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Chaos ; Joker x Reader  by audreywrites720
Chaos ; Joker x Reader by Audrey
A world of chaos surrounds (Y/N). She hears stories about the Batman, the mob, the Joker, the GPD. The Joker begins to take over Gotham city. He robs a bank with a few g...
Her Dark Knight by Heartlocket1004
Her Dark Knightby Heartlocket1004
When Bruce unexpectedly returned to Gotham, Detective Rebecca Dawes is as disappointed as her sister to find she doesn't even recognize her old friend. Disgusted by what...
Batman/Wonder Woman: The Light of Gotham | PART I by Wonder_Al
Batman/Wonder Woman: The Light of...by Wonder Al
Batman and Wonder Woman. Two of the founding members of the so-called Justice League. Together, they fought to defend the truth. However, deep inside, they actually had...
The Hero They Deserve (RWBY x Batman Male Reader) by G-R-B-R
The Hero They Deserve (RWBY x Batm...by G-R-B-R
A city rotting from the inside. Rich that line their pockets with the misery of the poor, and officers of the law that would sooner tear it down than uphold its principl...
Joker's girl (Ledger smut) by YaBoiSawyer
Joker's girl (Ledger smut)by YaBoiSawyer
Malic was a normal 18 year old girl, just graduated and going to mortuary school in Gotham. Everything was normal for her, until her world was turned upside down when Go...
Red Room's Bat (Natasha Romanoff x Male Reader) by WardellStudios
Red Room's Bat (Natasha Romanoff x...by WardellStudios
"Time. Space. Reality. It's more than a linear path. It's a prism of endless possibilities. Where a single choice can branch out into infinite realities, creating a...
Trust | Bruce Wayne by onograce
Trust | Bruce Wayneby onograce
In the lowest depths of Gotham's recession, one man rises up to combat the constant struggle against the city's furthering corruption. In the midst of this dangerous war...
Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNE by sophoeniz
Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNEby soph(ia)
"I don't have time for love." ~ 17 year old Damian Wayne decided to lock the door towards his heart ever since he was a child. It was impossible for anyone t...
Madness (Joker Love Story) by Foxy_Trash
Madness (Joker Love Story)by Foxy_Trash
COMPLETE. "When love is not madness, it is not love." Alison Finch has just been given the most difficult patient she has ever encountered; The joker. Now the...
RWBY: Batman Begins by CatChannel3
RWBY: Batman Beginsby Cat Channel
Bruce Wayne watched his parents die as a child. After years of training, he returns to Vale, reunites with his childhood friend, Weiss Schnee, and begins a new life.
Arc of a Spartan  by Wrench007
Arc of a Spartan by Wrench007
(Disclaimer: I don't own Halo 5 or RWBY.) What if Jaune was presumably killed during a mission after most of the student body, except teams RWBY and JNPR, turned on him...
The Dark Knight Strikes Again: The Dark Knight VS Superman  by EDFFoundation
The Dark Knight Strikes Again: The...by Earth Defense Force
Batman is back in the Nolanverse with even more equipment and preparation after faking his death for 9 years, he returns and everyone is shocked about his return, and so...
batjokes fic recsシ by sayslaysuga
batjokes fic recsシby [𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐚.]
a collection of all the iconic batjokes (batmanxjoker) fanfics ;)) disclaimer: the cover art isn't mine,,, all credits to the owner :))
Why So Serious?                 (Heath Ledger) by X_TheJ0K3R_X
Why So Serious? (H...by Mistah J
Suddenly a hand grabbed me and I was pinned against the door. His scars so close.... so visible. "What's wrong? you look nervous? Is it the scars?" He pointed...
The Dark Nights by HeiJiah
The Dark Nightsby Hei Jiah
He was the creation of the brightest moon but fated to be haunted by the darkest nights. A Pingxie horror thriller. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° What...
Batman & The Avengers by N7Legion-Games
Batman & The Avengersby N7Legion-Games
This is a "What if" story about Batman being in the Avengers. DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING, EVERYTHING BELONGS TO THIER RESPECTIVE OWNERS. Ethan Hauser was a boy...
LH: Clayface Luna, Moon Scourge  by omegacrow-nexus
LH: Clayface Luna, Moon Scourge by omegacrow-nexus
(A loud house x Batman crossover starring luna loud) Summary: After being forcibly experimented on for one of lisa's insane chemicals, things goes crazy as luna is turne...
Twisted Perfection (Heath Ledger Joker) by Jack_Napier_2008
Twisted Perfection (Heath Ledger J...by Jack_Napier_2008
Freya Harris a 21 year old living in New York, in the year 2019. When something goes wrong (or right!), Freya awakens in Gotham 2005 around the time of The Dark Knight...
Screams. (Horror One Shots) by sophie689
Screams. (Horror One Shots)by Sophie
Short mysterious, thriller, scary, dark horror one shots! October is horror month lets see how this goes! I'll try upload a short story most days of October. Trying diff...