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Reincarnated as Ink... ADOPTING LITTLE DESTROYER! | FGOD by SkeleSheena
Reincarnated as Ink... ADOPTING SkeleSheena
I died in a ridiculous way... I slipped and I fell on the floor. Funk! I died in a first day of my job! Now I am Error a child?!..... That's it! I'm adop...
Multiverse Switch by MiraiShiaki
Multiverse Switchby Afterdeath_14
"I'm not, I repeat, I'm NOT going to play around with you." "It's your fault why we're stuck like this." "I can disguise as a guard! We could-&q...
Transported as Error Sans by AmeliaForEli
Transported as Error Sansby LazyAmeliaforEli
Mc on our world dies gets a deal with a deity then becomes error sans --- Story Status: [✴️Ongoing] |⚪Unedited⚫|
{This is a the rewritten book of "OUR CREATOR " Thus the story of this is far different than the first} Jill was a wonderfull child in a not so wonderfull fami...
Ticklish Ink!Sans One-Shots by Violet_Royale
Ticklish Ink!Sans One-Shotsby Drew
Tick from Tickletale gets drunk one night and accidently reveals that Ink is the most ticklish Sans he's ever gotten. Word spreads surprisingly quick in the multiverse...
Scrubbing Out the Stains by broskiskillet
Scrubbing Out the Stainsby ba115mcg33
The multiverse decided, "Ayo, Imma need to make a whole other living thing to handle this Balance shit yo." Though there are restrictions, your boi is out in t...
A Runaway (A sorta yandere drinkberry) by Just_aweirdo666
A Runaway (A sorta yandere random weirdo
Blue soon got fed up of being treated like a child by his own teamates Ink and Dream. Without knowing why he ran away then he shortly gets kidnapped again. they love him...
the broken deaf soul by ThatOneCringeGirl
the broken deaf soulby ThatOneCringeGirl matter how much error tries, all he can hear is his own thoughts, and a painful ringing one knows hes broken, but what will happen when they find o...
A Deal for a Dream by Sona-Lover
A Deal for a Dreamby Sona-Lover
Dream couldn't take it, anymore pain sufferering. That what he felt over and over again. Blue and Ink constantly blame him for their fails. His own brother wanting him d...
Transported as Cross... with a Twist. by HyperFixtionSucks202
Transported as Cross... with a HyperFixtionSucks202
Someone dies and is transported as Cross with a little twist... Ink and Reaper are their brothers! And Ink is basically a spoiled child to boot. How will they deal with...
Just One Secret (Ink X Error story) by 21_seconds_to_mars
Just One Secret (Ink X Error story)by 🥺😖
(Cover art made by me) Ink and Error have not always been friends, yes they had there ups and downs but soon they started to feel something towards each other . when the...
You don't understand!! I WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!(error story) by I_WANT_DA_FLOOF
You don't understand!! I WILL That_weird_person
It's an error story, As you seen from the title Art not mine
Reincarnated as Underswap Sans and how about Error get kidnapped instead? by SkeleSheena
Reincarnated as Underswap Sans SkeleSheena
what if someone reincarnated as underswap sans and they kidnap error instead of being kidnapped by error? let's find out hehehe... This is no Blue or Blueberry . Cover...
Ink x error one shot lemons~! by zen_and_vulpix
Ink x error one shot lemons~!by Diamond Rose
It will be whatever my imagination decides~ in this story there will be no pedophilia or rape I will probably post randomly and not often because I'm not into it as much...
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Please no... (Error X Nightmare) by SomeSpy
Please no... (Error X Nightmare)by Spy
Error had presented himself as an omega, the lowest ranks of the system. He never knew why, but the things that he had to go through being one was odd. Especially during...
A Supposedly Impossible Friendship by ImJustHereHihi
A Supposedly Impossible Friendshipby 𝙻 𝚎 𝚖 𝚘 𝚗
What if both Error and Ink know about the balances? They both want a truce, but Fate wont let them. And if they try to tell someone, Fate just switches up their words in...
| Inked | (George Weasley) by Jamie_writes_
| Inked | (George Weasley)by Jamie
Olive Lark was the most introverted and shy person you'd meet at Hogwarts. With a rather heavy addiction to writing and a small ring of friends, you would never find her...
Reincarnated as an Ink! by Ggl7Wrote
Reincarnated as an Ink!by Gg!Lala
A person is reincarnated as an Ink sans and has no clue on what's going on. I don't claim any characters or Aus. Cover by Keers Seeri on Tumblr.
Fresh New Antivirus by Hidden-Ajinn
Fresh New Antivirusby Hidden Ajinn
Fresh is Admin of the Multiverse!? This can't end well ... or can it? This is an alternate universe - er, multiverse - where Fresh is responsible for the monitoring and...
Tattoo Boy ||  j.jk + ✓ by Taemazing21
Tattoo Boy || j.jk + ✓by •Megan•
"M-m-mr? How long are you going to keep staring at me?" - K.TH "As long as it takes for you to bring that plump ass of yours over here to my lap, beautif...