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Stop by 5secsmendes
Stopby A
"I just want it to stop" "Let me take care of that"
lifesaver by 5secsmendes
lifesaverby A
"Do you like doing it?" "Do I have a choice?"
redefine | calum hood by calmwildflower
redefine | calum hoodby yo
"It always feels like I'm moving backwards and never getting better, and it frustrates me because you give me everything I ever wanted, but I'm still never happy,&q...
Serotonin by trashpandaleader
Serotoninby trashpandaleader
"Sometimes all we can do is stay happy for the people who can't be happy anymore."
gangs by 5secsmendes
gangsby A
"This isn't what my life was like" "That's a good thing, now you're safe"
consequences// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
consequences// 5SOSby no tour spoilers PLS
Kaykay was a stranger. Well, not a stranger, but she practically was. She'd left 13 years ago, leaving Isabelle alone with their parents. And they both grew up. Kaykay...
silence by 5secsmendes
silenceby A
"You're quiet" "Yeah"
Unexpected love by medicineislove
Unexpected loveby medicineislove
What will happen when dr manik malhotra a khadoos surgeon who is also known as a monster will meet nandini moorthy a sweet, simple but not at all innocent type. If u mes...
Never Let Go  by flicker_shawn
Never Let Go by Lauren
Sophia Hemmings is 15 years old. She is living with her brother, Luke, and his girlfriend, Sierra. They are both doctors along with their best friends. Sophia is on trac...
Yours Till Eternity  by Taani10
Yours Till Eternity by Taani10
this is a Story which will define love emotions family bonding and many more..... As itz my story it will not be based on only love story it will be a mixture of love...
Girl Named Max by Mgv_mrose
Girl Named Maxby Macie
"why do you need me? You don't need a daughter to hold you down." ~~~~~ Max a girl who is on the run with her boyfriend. They have been running from foster car...
forget by 5secsmendes
forgetby A
"You won't forget me, right?" "No, I promise you"
Alone   by thepsychofriend16
Alone by thepsychofriend16
Hayley storm lives with abusive foster parents how did she end up with them. Will she find her own family and secrets yet to be uncovered. ⚠️mention of rape, swearing, v...
together by 5secsmendes
togetherby A
"Why do you always stay with me?" "I like it when we're together"
evolve// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
evolve// 5SOSby no tour spoilers PLS
With Gabi and Luke being practically inseparable, they really were 'like father like daughter'. They'd always done things together, for Luke was her only parent, and the...
Alone to Family  by cutypie5
Alone to Family by cutypie5
This book is about how a lonely girl lives her life and how she gets a lovely family To know more peep into the story
war by 5secsmendes
warby A
"It's like war" "It doesn't have to be"
My Brother's Best Friend by Mollydx3
My Brother's Best Friendby Molly Doyle
After returning from England, Isabella is finally home for the summer. But she didn't expect to end up in bed with Caleb Knight, her brother's friend, giving him the one...
littles hospital by djlittles
littles hospitalby michelle nordmann
the littles hospital is a very secret place hidden in the woods. at the hospital you under go treatment reaserch stuff to turn you into a little. almost no body knows a...
Older Brothers am i right? by Amara6275
Older Brothers am i right?by Amara6275
What happens when 16 year old Callie Lord runs from her 4 brothers and gets kidnapped? The death of her parents was a shock to them all.her eldest brother Cole had to mo...