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▌Proud "iska" of the University of the Philippines Baguio, Language and Literature Program
▌I specialize in fantasy and romance!
▌I sing a lot
▌16! I should seriously think about my life now.
▌I dance like mad!
▌I'm a music aficionado (I play the piano & viola!)
▌I was part of a choir and orchestra
▌I got a hyper-active imagination
▌I always overreact
▌I'M A LAZY ASS! (sometimes)
▌People think I'm weird but I'm actually just "unique"!
▌And a proud FILIPINO!
▌Lovely Walter is not my real name and is actually only my pen name! =)

Please don't read my earlier works and criticize them harshly. Give consideration to a mere 10 year old writing them.

╭ M Y S T O R I E S ╮

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➀ ❝ K N I G H T ❞ (Complete)
➁ ❝ L E G E N D ❞ (Complete)
➂ ❝ O R I S O N ❞ (Ongoing)
➃ ❝ W A R S O N G ❞ (Coming soon)
➄ ❝ C H E V A L I E R ❞ (Coming soon)

I've deleted some of my previous stories. But I'm trying to find the time to rewrite them and put them back up!
They are:
➀ Possessive Mr. Alpha,
➁ Burning Desires
➂ The Outcast
➃ An Alpha's Bride

P.C CAST & Tomo Takabayashi

Don't be shy to drop by and say hello!

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For all those wondering, I do not have an update schedule. PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR STORIES ON MY PAGE AS IT IS CONSIDERED VERY RUDE.
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Do tell me that none of these just happened! 1.) I got struck by lightning. 2.) I got sent back in time...

Goodness do I have to keep repeating myself? I have said it numerous times in author's notes.
      These are OFFERS not demands! I give them to fans because they want the next chapter IMMEDIATELY so I offer them a challenge that challenges them and challenges myself.
      I write because I want to and I have fun,
I hate having to explain myself to people.
      The offers I put at the end of each chapters, AS I HAVE ALREADY MADE CLEAR BEFORE, are offers for INSTANT UPLOADS. INSTANT. Chapters which are given instantly. It's not as though I say, "If you don't get this quota, I won't upload."
      If some people keep getting this the wrong way, I'll stop the offers.
mbaniaga posted a message to MyLovelyWriter
there is something wrong with my wattpad app coz i cant seem to read the new chapter..huhuhu..but it aint going to stop me!!bwahaha..i am a certified celestial addict so internet cafe..here i come!!stay as amazing as you are mylovelywriter!!