • confession
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Living With Ghosts👻  by General-Charlie
Living With Ghosts👻 by General Charlie
This is just funny stories of what it's like for me to live with ghosts. . I hope you enjoy! . That's all folks!!
  • ghost
  • firstperson
  • funny
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