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Depressive Ink Au comic by Paperjammy19
Depressive Ink Au comicby Jammy comyet
Not mine it's just too difficult trying to find it every time There is no part 2 don't blame me Original Autor @Manuru_15 Only publishing on weekends Also, episode 21...
I Wish You Love by Aster_Smith
I Wish You Loveby AsterSmith_404
A story where Nightmare goes into heat, but he goes on parental mode everytime he goes into his heat. No smut, JUST FLUFF.
Sans Au x Bitty!reader Scenarios by Its-Maxx
Sans Au x Bitty!reader Scenariosby ⛧☾༺♰༻☽⛧
(COMPLETED!!(with here and there new chapters) but mostly COMPLETED!!) i was makeing sans bitty x reader befor this and got bored so i made this instead please enjoy :) ...
A destroyers bitty[s] (discontinued read latest chapter for info) by pain_4ever
A destroyers bitty[s] (discontinue...by pain_4ever
A fan fiction in which error sans the destroyer of aus finds a run down bitty au and adopts one of the tiny creatures
GOD-breaker [Fgod Reincarnation Story]  by ideadud
GOD-breaker [Fgod Reincarnation St...by Letnoj Brown
Meet Lily brown, shes volunteered to fix a very fucked up Multiverse with the help of others
I have SIX Soulmates!? (Classic Sans x Bad Sanses) (Completed) by Popculturewolf
I have SIX Soulmates!? (Classic Sa...by Aquarium
Sans had SIX different Soulmate tattoos. Not one, not two, SIX. So what happens when he finds them? Er, well, they find him. And let's just say... They're not the kinde...
Radical Reincarnation by mothmommy42
Radical Reincarnationby mothgirl
when you were walking down the street truck-kun decided it was your turn to be reincarnated Met a God who gave you three wishes strangely enough you choose to be reinca...
The Path We Walk by Lunazul3000
The Path We Walkby AsterCatcher
Aster Corvus Concord, now known as Sans Serif Gaster, was living a relatively peaceful life having reached the surface. Then it all reset. Now, after living through an e...
Fgod Errors Sans Multi-tube by Motusgodofemotime
Fgod Errors Sans Multi-tubeby
Fgod Error Sans Starts a Multi-tube channel and my Error dan't have family because the bad senses.
Horrordust Comics by UnSold
Horrordust Comicsby UnSold
Don't need a description cause it's in the title
True blood at first cut(male horror sans reader x toga) by Genos_sans
True blood at first cut(male horro...by AnimeWeebo
Your a human horror sans. You think you'll bever be able to find love until you meet her. Her eyes....her smile...her sadistic love for blood....she's perfect. I do not...
A Hidden Heart by Clichely
A Hidden Heartby Cliche
No one knew that Nightmare had a brother. For five hundred years, he wreaked havoc. Until the stone in his basement began to crack. Dream Sans story. I do not own any of...
It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream X Error) story by Lamarlucid
It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream X...by
'Dream' the guardian of hopes and dreams has finally given up, so he tries to erase his existence by jumping in the void.. But when he got there, he saw someone else g...
Prisoner...? (Bad Sanses x Human!Reader) by ShadowOfFandoms10
Prisoner...? (Bad Sanses x Human!R...by ShadowOfFandoms
Y/N was a human from a brand new AU...which was practically nothing. They were eventually rescued by the Star Sanses...only to be taken prisoner by the Bad Sanses. What...
I Became the Nightmare of the Multiverse by Lxzaruss
I Became the Nightmare of the Mult...by Lazar.
!! STORY COVER DOESN'T BELONG TO ME NEITHER DO THE CHARACTERS IN THE STORY !! (ps; I forgot the book I got inspired in doing this.) A Fate untold. A Destiny so shocking...
Children of Darkness (Soul of Void) - [FGoD!Error Sans] by LunaRoAC
Children of Darkness (Soul of Void...by Mooni
[HK/Undertale Crossover] For ages, the Void godness has to sit and see how her multiverse was fill and filled by AUs of her Universe, Undertale, she hated them at first...
My destiny (Fgod error - student version) by Crying_Author
My destiny (Fgod error - student v...by Itz_Shadow_Eclipse
The cover of this book is made by ♡͙♡͚ɢʀaɖɨɛռt♡͚♡͙ on Pinterest. Error had enough of the violence in his multiverse so he decided to jump into the void in hopes of commi...
ClockTale an Undertale AU by fublle
ClockTale an Undertale AUby Timer
"Hm?" Timer asks taking his wrist watch off, checking the time before taking out a screwdriver and pulling it apart. Nervous habit of his. The meeting between...
'Yandere' bad Sanses x reader (Discontinued) by OfficialKzAngel
'Yandere' bad Sanses x reader (Dis...by OfficialKzAngel
"Memes addict Bad Sanses 2" [Original] This is my second most weirdest bad sanses book Feel free to read this book ❗Cringe warning❗ If you don't like cringe st...
Undertale Aus by ThatAkutagawaKinnie
Undertale Ausby StarIsEnby
No art is mine! IT'S BACK