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Love, Faith and Family by ACourtOfStories
Love, Faith and Familyby A Court of Stories
When Merlin ventured back to Ealdor to help fight off Kanen, he returned to Camelot with someone else, his little sister, Miriam. With a fiery personality and a heart t...
Written Destinies (Arthur Pendragon) by raerew
Written Destinies (Arthur Rae W
Two kingdoms unite, in hopes of peace. And with that peace, a marriage was destined. Elizabeth Phoenix and Arthur Pendragon were arranged to marry when they came to the...
Am I the One? | Arthur Pendragon [1] by tivaotpforever
Am I the One? | Arthur Pendragon [ Annabelle
We all know Merlin. But what if he had a sister? What if she had an even greater destiny and powers than him? What if she falls in love with the one, and only Prince Art...
Dynasty by LoveMeWanda
Dynastyby Mrs.Bilinski
"Thought we built a dynasty that heaven couldn't shake Thought we built a dynasty, like nothing ever made Thought we built a dynasty forever couldn't break up It al...
The Truth Untold》Merlin  by lovethebreeze
The Truth Untold》Merlin by lovethebreeze
She's the Princess of Camelot. He's the servant with magic. What could go wrong? [Cover by DamnSalvawhore.] [Season 1.] [Disclaimer: I only own Calysta and her plot.]
Merlin×Arthur One Shot by jcampbell1996
Merlin×Arthur One Shotby jcampbell1996
this will be a collection of Merthur One-shots. I'll try to upload at least one a week :) #1: Inspired by a tumbler post "you're safe as long as you don't imagine...
Long live | A. Pendragon. by bookwurmpi
Long live | A. boekwurmpi
Momentarily editing the chapters i have. Mikaela is the sweet and naive twin of Merlin, that journeys with Merlin to Camelot to learn more about themselves. Unknowingly...
Efflorescence WTS by LoveMeWanda
Efflorescence WTSby Mrs.Bilinski
(Female version of Merlin.) Merlyn was reincarnated a few hundred years after she died, as Harry Potter's twin sister. When she turned 11 she started getting dreams of...
Destined To Be Queen (Arthur Pendragon) by phantasticdreams
Destined To Be Queen (Arthur BaileyBoo
From the time that she was just an idea between her parents, Anastasia Carrington has been fated to wed the future king of Camelot. Same goes for Prince Arthur, ever sin...
Watching Merlin's Life by NBokhari
Watching Merlin's Lifeby NatashaB
What will happen when Arthur, Merlin, Hunith, Gaius, Gwen and the knights of the round table suddenly vanish and appear in a cinema forced to watch the life of the man t...
For Life by TashaAmy1803
For Lifeby Tasha Amy
Mini story Merlin crossover with Teen wolf. Hints of other tv shows. Queen Elizabeth is the wife of King Arthur, when she loses her husband to a former fiend she must na...
Merthur oneshots  by evestarmusicstar
Merthur oneshots by evestarmusicstar
Pls do read this! It starts out bad but I get better at writing as time passes! This is a merthur one shot book it is going to be almost all fluff maybe one or two angs...
Heart of a Demon - Zeldris X OC by forever_birlems_babe
Heart of a Demon - Zeldris X OCby Cool guy cal
When a devil falls in love, it is the most hauntingly beautiful thing ever. And you should be terrified, for he will go to the depths of hell for her.
Meliodas Little Sister~ Seven deadly sins by Itz_GalaxyWolfi
Meliodas Little Sister~ Seven Itz_Galaxy Wolfi
sorry this is my first book and I suck at grammer so yeah let me also just say really slow updates probably What if Meliodas had a sister shes part of the ten commandmen...
Magic by ColinsFace
Magicby ColinsFace
A Merlin fanfiction where Arthur learns of Merlin's little secret. Don't be surprised if there's some Merthur. I ship. First story on THIS site. I've written before so...
Moonlight Secret by SherlockGurrrl999
Moonlight Secretby Aylis Oomen
Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot has a secret for the world, a secret that could cost him his head if he's not careful enough. But after the arrival of a certain witch...
Lady of the Flames by DisasterChild20
Lady of the Flamesby Nix
Ember Elrod, Arthur Pendragon's best friend since childhood. After a devastating fire burns her family home to the ground, killing both her mother and her father, Uther...
Merlin One Shots by TeenWolf_multifandom
Merlin One Shotsby TeenWolf_multifandom
Hey guys! Get ready for a book full of one shots containing our favourite clumsy warlock, royal prat, and his round table of basically kids wielding pointy sticks.(Well...
Scion of Lost Magic (Merlin x Reader)  by AstralShadows
Scion of Lost Magic (Merlin x Evie Looshen
You lived a relatively normal life until slave traders raided your home. Four years in captivity passed. And things are about to change. You join Merlin on adventures a...
Merthur One Shots by meganlou1705
Merthur One Shotsby Megan
A collection of one shots about one of my favourite OTP's