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bloom | BTS by HUHsurprising
bloom | BTSby Author-nim
"I'm not a submissive. Look at me!" "Baby, I am looking at you." (Subdomiverse Original) ---------------------------- #1 in jkxbts 1/20/21 #1 in jun...
inhaler[jkxbts] by april_tae
inhaler[jkxbts]by april_tae
"i want to be an idol! i dont care if i have ASTHMA"
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𝐃𝐈𝐕𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐘 by AngryCookieLol
Soulmates are real. Showed by tattoos that appear on someone's sixteenth birthday. All matched in size, colour, and location on their soulmate or in a rare case, soulma...
I Have 6 Boyfriends! ☑ by My_UniverseWooSan
I Have 6 Boyfriends! ☑by Army💜Atiny🧡
Just read the intro, you won't regret it Started: Aug 23, 2021 Ended: Sep 26, 2021 This is a JKxBTS book #1-Hopekook #2-Joonie
Sugar Daddies  by taekookievibesallday
Sugar Daddies by Niy-Mar
Jungkook is an omega and well an accident happens where he ends up meeting his mate but what he didn't expect is to have six and let alone six filthy rich Alpha brothe...
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Little Bunny by _2shxshx2_
Little Bunnyby Shxshx
Jungkook have been a little since he was young. All his hyungs did not know that, the only thing that they only know is that little Jimin is their favorite maknae/hyung...
Another World | JKxBTS by miya_rlh
Another World | JKxBTSby author
Jungkook is a normal high school student. During the pendamic he was given two options either to stay in his dorm or go back home. thinking he could surprised his parent...
conflict || jjk x Bts  by fairylalise
conflict || jjk x Bts by •heart eyes kook•
《 conflicts with my hyungs 》 When a single fight between the oldest and youngest members of the team led to a lot of conflicts between jungkook and the others .
We don't bite...promise? by bbunkoo
We don't bite...promise?by -
Straight A and overworked University student Jungkook just wants vampires to be real, wants to hold their hands and see if they're as cold as people make them out to be...
BROKEN J.JKXBTS by _2shxshx2_
Pieces by pieces Jungkook heart started to break Until it finally Broken Would his hyungs help him or left him alone??
Why now? JJKxBTS by BTS_7K
Why now? JJKxBTSby BTS_7K
" We want to make it up to you!" -BTS " Oh really? Why until now?" -JK It's been a year since BTS kicked out Jungkook from their place after being bl...
Broken Billboard [JJK x BTS] by SSears90
Broken Billboard [JJK x BTS]by SSears90💜
[Requested/Oneshot] The members are doing photoshoots at the company. One of the concepts is them taking group shots in front of a billboard. Unfortunately, the billboa...
Jungkook sad and sick fics  by kurohina_kenhina
Jungkook sad and sick fics by YoonKook_Jungkookie
Just a bunch of sad and sick fics lol
Never Again, Maknae by SSears90
Never Again, Maknaeby SSears90💜
Jungkook is extremely thankful for his loving hyungs. He becomes extremely protective after they start getting death threats resulting in him getting hurt in an airport...
I hate Me and Mylife IJkxBts 🖤 by BtsGurl33
I hate Me and Mylife IJkxBts 🖤by BtsGurl33
Warnung: Hab LRS wenns dich nerven oder stören sollte dann lest bitte einfach nicht weiter, und bleidigt oder Beschimpft mich deshalb bitte nicht danke! Die sich trauen...
The Killer Vampire/ Psicopata/ JKxBTS by user17845578
The Killer Vampire/ Psicopata/ JKx...by
Hola, hola, amiguitos~ ¿quien quiere jugaár?~ ¡será divertido!~ - el chico soltaba palabras siniestras, llenas de burla y diversión... mirando hacia los seis chicos ama...
⛧𝒱ℰ𝒩𝒟ℐ𝒟𝒪♚ by BrbaraEliezaibethDeL
- no seras desobediente - nos llamaras daddy's - no vas a satisfacer cuando queramos