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▌Proud "iska" of the University of the Philippines Baguio, Language and Literature Program
▌I specialize in fantasy and romance!
▌I sing a lot
▌I should seriously think about my life now.
▌I dance like mad!
▌I'm a music aficionado (I play the piano & viola!)
▌I was part of a choir and orchestra
▌I got a hyper-active imagination
▌I always overreact
▌I'M A LAZY ASS! (sometimes)
▌People think I'm weird but I'm actually just "unique"!
▌And a proud FILIPINO!
▌Lovely Walter is not my real name and is actually only my pen name! =)

Please don't read my earlier works and criticize them harshly. Give consideration to a mere 10 year old writing them.

╭ M Y S T O R I E S ╮

ℭℯł℮﹩ℑ℮ Å¢@ⅾ℮м⑂ ϟ℮я☤℮ṧ

➀ ❝ K N I G H T ❞ (Complete)
➁ ❝ L E G E N D ❞ (Complete)
➂ ❝ O R I S O N ❞ (Ongoing)
➃ ❝ W A R S O N G ❞ (Coming soon)
➄ ❝ C H E V A L I E R ❞ (Coming soon)

I've deleted some of my previous stories. But I'm trying to find the time to rewrite them and put them back up!
They are:
➀ Possessive Mr. Alpha,
➁ Burning Desires
➂ The Outcast
➃ An Alpha's Bride

P.C CAST & Tomo Takabayashi

Don't be shy to drop by and say hello!

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For all those wondering, I do not have an update schedule.

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Orison | Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #3

Social data: 1.1M reads. 109K votes. 30.1K comments.

Description: #Wattys2015 |Third installment to Knight. Spoiler alert!| |Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #3| After the hectic Preluresian encounter, it was finally time to go back to the Academy. Each of the Twelve gained another level of experience and one in part...

#1 in Fantasy

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Knight | Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #1

Knight | Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #1

3M 130K 12.6K

|Previously 'The Celestial Knight'| |COMPLETE| |Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #1| Welcome to Valemnia, w...

#6 in Fantasy
Legend | Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #2

Legend | Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #2

3.4M 125K 16.5K

#Wattys2015 |COMPLETE| |Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #2| Following the events of the first book, the tw...

#30 in Fantasy
Reading Requests!

Reading Requests!

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Do tell me that none of these just happened! 1.) I got struck by lightning. 2.) I got sent back in time...

0612Hesha posted a message to MyLovelyWriter
Heyy! I love your books and I am currently on the third one! However, there seems to be a problem as the 18th Chapter of Orison is missing! I am dying to know what happens in it, so can you try to do something about it? Thank you so much! I am a Great fan of yours!
vishal59 posted a message to MyLovelyWriter
actually I wanted to say more but I was busy
      I started reading ur book celestial knight yesterday and I couldn't stop myself before finishing it and starting the next.I have been entirely addicted to that series.
       I hope u come up with more books like this.  
I'm really guilty of not being able to answer majority of your questions and messages for the past few months! I'm really sorry, guys! I'll try to get to them soon!
      Love you all!
JOYLESPER posted a message to MyLovelyWriter
Ms. Lovely…I really love your story…I re-read the Celeste Academy Trilogy: Knight (Book 1) and Legend (Book 2) times already…while waiting for your update in Orison…I read many wattpad story but yours is exceptional. Every time I open my wattpad account I always check first the Orison if you already have an update…and it really worth waiting because every chapter and update you never fail to amazed me. Thank you!!! for writing this such story. By the way I go for CORVAL…
Hi ate! I wish you can understand filipino words because maybe some of American writers will be offended. 
      Simula noong nabasa ko ang celestial knight, I knew you are a filipino wanna know why? Wala po masyadong spg scenes. Hindi katulad sa mga english writer na usap eh hubad agad. I'm so happy na mabilis mong natapos ang 3rd book dahil yung iba almost one year ang ginugugol nila at matagal magupdate. 
      ps. im your fan. Can you please try writing darker? About death or reaper or ghosts?