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It Begins With A Death (A Crossmare Story) by TheAnonymousKitten
It Begins With A Death (A Thea/Cat
Don't let anyone see who you truly are. That was the first rule Cross learned as a child. Don't let anyone see your tail. Sirens weren't meant to be seen by anyone; and...
Worlds Collide (SANSCEST MULTISHIP) by MiraiShiaki
Worlds Collide (SANSCEST MULTISHIP)by Afterdeath_14
"It's so nice here, when I grow up, I want to stay here and be like Father! I'll take care of the children!" "Yeah but... are the other kids happy? When t...
Life With The Meme Squad by OliveMint
Life With The Meme Squadby OliveMint
Cover made by @ICECREAM7149 Error is NOT a female in this story. No female skeletons in this story. What happens in one book stays in that book unless it's a series. ~~~...
Wolftale AM by MultiverseSquid
Wolftale AMby Ink Roller
A wolf version of the Multiverse AM-Alternate Multiverse. It's the Multiverse with Nightmare's Pack and some deer. Has Sans x Sans shipping, don't like that don't read.
It's raining. Just not here. by JessiWolfHowl
It's raining. Just not Noxous
Everyone has a string. Everyone knows that. But when Cross finds out he has too many, he's torn between worlds. On the other hand, Nightmare doesn't have a string. His c...
My little slave~ (Crossmare) by wutsgoodmypeps
My little slave~ (Crossmare)by Toast N Jelly
Cross world was destroyed and the only person he has is XChara but then a goopy skeleton came out of nowhere and tell Cross to join him. Cross so happy to join him and w...
Positive Glitches -Insomnia- by JenDreamsXBluey
Positive Glitches -Insomnia-by JenDreamsXBluey
Hiya! I'm Bluey, and this is my first story. -×- About this story: Error is the forced God of Destruction, but an adorably innocent/clueless glitch. He is still basical...
A Broken Servant (CrossMare) by _dusttale_sans_
A Broken Servant (CrossMare)by Tanjirous Earrings
cover is not mine WARNING! Depression, cutting, and other Suicidal actions are in this book. Do not read if you are not comfortable with that **** Cross sits in his emp...
New Fire by Iwastetime333
New Fireby Ethereal Limbo, neither Hell...
A Crossmare story based off Catching Fire in the Hunger Games Trilogy I do not own the cover or the characters Credit to @__Purple_Fluffball__ for inspiration and more :D
Teach Me How to Love(Crossmare) by Maple_Originals
Teach Me How to Love(Crossmare)by Maple or Liz
Love comes in all forms, it can be sweet and gentle, it can be possessive and overwhelming, it could even be dangerous. Love, changes people, for better or for worse... ...
Highschool Is Hard - A Sancest Fanfiction by Jordyn_Wants_To_Die
Highschool Is Hard - A Sancest Jordyn Astrea
Highschool is hard. What happens if a new student, Cross, moves schools due to bullying and other issues? This us my first story, so I'm sorry if it's cringey and bad. I...
Love You to Hell and Back ( Up For Adoption? ) by RandomGrayCatt
Love You to Hell and Back ( Up Cattato
Cross, born a fallen angel, hid his wings from all the others. But what happens when he faces the angels, but with his wings out and facing them. With a demon next to hi...
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Crossmare Oneshots by Gore_Hound
Crossmare Oneshotsby Gore_Hound
The bigger and better version of my Crossmare book! Hope you enjoy this collection of Crossmare Oneshots, shippers! ( 'ω' ) Cover art by: Avri-02 Started: 4/20/20
Crossmare Oneshots - (Requests Open) by Adrienne_Lasagna
Crossmare Oneshots - (Requests Adrienne Lasagna
Read this, or I'll start shipping Cream. ------------------------------------------------ Cross and Nightmare were both made by Jokublog. ...
the Darkness has Shown Me the Light (Crossmare) by x_K16_x
the Darkness has Shown Me the x_K16_x
Nightmare. One - A frightening or unpleasant dream Two - a terrifying or very unpleasant experience or prospect Three - a person, thing, or situation that is very hard...
Sancest One-Shots by YamiYugiluv
Sancest One-Shotsby CookiePanda
Fluff or angst allowed. Please put requests on the first chapter
My Mean Lover (Crossmare/Nightcross) by _QuartzCrysta_
My Mean Lover (Crossmare/ Quartzite
Cross's AU has been destroyed and now he is left in the void. He was left alone and upset. Chara wasn't helping at all. Will he be alone. Nightmare was doing his rounds...
Salacious Ephialtes by Rhodonstal
Salacious Ephialtesby Hadyn
What would happen if Nightmare had too much negativity inside of him? How would he cope? Would his Gang be able to deal with his new mannerisms, or would they fall victi...
On the run ((a sanscest story))((discontinued)) by fangtastickitten
On the run ((a sanscest story))(( Ari
This is gonna be my first real sanscest book so I hope you like it! Cringe cover art is by me, I'm gonna redraw it sometime. Nightmare and his gang had just skipped town...
The ship- wait wat?! (crossmare) -ON HOLD- by ChocolateAddictedMe
The ship- wait wat?! (crossmare) SpringCutie
Cross and Dream are friends but suddenly bump into nightmare. I do not own any of these characters. Im just writing about a LIT ship. Also blood mentioned. (Incompleted)...