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Raiders Counterattack [Quick Transmigration]  by _blackeyedpanda
Raiders Counterattack [Quick mitzukiss爱
Raiders Counterattack [Quick Transmigration] 反攻攻略[快穿] by:持续修仙 Novel Summary Chu Qianze turned the pen...
星际情书 Cosmic Love Letter by wumeilan
星际情书 Cosmic Love Letterby 吴美蘭
Author(s): 白开水儿 Year: 2022 Lu Zhi had talked a lot about her ex-boyfriends. Each one was more rotten and more of a scoundrel than the previous one. After having enough f...
Family of Villains ✓ by etherialevergreen
Family of Villains ✓by etherialevergreen
Fourteen years old Su Bei almost died when she had a high fever, got transmigrated into another world and finally knew a shocking truth-it turned out that the world she...
I Help the Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters by suzy_reighn21
I Help the Richest Man Spend suzy_reighn21
This Story is Not Mine For Offline Reading Purpose Only Author(s) Bìxià Bù Shàng Cháo 陛下不上朝 Summary Ye Zhi not only inherited the run-down house, but also the engagement...
Married To The Male Lead's Brother by jb4002
Married To The Male Lead's Brotherby JB
THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I POSTED THIS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES Also not my translation! Source: MTLNovel ~~~~~~~ Novel Summary Ning Zhi transmigrated into a female supp...
Evil-Natured Husband, Don't Tease by holibelle
Evil-Natured Husband, Don't Teaseby holibelle
"Is this man not going to divorce me? Why does he still ask me to warm the bed every night?" A certain man said this was due to the winter being too cold. Howe...
[MTL] I Refuse to be a Supporting Character ✔ by LazyPatti0_0
[MTL] I Refuse to be a imnnah
Note: I do not own this Novel. Please don't Vote, For Offline Purposes Only. Happy Reading~♥ *** Novel Summary Gu Jin crossed into a novel as the supporting character an...
Awakened as a Fine Female Cannon Fodder by SheijiHiei
Awakened as a Fine Female Cannon SheijiHiei
In every book, there's always a female cannon fodder who seeks death - the ones who are arrogant and tyrannical, spoiled and willful, and the ones who are abused till ha...
My Son Might Be A Villain by lemoneiz
My Son Might Be A Villainby lemoneiz
Su Ran, a music prodigy, woke up transmigrated into a book. At that point in time, the main story arc in the book had already been completed. As a villainess female supp...
獨家物業:穆先生的最愛 by AllYeisReal
獨家物業:穆先生的最愛by AllYeisReal
[Exclusive Property: Mr Mu's Favorite] He is very cold and passionate, Mu Yanwang, who means what he says. He has always regarded women as dirt but she, he has only spoi...
The Lady's Facade was Ruined (MTL) by iccycyyy
The Lady's Facade was Ruined (MTL)by blake
Not mine For offline reading purposes only Original title: 大小姐人设崩了! Author: 板栗子 Shen Wanying is 17 years old and is a well-known young lady in the first private high sc...
My Wife is My Life by maimaxima
My Wife is My Lifeby maxine
SYNOPSIS: Ji Qingqing was at the end of her rope after transmigrating into a novel. When she was on the brink of wretched poverty, she received a system. The system told...
Refusing to Please, She Becomes a Money Spending Sensation  by PangXiongMaoMao
Refusing to Please, She Becomes PangXiongMaoMao
[MACHINE TRANSLATED NOVEL] Alternative Title: 拒刷好感后作精花钱爆红 Author: 芝奈 Cheng Zhaozhao found herself transmigrated into a supporting role in a novel set in the entertainme...
I'm A Stand-In Puppet For His Ex-Lover by Haewaji
I'm A Stand-In Puppet For His ilovenovels
!!! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY !!! author: 咸鱼大西瓜 Xu ChengYan had been together with the eldest young master of the He family for five years, always on call and he yielded...
The Male Protagonist is My Father [MTL] by LunarBunnee
The Male Protagonist is My LunarBunnee
UNEDITED MTL Title : 阴翳龙傲天男主是我爸 Author : 梨花兔兔 Bai Yue slipped into a novel by Long Aotian, where all the members were big bosses, but she was just the illegitimate daugh...
Feast of Flowers by mindumplingss
Feast of Flowersby mindumplings
[The story is not mine] I DONT NOT OWN THIS STORY DONT VOTE This story is for offline purposes . Credits to owner. Author : 月下蝶影 This is machine translated and google tr...
The Royal Scandal | Prince William | by Antoinette_II
The Royal Scandal | Prince Antoinette_II
The only royal role she would get to play would be Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. The future King of England had other ideas... Cover by @gloriassworld
I Don't Want This Reincarnation [1] by ynhnvs
I Don't Want This Reincarnation [1]by ian [51%]
I had a supporting role in a modern fantasy. The loyal dog of a villain with an angel's name, Cheon Sa-yeon, and an unfortunate supporting character who died on his beha...
{BL}The Dog I Picked Up is the Villain by SuseelaC
{BL}The Dog I Picked Up is the Dreamer