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The Rebel( Sample) by suzangill98
The Rebel( Sample)by suzangill98
"Lower your eyes mate" He said with a hint of warning in his tone. She didn't flinch under his cold fingers coiled around her neck, instead with a smirk on her...
His Mysterious & Abused Mate (SAMPLE) by authclairewhite
His Mysterious & Abused Mate ( Claire White
Ruby is a simple girl who lost her parents at the age of 10, she was told that she was sold by her parents. However, she knew that her parents were killed because she fe...
Fall in Love With a Billionaire by Kylie_got_issues
Fall in Love With a Billionaireby R.A Higheels
"Oh my God! It's Liam James!" someone yelled. From the expensive cologne I smelt, I knew that was definitely Liam. What was he even doing here? I was handling...
SINS OF THE ANGELS (Grigori Legacy #1) by LindaPoitevin
SINS OF THE ANGELS (Grigori Linda Poitevin
THE WAR BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL STARTS HERE A hard-as-nails cop... Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis is up against a serial killer unlike any she's ever encountered. S...
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The beginning by rochellewriter
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, ElizabethDarcy98
After a great tragedy strikes the Bennet household, the Bennet sisters must find a new purpose in life. One in which the undead stay dead. After meeting the acquaintanc...
I Love The Way You Say My Name(Part 2 Of Who Says I Have To Be Soft Series) by mary4561
I Love The Way You Say My Name( Marie Fields
Stiles Stilinski meets Derek Hale one morning on her way to work. He's totally captivated by the deaf beauty while she's hoping that Derek could be the one. They date an...
King Arthur Returns (Book #1 of the King Arthur Returns Trilogy) by Jemima_Best
King Arthur Returns (Book #1 of Jemima Best
A modern woman meets a legendary king. Ela doesn't believe in magic, but she does believe in writer's block. Her solution? Running away to Cornwall in search of inspirat...
SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail (Book Four) - Preview by VeraNazarian
SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail ( VeraNazarian
The exciting conclusion to the Atlantis Grail series! ... A Limited Holiday Preview.. a special gift for my Readers...
Left Over Love  by cher_ishh12
Left Over Love by cher_ishh12
ONE KISS, is all it took for her to be left alone in the marriage atlar by her groom. and for him to to know that she was the one he wanted next to her, to be his. he w...
Reborn as Hinata Hyuga by Awesomevegeta123
Reborn as Hinata Hyugaby Awesomevegeta123
Lillian was a normal naruto fan who went to work, ate and sleep. So why- "Hinata over here!" "Those who break rules are trash, but those who abandon thei...
Star Storm by colourfulmoth
Star Stormby 𝐒 𝐇 𝐀 𝐑
When the princess of the largest city in space is kidnapped, a prince finds himself heading down an unexpected road to save her. An oddly matched crew and a mysterious c...
The Divine Mage by Jennyoniichan
The Divine Mageby Jenny Ssang
Akari grew up in a family that doesn't acknowledge her presence. She was tagged as a disgrace to the family since she's the daughter of her father's mistress. Although...
Called by the Dragon by ManaSolStories
Called by the Dragonby SolarWinds
The Empire rules on the wings of dragons. Riders are hand-selected for brutal training from childhood, and Anzi has fought hard to answer her calling and join their rank...
Possession: The Game of Clubs by butterfleoge
Possession: The Game of Clubsby LEE
BOOK 2 of CASTELLO DI CARTE MAFIA CHRONICLES [ Luciano De Luca & Rosaline Guerra ] Luciano De Luca has been in love with Isobel Rossi for as long as he can remember. Now...
Switch by gonnashinelikestars
Switchby Call me El
"Wow it's huge here!" "Don't shout" "What are they gonna do chop of my head?!" ------------------------------------------------- Everyone a...
The Prince Of Aragon by RaziaSultana
The Prince Of Aragonby Razia Sultana
Crown Prince Novak Juan V of Aragon was hellbent on revenge against the Emperor Salvatore for having brutally assassinated his parents and destroyed his Kingdom. With ti...
Winning His Luna's Heart (SAMPLE) by authclairewhite
Winning His Luna's Heart (SAMPLE)by Claire White
It is said that having a mate is a blessing and the best gift any wolf can ask for. It is said that when you find your mate you feel things you never felt before and ins...
《This is my first book , please give it a try and i sure hope you will enjoy it 》 As he journey's into the unknown; Ash make friends, tackle enemies, bond with pokemon...
The Hottie Billionaires Series: Steal My Heart (Full English Edition) by iamsharonrose
The Hottie Billionaires Series: Sharon Rose
When the billionaire runaway groom got served by karma, someone has to play hardball. Tagged as always the groom's man but never the groom, Benjamin thought that he woul...
Viking Academy by stbende
Viking Academyby ST Bende
Erik held me until my shoulders stopped shaking-whether it was a minute or an hour, I couldn't tell. The only things I knew for sure were: (1) I was trapped a thous...