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Save Me by lovemusic803
Save Meby lovemusic803
Niall Horan is a young boy who has bounced from home to home ever since he was five. His biological family was abusive and his foster families weren't much better. Niall...
Ohana (Lilo family)  by -NewRules-
Ohana (Lilo family) by -NewRules-
Louis and Liam are both enrolled into Wolverhamptons Boarding School and as both are now over 18, they have been given buddies to look after. How will Liam and Louis dea...
Our Brother is a Superhero by -NewRules-
Our Brother is a Superheroby -NewRules-
Liam Payne is the oldest of Geoff and Karen Payne's five sons, the most wealthiest business people in the whole world. Due to his parents being away all the time in busi...
Little Hands -:- Fifth Harmony Kidfic by SolLunaEstrellas
Little Hands -:- Fifth Harmony Valentina
"She just laid there, little hands pressed against her chest, and listened. All she heard was the sound of three little humans breathing and the sound of her wife h...
Miss Jauregui (Kidfic) (complete) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Miss Jauregui (Kidfic) (complete)by Sweet_DispositionLJ
She has nobody...will it always be that way? (Completed) cover by:gayharmony-
Getting Through This Together by noiseyburlesquepeach
Getting Through This Togetherby Peachy 🍑
Spencer Reid has been hiding something, or rather someone, from his coworkers. When his daughter unexpectedly falls ill, he may finally have to come clean.
The Story of Our Life by SolLunaEstrellas
The Story of Our Lifeby Valentina
"There's something about wanting to protect a person that is hurting more than you that takes away the pain of losing your baby." Normani and Dinah love their...
Never grow up (kidfic) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Never grow up (kidfic)by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Camila was never able to have children of her own. So she adopts Lauren, a three year old little girl in need of a loving home. "Oh darling, don't you ever grow up...
Why don't we kidfics  by vvlove25
Why don't we kidfics by Ashton
Just some kidfics of why don't we
Life With Boys by louiships
Life With Boysby Fizzy
Liam and Zayn are the dads of three very high maintenance boys: Niall, Louis and Harry. In their home its always quite hectic but they love their life with their boys...
Our Sensational Future by chonisloves
Our Sensational Futureby chonisloves
It's been 15 years since Cheryl and Toni have graduated high school and their lives couldn't be better. Two years after graduation they got married and started there fam...
Boarding school life  by doodle1403
Boarding school life by doodle1403
London boarding school for boys has decided to lower the age requirement of entry from 11 to 4 meaning the school now welcomes all age school children. When Louis' paren...
Feels like home (kidfic) (completed) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Feels like home (kidfic) ( Sweet_DispositionLJ
After Lauren's daughter goes missing a mere two hours after she was born, and suddenly appears again three years later, malnourished and terrified, will Lauren be able t...
One direction kidfics sickfics by Ckiwii
One direction kidfics sickficsby Ckiwii
These are some short stories about the 1d families their kid(s) being sick. This is not ageplay.
Trusting you  by Kwhehdj
Trusting you by ⚡️
After 4 year old Nialls parents die in a tragic accident, he's placed in the foster system. Will his new foster parents, Zayn and Harry, be able to provide him the lovin...
Moon Child (A Camren KidFic) by youngmxn
Moon Child (A Camren KidFic)by aj
Camila Cabello is a twenty-four-year-old upcoming first-grade teacher. She is returning after taking time off from a divorce. She has a lot of growing to endure along...
A Broken World by zolozen
A Broken Worldby mind of mine
"What do you want for Christmas, little guy?" "Uh, a new jacket?" "That's all? I promise whatever you ask for, I'll make it happen." "...
Better Together by art-hoe-beau
Better Togetherby ☀️ beau ☀️
"great things are done by a number of small things coming together" OR the one where liam, harry and niall are brothers living in a not so great environment; a...
Salvatore El Manzoni : Mafia Boss, Bodyguard, Husband by _diamond_crown
Salvatore El Manzoni : Mafia _diamond_crown
#1 MxM (Earlier) Salvatore El Manzoni is the most powerful mafia boss in the world. But if his mentor, Avanindra Vallar asks him, he would mountains and that was how Sal...
Help! by MyCuriosity
Help!by MyCuriosity
so, apparently this is going to be a couple of oneshots now bc apparently, I cannot help myself.