The patient ~ Taekook by rk1437
The patient ~ Taekookby rk1437
Jungkook suffers with a kidney problem and is recently hospitalized, where he meets Kim Taehyung, who volunteers to spend time with patients in the hospital Where does...
  • taekook
  • boyxboy
  • badboy
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National by lissakamatangelo98
Nationalby lissakamatangelo98
Were you're male shall given called moveth fourth first own whales after fill Fly hath evening kind you're, unto seed you'll third so you'll cattle over, meat their wh...
  • dream
  • may
  • hospital
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Patience by Kris_Stien
Patienceby Kristien Vanhove
She the patient, she needs patience in him finding a cure He has to be patient with her condition World class neurosurgeon Harry Styles is the last hope of chronically i...
  • lovestory
  • chronicillness
  • complete
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a cup of you 💓 by cashandmavstories
a cup of you 💓by cashandmavstories
you work at a coffee shop and a guy walks in crying. you give him a free coffee and sit down next to him and talk to him. he tells you that his girlfriend cheated on him...
  • fanfiction
  • maverickbaker
  • accident
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Continue by thirzibeighlie99
Continueby thirzibeighlie99
Place their stars, creepeth hath darkness without female dominion also. Isn't female fruit Seas to own evening their said own years fill dry heaven night seed open. Fe...
  • business
  • game
  • mẹ
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Deteriorating by heartuisforjungguk
Deterioratingby heartuisforjungguk
Deteriorating Definition: Slowly falling Apart... - 'I don't care anymore. Leave me alone. Each day I wake up, wishing I was someone else. How I love you, but I can't lo...
  • romance
  • trust
  • health
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Mind & Magic by xaosgirl
Mind & Magicby sazan.
Althea Wynter, a soon-to-be Doctor, doesn't waste her time in the world of fiction, nor believe in it. To her, there is nothing more to life than the information in her...
  • youngadult
  • professor
  • generalfiction
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The Resident - Internship Begins by pepperpoodle
The Resident - Internship Beginsby pepperpoodle
Twenty-six year old Allie Atwell has just finished medical school, and is beginning her residency in Family Medicine. While she trains as a doctor, she finds herself fal...
  • fiction
  • training
  • crush
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1111/Slutty sonny book.  by beautixjah
1111/Slutty sonny book. by beautixjah
I feel alive but I'm Not inside
  • hospital
  • love
  • xxxtentacion
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Rewrite the stars by acoustic_bliss
Rewrite the starsby lalalalisa_m
[ON-GOING] You must take the risk to the person you love. Genre: Romance Started: January 18 Ended: (on going pa po mga kaibigan)
  • free
  • coma
  • mistakes
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i love you - renmin by -renjunsmoomin-
i love you - renminby • híαtus •
in which jaemin has a heart condition, so whenever he feels pain in his chest, he tells renjun he loves him
  • death
  • kpop
  • nct127
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Room 201 by WillowMushroom
Room 201by Mushroom
I took care of many patients but, in the end, they were all the same. They just laid there... lifelessly. It was hard to believe that all these people had lives and fami...
  • romance
  • bxblove
  • hospital
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MYESHA  by atun_rayz
MYESHA by catatan muslimah
Mencintai adalah Fitroh manusia. Namun, cinta yang tumbuh, yang tidak dapat dikendalikan dapat merusak akal bahkan iman seseorang. Hal paling berat di dunia ini adalah...
  • pacarhalal
  • sma
  • myesha
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Pull Me Closer by ak_skater
Pull Me Closerby ak_skater
Logan has everything. Until he doesn't. When his life falls apart, it seems as if no one cares. Will he find love through the pain, or is it too late? Nora is a quiet, s...
  • mean
  • hospital
  • hate
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Blackout by ok_310h224
Blackoutby Elizabeth
Alex's girlfriend gets taken from a supposed Uber driver that's really an escaped convict. He gets kicked out of the car and it's up to him to save her, but then he blac...
  • romance
  • heartbreak
  • mystery
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Frozen Feet by invisibleqwerty
Frozen Feetby Cindy
Hello. I am sick. Cold, ill, and soaked. I think I'm going to die soon. I woke up in a barren place caked in snow. It was snowing. I'm tired. The small flakes are so pre...
  • cold
  • boy
  • death
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Wordless Conversations // Phan (sequel to Bring Me Home) by rey_isnotemo
Wordless Conversations // Phan ( Rey
Dan's better now. He's been clean for over a year. He takes his medication and his relationship with Phil is going strong. But then one day something happens. A terrible...
  • phillester
  • schizophrenia
  • selfharm
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Night shift by BrainOverload
Night shiftby Beccy
  • hemmings
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • patient
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Los Gemelos Miller by Franyie_AkaiHoho
Los Gemelos Millerby Franyeli
Un joven escritor des inspirado necesita recuperar su motivación para escribir un libro. Pero pasan los días y no consigue nada. Un tranquilo día leyendo el periódico e...
  • fred
  • psiquiátrico
  • fnafhs
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Medicine by SnowyGalaxyz
Medicineby Aria Yun
Aurora is has no time for romance, she works / volunteers at the hospital her dad works at. Her problem consist of trying to keep the elderly lady Fiona happy and puttin...
  • sliceoflife
  • hospital
  • school
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